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14 Best Free Remote Access Software Tools

One of the common questions of users is how to control their computer remotely. Sometimes it happened to you that you needed to remotely access another computer for any reason. In these cases, remote desktop programs and tools come to your aid. By using these programs and running them, you can easily access someone else’s computer. In the following, we will try to introduce the best tools for connecting to a remote desktop. To know the differences between these programs and choose the best option according to your needs, follow the text.

What is Remote Desktop?

A remote desktop means connecting to a remote computer. You can easily connect to the computer operating system remotely. This connection is available through the Internet or internal network. Therefore, the user can work and interact with the operating system. We can access our computers and do our work wherever we are using it.

Using a remote desktop, employees can access their computer system at home and do their work. Also, among other uses of remote desktops, we can mention the use of computers that do not have monitors and keyboards. Some companies providing software services can also use remote desktops to solve users’ problems. In some operating systems such as Windows, this program is by default and there is no need to download and install another program. For other operating systems, such as Linux, where this program does not exist by default, you need to download and run a suitable program to access this feature.

What are Remote Desktop Software and Tools?

Remote desktop software and programs are tools that can be used to provide a remote connection between two computers using the Internet. Accessing and communicating with another computer using your own computer is available to you through It programs and tools. In this article, we will try to introduce the best tools for connecting to remote desktop so that you can set up the most suitable one on your system according to your needs.

Chrome Remote Desktop extension

The first tool to connect to remote desktop is Chrome Remote Desktop. This tool is available as an extension that can be used on any operating system where the Chrome browser is installed. By installing this extension on the Chrome browser, you can connect your computer, phone, and tablet. You can simply go to the Google Chrome store and install and activate this extension. To connect two systems using Chrome Remote Desktop, both systems need to install this extension. After that, you can access the other device by entering the connection ID.


AnyDesk application

One of the best programs for connecting to a remote desktop is AnyDesk. This program is available in various versions of Android, Windows, iOS, Mac and Linux so that you can easily connect between two devices.

This program allows connection between two phones, two computers, or a phone and computer. It also provides you with the possibility of transferring files and the possibility of online chat. The possibility of encryption to increase security is one of the other advantages of this software. This software is compact and very easy to use.


TeamViewer program

Other good applications for remote desktop can be mentioned as TeamViewer remote communication software. This software has good features and is very simple to use. By running this program, you can connect two computers and also make a voice call. You can chat and transfer files between two computers. In addition to Windows, this software is also compatible with Linux, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Printing system files through another computer is one of the advantages of this program. By running the TeamViewer program, you can restart the computer or go to Safe Mode.

The connection method of this software is completely safe and completely free for personal use; But for business, you need to buy a subscription. This software provides the possibility of connecting several computers together; Therefore, it is a suitable and practical option for holding online conferences, online training, etc.



TigerVNC software

TigerVNC is another computer-to-computer connection software. Today, this program is available to users in the form of open source so that they can use it. TigerVNC is a great program that is available to users for free. The TigerVNC program provides a good graphical environment to users. This software is available for various operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.


Ammyy Admin app

Another best tool for connecting to remote desktop is the Ammyy Admin program. This program with a size of 1 MB is one of the best for connecting computers. Ammyy Admin program allows connecting multiple computers simultaneously. The possibility of transferring files and chatting online is another feature of this software. Just download this program and install it on both systems. You can use this program in Windows operating system.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection program

Windows Remote Desktop Connection is another way to connect to remote desktop. As the name of this program suggests, it is for Windows remote. You can use this program to connect two computers. The good news is that this program is installed by default on Windows and there is no need to download and install it. Of course, it should be said that this program is only limited to Windows and Mac operating systems. Using this program, you can only control one computer at a time. To use this program, you can go to the Windows control panel and find the Windows Remote Desk program related to top Connection.


Splashtop app

Another program for connecting a computer can be mentioned as Splashtop. If you have a high internet speed and have a large amount of internet available, Splashtop is a suitable and excellent option. One of the advantages of this program, which is superior to other programs, is the high quality of the image. The image quality is so high that you can watch movies or play games through remote desktop.

Another feature of this software is the ability to connect 5 computers. You can run this program on Linux, Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS operating systems. It provides the possibility of connecting computers together and phones together, as well as computers and phones. File transfer and online chat are also available in the Splashtop app.


UltraVNC program

Another remote desktop program is UltraVNC. This program is one of the best for remote management of Windows computers. In addition to connecting to multiple computer screens, file sharing and online chat are also available in this program. One of the advantages of this program is to connect from a browser on a computer, laptop or phone. The possibility of remote printing is available using this software, but you cannot turn on and off the computer remotely. After downloading and installing this software, you can connect to the host computer through Viewer or web browser through IP address.

Remote Desktop Manager program

Remote Desktop Manager can be mentioned among other programs that are used for remote computer control. This program is one of the biggest remote computer tools used by most large organizations. One of the strengths of Remote Desktop Manager program is its ease of use and high security. Of course, it goes without saying that this program sometimes gets a little slow. You can use this program on both Android and iOS. Password management, database sharing, system performance reporting, two-step authentication, etc. are some of the good features of this program.


Remote Utilities program

Remote Utilities is another good remote desktop program that provides you with various and good features. This application is free to use for both personal and commercial use. One of the advantages of this program is the support of the portable version. However, you don’t always need to install it on the host computer and you can run only the executable file on the computer. By running the portable version, it will give the user an access ID and connect using a viewer program. By running the Viewer, you only need to enter the internet password and password.

You can connect to 10 computers using Remote Utilities. Maybe the initial settings of this software are a bit confusing, but this program provides you with good features. Remote Utilities is only available in the Windows version. Restarting the system, transferring files, running files, accessing the registry, chatting, and accessing the webcam are among the good features of this remote desktop software.

Iperius Remote software

Among other remote desktop applications, Iperius Remote can be mentioned. This program, like other software, provides the possibility of connecting to a remote computer through the Internet. You need to install this program on both the client and the host computer. After running it on both systems, click Connect. Now you only need to enter the password of the host system to establish the connection. This software is very easy to use and provides access to chat. Also, one of the other advantages of Iperius Remote is the ability to support file transfer. The free version of this program is available with some limitations. You can install Iperius Remote on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems.


AeroAdmin software

One of the simplest remote desktop programs is AeroAdmin software. This software is very simple and does not require special settings. One of the strong points of AeroAdmin software is its high security and encrypted connections. To connect two computers, it is necessary to run only the portable version on the host system and provide the IP to the client computer. After installing and running the program, the client computer can easily access the host system by entering the IP address. Among the limitations of the AeroAdmin program, we can mention the lack of access to chat, the existence of limitations in the free version, the lack of access to printing and transferring files.


Apache Guacamole app

Another remote desktop program is Apache Guacamole. It can be said that Apache Guacamole is a very different program than other software. Apache Guacamole runs on the web. Due to the web-based nature of this software, the developers call it “clientless remote desktop”. The Apache Guacamole application runs through a web browser.


Seescreen app

Seecreen is another remote desktop application. One of the interesting features of this program is its very low volume. That is, this program has a volume of about 500 KB. After registering in this software, you can add the people you want to access your system by entering their email and password.



We tried to introduce you the best remote desktop software in this article. Each of these programs have strengths and weaknesses and are different from each other. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable remote desktop program according to your needs and download and install it so that you can establish a connection between two computer systems remotely using this program.