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6 Ways to Diagnose a Repaired phone

One of the questions that may occupy the minds of mobile phone buyers is whether the phone in question is new or used. Or whether it has already been repaired or not. This issue is critical. This article will teach you six practical ways to identify a Repaired phone.

The Best ways to diagnose a repaired phone

Due to the significant increase in the price of mobile phones, the sale of repaired phones as new phones is trendy. This issue has become a significant challenge for mobile phone buyers, so knowing how to recognize a fixed or unlocked phone is essential. But refurbished phones sold as new phones look exactly like new ones. Therefore, the process of their detection requires the benefit of a series of special skills. In this part of the article, we have introduced to you the most essential and best methods of detecting an unlocked phone and the necessary skills in this field:

Using the software method

The software method is valuable and practical to determine whether the mobile phone is reparable. This method is done in several ways, the most important of which is checking themes, games, and mobile ringtones. For example, if a new article is installed on your mobile phone, it can be said that the phone is not new and has already been used. In addition, if the phone’s ringtone is something other than the device’s default ringtone, it can be understood that the mobile phone is not new.

Another trick to distinguish a repaired phone from a new phone is to turn the device off and on. If the mobile phone is new, its battery percentage does not change after turning it off, but when used and second-hand phones are turned off and on, their battery percentage decreases. As a result, this method can be used to determine whether the mobile phone is new or second-hand.

Using the hardware method


It can be said that the hardware method is the best and most reliable method to distinguish an unlocked phone from an unlocked phone. In the first step, we recommend checking the phone’s appearance Because, in many cases, the working condition of the phone is determined by its appearance. You should examine the mobile body for any damage or impact.

One of the most important things you should pay attention to when viewing the mobile phone body is checking the color change in the camera lens and also paying attention to the battery condition of the mobile phone. But what is the reason for the importance of these things? It is interesting to know that if the mobile phone gets waterlogged, its camera lens’s color may change, which can be an essential sign that it is not new. In addition, a battery life test can also be considered a pivotal solution to distinguish a new phone from a used phone.

In addition to these things, the new mobile phone must have a charging cable and a healthy and original handsfree. Otherwise, you can find out that the phone is second-hand or used. Another point concerns checking the charging, hands-free port, and SIM card slot. These parts should not be rusted or discolored.

Check the IMEI code.

The IMEI code is a 15-digit code that every mobile phone has exclusively and has many advantages for mobile phone owners. For example, when a mobile phone is stolen, some vital information to find the mobile phone can be obtained through this code. In addition, the IMEI code is also used to distinguish a repaired phone from a new one. There are different ways to find this code that we have introduced in this section.

Checking the operating Time of the Android phone

Checking how long the phone has been working is another simple yet effective way to determine whether a mobile phone is new or used, implemented in Android phones. The Android operating system has an interesting feature: you can see the working Time of the phone accurately by entering a part of the mobile settings. In this way, users must first enter the settings section and, after selecting the About Phone option, enter the Status section. After entering this section, an option called Up Time will be displayed. You can determine how long your device is on by choosing the opportunity.

iPhone serial number check

In the previous section, we examined a method to detect new or used Android phones. In this section, we want to provide a helpful solution in this field that applies only to iPhone phones. This method is done by using the iPhone serial number on Apple’s official website. You must enter the settings section and then the General area for this. In the next step, select the About option, and in this way, get your phone’s serial number.

Apple has included a section on its official website through which the device’s authenticity can be checked. This feature is prevalent, and nowadays, many people use this method to check the authenticity of their devices. But what are the instructions for identifying the authenticity of the iPhone on this site?

To do this, you must enter the Check Coverage section and then enter your phone’s serial number. In this situation, different situations may occur, of which we will mention two examples below: If your phone is fake, the phrase Invalid Serial Number will be displayed to you. This phrase means that Apple does not make your mobile phone and is affected. In some circumstances, you may also see the expression This phone has not been activated. This phrase means that the iPhone you have has not been used yet.


Mobile phone physical examination by experts



If, after performing the methods described in the previous sections, you cannot determine whether your mobile phone is repairable, and at the same time, you are not sure if your phone is new, we recommend that you leave your phone to people who are experts. These people have extensive experience detecting unlocked phones and can check the authenticity of your mobile phone quickly and quickly.

A critical point you should pay attention to is that if professionals repair the phone, it cannot be easily recognized by ordinary people. As a result, only experts in the field of mobile phone repair can open such a mobile and find the replaced part or parts.

Preventing fraud by recognizing a used phone

This article provides valuable information about six ways to distinguish a repaired phone from a new one. Today, with technological advancements, the latest mobile phones enter the market every year. In the meantime, some phones have a very high price, and this issue has allowed a significant number of people to seek profit. So nowadays, many people repair damaged phones and sell them as new and refurbished phones. However, having some information about unlocked phone features can help people identify these devices and avoid buying them.