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YouTube SEO

What is YouTube SEO?

What is YouTube SEO? Is it possible to do this? With the growth of digital marketing and its spread among the general public, the methods of marketing and selling different products have become different. In order to be able to find a place for your website in this competitive market, You need to have a fundamental change of mind. This issue has made 99% of people think of using SEO services these days.

YouTube is one of the social platforms and, of course, the best in the world; many people use different videos on this social network daily. We honestly state that out of 10 videos shown in the Google search engine, nine are on the YouTube platform. According to this topic, what is SEO? YouTube has a high search on Google these days.

What is meant by YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO means optimizing videos, channels, pages, playlists, etc., for the YouTube search engine. Since by searching on Google, 9 out of 10 videos are related to YouTube, in reality, by using YouTube SEO, you optimize your videos for Google and other search engines to include them in the initial video list. To be at the top of the videos, studying YouTube channel SEO thoroughly and applying strategies for this is necessary.

How does YouTube SEO help our channel?

You can put your video in the list of initial videos by applying YouTube channel SEO tricks. People can see your videos and channel by searching for a topic related to your video.

In fact, applying these strategies will lead to your being seen more and more and increasing your views, which will also increase your income. In fact, the main goal of using SEO is to be able to get our videos to a high rank on YouTube so that people can quickly access our videos by searching for the desired topic. Of course, doing these tricks is not easy and requires a lot of effort and patience.

Getting to know the elements of YouTube SEO

Before we want to talk about YouTube elements, We need to answer the question of what YouTube SEO is. For YouTube SEO, videos, playlists, etc., need to be optimized for the Google search engine. If you want your video to be at the top of Google’s suggestions list, You need to use YouTube SEO.

Google search engine for websites that can respond to different needs of users. It is very valuable. According to this topic, Google only videos that can meet the needs of different users places in the top links.

Now, the question of what YouTube SEO is has been answered. You need to know the elements of YouTube SEO. One of the important elements of YouTube SEO is:

  • The number of video views, likes and comments
  • Video description
  • The amount of time users spend watching the video
  • The title of the video posted on YouTube

Cited. By combining these elements, Google bots decide which video should be included in Google’s top links. The important thing that you should pay attention to is that you should also create unique content for your video in YouTube SEO. If you are indifferent to this issue, You should definitely not expect that your website will have a place in the top links of Google.

How to SEO video on YouTube

As mentioned, Video SEO on YouTube includes a series of tricks that SEO experts need to implement. If you intend to do YouTube SEO yourself, follow the steps mentioned in the previous part of the article. Be extremely careful and attentive.

An important point that is worth mentioning is that it is a matter of trying to make your video time standard and able to respond well to the needs of your users. If this is not the case, Your audience won’t spend time watching your video, making you rank poorly.

What points should we pay attention to before YouTube SEO?

Google for websites that use copy content; Considers a heavy fine. Due to this issue, the title, description, and video should not be copied in any way. The second point is that don’t start producing videos to rank in Google Because your video must meet the needs of your users and audience.

Use other SEO tricks and techniques to rank in Google. Google Map SEO is one of the other important tricks used by SEOs. Of course, keep in mind that you can also benefit from Instagram SEO on Google. Instagram can be considered one of the most popular social networks in the spotlight today.

In order to do Instagram SEO correctly, you need to be familiar with a series of principles. One of the most important principles of Instagram SEO is choosing the right photo related to your business, complete and comprehensive explanations about your job, placing a website or YouTube link in your Instagram profile, etc.

The latest YouTube SEO strategies

YouTube SEO rules are changing every day, and SEOs should be familiar with these strategies. Fortunately, the spread of the Internet has made it possible to get to know the latest YouTube SEO tricks with a simple search on foreign and Iranian reference websites.

Introducing the YouTube SEO analysis tool

In order to be able to analyze YouTube, It is necessary to use a series of tools. One of the most important YouTube analysis tools is

Cited. You can use your favorite tool to analyze the YouTube channel depending on your needs.

SEO steps on YouTube

For YouTube SEO, you need to choose the right title for your video. Practical and creative explanations are considered the second stage of YouTube SEO. Choosing a standard video that is not a copy: The third step is YouTube SEO.

In other words, the tricks and principles of internal SEO and external SEO must be followed correctly. Naturally, people who have no information about SEO, The question may arise for them, what is the difference between internal SEO and external SEO? In response, we must say that in internal SEO, you need a series of elements that are placed inside your website.

On the other hand, in foreign SEO, you should use websites with more credibility with Google. Get a link. Linking properly and far from exaggeration is a trump card in YouTube SEO that you should use in the best possible way.

Final word

From garlic to onion, explanations were given about what YouTube SEO is in this context. If you want to do your YouTube SEO work in the best possible way, You need to cooperate with professional collections and knowledgeable work. At the beginning of the cooperation, they will do a free SEO analysis to find out your website’s flaws. Contact the experts for more information.