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5 Brilliant Rituals That Very Successful People Follow Every Day

5 Brilliant Rituals That Very Successful People Follow Every Day

A Program That Very Successful People Run Every Day To Achieve The Highest Daily Productivity

Often, when we want to talk about productivity; We only express habits and points that are isolated and separate from each other; While we need more of a system.

What programs do positive and successful people use? What system scientifically allows us to achieve the highest productivity?

The key is to be able to control our emotions and make sure our energy level matters with the importance of what we do; It matches.

In this article, we want to go over the ideas and specialized research done in this field to reach a more coherent plan for our daily work.

1- Morning ceremony

When we review the program of successful people; What will we achieve? Almost all of them wake up early in the morning and have a detailed morning ritual or program.

 formal activities or get to your daily goals.

If you want to achieve a work-life balance; It is important to focus on your morning routine and be committed to it. Numerous studies have shown that getting up early and doing certain things early in the morning makes you happier during the day. You need to focus on your goals early in the morning and know what you are looking for.

Having clear goals is directly related to increasing self-confidence and a sense of control. Here are 100 simple secrets of successful people:

“People who clearly define their goals; “They feel 50 percent more confident in achieving their goals and 32 percent more in control of their lives.”

The second part of a morning program should address your mood. What gives you more control over your life?

Again, in the book 100 simple secrets of successful people, we read:

A study of students with similar abilities shows those who have a stronger work ethic in their education; They feel more in control of their lives, but people drop out; They lack this feature. People who feel more in control; They get higher scores and appear more successful. (Mendoza 1999)

2- The importance of the first task of the day

Many people as soon as they enter their office; Handle emails or enter a business meeting from a distance; They miss almost the whole day and can no longer do important work. This is a mistake that many young and inexperienced people make.

Research shows that 2.5 to 4 hours after waking up is when the brain is much stronger and sharper. Do you want to spend this time on a conference call or meeting with staff?

“Studies show that consciousness and memory, the ability to think clearly and learn in a day vary between 15 and 30 percent. “Most of us are at the peak of our brain power about 2.5 to 4 hours after waking up.”

Willpower experts say early in the morning we have the most discipline and mental strength to focus on a task:

“The more awake people are; Problems with control and concentration on the mind increase. Sunset is the worst time for everyone. Diets are broken down into evening snacks; Not in the morning or in the middle of the day. “Most crimes take place in the middle of the night.”

Does this research really work in practice? Studies on geniuses show that most of them did their best early in the morning.

You should always be careful during the day. Distraction makes people stupid. You need to try to eliminate all your distractions. If you enter your office in the morning but it is so crowded that you can not concentrate; Go to work earlier than others or do your important work at home.

It is also important that you can not go on with high mental strength throughout the day. Eventually your brain gets tired and you have to plan for that time as well.

3- When you are slow; Get organized again

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Working becomes harder and we tend to be more distracted and run away from work. What to do in this situation?

Take a break first. If you can have a small, simple snack or take a 30-minute nap.

What you need next; It is a small version of the morning ceremony. You need to review the goals and progress you had today. Harvard research shows that nothing motivates you to see progress. Appreciate the progress that has been made; It is something that very stable people do.

Here are 100 simple secrets of successful people:

“Compared to people who give up easily. Researchers have found that stable people spend twice as much time thinking; Not about what needs to be done; But about what they have done before. “This can be done in practice and they have the ability to do it.”

Take a break and review your goals and achievements; You are ready to work now; What should you focus on?

4- Meetings, contacts and communication with people in the afternoon

When you are full of energy; You need to focus on creative and challenging tasks and when you are low on energy; Go for busy jobs.

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, says that in the morning my brain is humorous and in the afternoon it is vague and wants to change goals:

“One of the most important tricks to maximize productivity is to match your mental state with the tasks you have. At 6 o’clock in the morning I am a creator, but at 2 o’clock in the afternoon a machine is copied. “It perfectly matches my energy level to get things done.”

Research shows that the afternoon is the best time to hold meetings, public hearings, handle complaints, and listen to staff. 3pm is definitely a good time for such things.

At this time, you are very distracted and happen to be doing things that do not require much focus. If you have some good friends and colleagues around you; You can get back to or close to your initial energy level and productivity.

“People who are very distracted,” says David Novell, a clinical neurologist in Worcester, Massachusetts. When they are next to another person; They work more. The second person does not need to be an assistant or coach; It just makes things less boring and boring and easier to do.

Now we have reached the end of the day and the sunset. Should we give up and do nothing? The answer is no. After sunset there is an optimal way to manage personal programs.

5- A relaxing evening

Although successful people work long hours, adults, almost without exception, close the night almost every night to recharge.

Before dinner, write down your goal or big task for tomorrow. Try to force your mind to review the important things of tomorrow and in this way reach peace.

But research says how can you calm yourself down? The answer is not to trust your instincts.

Usually the things we do during the night to relax; They often have the least impact.

Seeing friends or active hobbies can be helpful, but watching TV, playing video games, and eating are not relaxing.

The American Psychological Association says that the most effective way to relieve stress and achieve relaxation is to exercise or play sports. Praying or attending religious services, reading books, listening to music, spending time with friends and family, going out for a walk, massage therapy, meditation and yoga, or doing a creative hobby can be relaxing.

After that, you should go to bed and have a fixed sleep schedule. You can not cheat while sleeping. You either sleep well and see its very useful and effective effects in your mood and mind the next day, or you do not sleep well and start the day with the least level of energy and motivation.

“The basic thing about sleep is that losing sleep means losing your mind. When you do not sleep well; Calculate as you wish; Your mind is paralyzed. “Loss of sleep has many negative consequences, such as lack of control and attention, lack of concentration, inability to reason logically, decreased executive function, decreased memory power, bad mood, decreased skill levels and even reduced knowledge such as math.”

Therefore, to have a successful program, you must have 5 steps or rituals:

1- Have a morning ceremony before the official start of work

2- The most important thing is to do the first thing; No distraction

3- When your energy level decreases; Review your goals and plans.

4- Make your meetings, contacts and public relations in the afternoon.

5. Spend a relaxing night.

Many of us cannot always implement a specific schedule. For this reason, no specific time is mentioned above. But we can all do some things before some others.

It is important to stop doing things randomly. Not all moments of your day are the same and not everything is the same. Knowing the best time to do key tasks is crucial.

When the day is over and you realize that you have not done some things; It will not bother you much because you did important things well.