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Windows 11: Everything We Know About Microsoft’s Next Operating System

Windows 11: Everything We Know About Microsoft’s Next Operating System

How Will Windows 11 Change The User Experience Of The Design Language And New Features And Capabilities While Maintaining Originality?

Now Microsoft is preparing to introduce its biggest desktop operating system after the introduction of Windows 10 in 2015. According to recent reports and rumors, the name of the company’s next operating system will be Windows 11.

 Although not much official information has been released by the company yet, the initial build of this operating system has recently been leaked on the Internet, which reveals many details to us.

In a new announcement on its Twitter page, Microsoft officially announced that it will hold an event on June 24 at 11:00 AM US time to introduce its next operating system. 

The company has not directly confirmed the renaming of the new version, but if you look at the time of the event, you will notice an indirect reference to the number 11. Also in the leaked version, the name of Windows 11 is written in the System Information section. 

Today we are going to briefly describe everything we know about the company’s next operating system.

Introduction and release time of Windows 11

It has been almost since June 2 that Microsoft has been indirectly posting teasers and images on Twitter announcing the launch of the new operating system. The company finally announced June 24 at 11 a.m. US time on its official website as the time to introduce the new Windows. 

You can see the teaser image of the mentioned event below.

Windows 11 introduction event time

What changes will the Windows 11 user interface have compared to Windows 10?

Now you are definitely curious to know exactly what Windows 11 looks like. As mentioned, a prototype of this operating system has recently been revealed, which has also been reviewed by Windows Central Media. The website posted a 12-minute video review of this version yesterday, which you can watch below. 

It should be noted that all published information is unofficial and it is possible that the published version is fake or at best lacks many new features. In any case, according to this video, we see many changes in the Windows user interface.

After watching the video above, you will definitely notice that the Start menu is very similar to what we have seen in Windows 10X in the past. Windows 10 X was a previous Microsoft project being developed to optimize for dual-screen devices. 

Unfortunately or fortunately, the company canceled the project to focus more on developing its next operating system, Windows 11.

Some key changes in the user interface of the leaked version of Windows 11

  • Taskbar or Taskbar: As you can see in the video, the new version of the Start menu and search buttons in the taskbar to the middle and moved almost similar to what the Chrome OS and macOS seen. Of course, you can customize the location of all the buttons on the taskbar.
  • Start Menu: According to Microsoft’s old tradition, this new Windows also has a new Start Menu. Tiles and icons with a simpler design with a menu called All App that includes all your software. Note the image below.
     New start menu in Windows 11
  • New search menu: In the next Windows or Windows 11, instead of opening the search box in the taskbar a little, you will have a separate, larger search page with the icon still in the Taskbar. Note the image below.
     New search menu in Windows 11
    User interface changes and functionalities
  • File Explorer: New Windows uses a different design language for icons in File Explorer, and now the main Windows icons such as Pictures, Documents, Videos, etc. have more curved corners with more varied colors.
  • More Snap Assist Features: In the new Windows, if you hover the mouse pointer over the Minimize or Maximize options, a small menu will open showing you the different modes for placing the window in the free parts of the screen. Take a look at the image below for a better understanding.
     Snap Menu in Windows 11
  • Windows with rounded and curved corners: As you can see in the video, in the new design language, windows have rounded and curved corners, and there is no longer a flat design with sharp edges.
  • New sounds: Some system sounds have changed in Windows 11. For example, the sound of the Windows 11 startup based on the newly revealed information will be as follows.
  • New touch gestures: In the new Windows, you can minimize or maximize windows by touching three fingers, and you can enter the Virtual Desktop menu by touching four fingers at once.

The new Microsoft Store?

As you know, Microsoft has made many promises in recent months to launch and change the new store in Windows. According to several reports, the company is developing a new version of the Microsoft Store and intends to provide this store with better capabilities to users. 

“With the launch of the new store, we will provide more and better economic opportunities for our developers and users,” said Satya Nadila, CEO of the company. 

Unfortunately, in the leaked version of Windows 11, there is no specific change in the store section, and apparently, Microsoft has not yet implemented any program for this section. Below you can see the image of the Microsoft Store in the initial build of the next Windows.

Microsoft Store in Windows 11

Integrate Xbox App with default Windows 11 software

The Xbox Game Pass service has recently received a lot of attention from Microsoft, and the company introduced 27 new games for the service at E3 202115 of which will be available on the first day of release. More attractive than ever, Microsoft has now decided to integrate the Xbox app with the default software in Windows 11 to give users easier access to the app and the company’s cloud gaming service. Below you can see the images related to this application in the new version.

Why do we think the name of the next operating system will be Microsoft Windows 11?

If you recall, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella officially announced in May that “we will be releasing a very big update for Windows, which will be referred to as the next generation of Windows.” In his speech, he mentioned the near future for the time of release and release of this update. 

So it is very likely that the June 24 event will be related to the introduction of Windows 11. As mentioned, choosing 11 a.m. to hold this event is another sign that refers to the next Windows.

The company has also updated the life cycle documentation of some versions of Windows 10. According to a new announcement, Microsoft will officially end support for Windows 10, Home, and Pro and Pro Education versions of Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. 

It was also announced that the May 10, 2021 version of Windows 10 will be supported until December 13, 2022, and that annual updates for Windows 10 will continue through October 14, 2025.

 Finally, it can be said that all these issues increase the likelihood of the introduction of Windows 11.

How will Microsoft change the user experience with Windows 11?

Improved XAML for WinUI

Improving the interface and user experience is another goal of Microsoft in developing the next version of Windows. “XAML controls on Windows are incompatible with other platforms such as the Web and mobile applications,” said Yulia Klein, Microsoft’s program director, in a recent interview. 

To improve the user experience, he has proposed a new user interface that is compatible with other platforms. Apparently, Microsoft intends to take the same approach in Windows 11.

In the newly released proposal, we see fundamental changes for Toggle Switches and Sliders, and other parts of Windows. To better understand these changes, pay attention to the image below.

 Klein has been hinting for months that Microsoft will use a new design language in the next Windows 11, and now, according to a video review of the initial build leaked from Windows 11, it can be said that his claim has come true. Below you can download two new wallpapers extracted from this version.

Concluding Remarks

Of course, the changes to the user experience in Windows 11 will not be the same as what we saw when migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 8. But so far we know at least that Microsoft will use the Fluent design language it unveiled four years ago in its next operating system to improve the user experience, especially on touchscreen devices.

Windows 11 may not only change the original look of the operating system but also change the way users purchase and install the software. As mentioned, the company is working on the new Microsoft Store platform, one of the most recent measures is to reduce Microsoft’s share of game sales revenue on the platform from 30% to 12%.

 While this is not a large number, it does make the Microsoft platform more in competition with other platforms such as Steam and Epic Games.

According to the official announcement, Microsoft plans to unveil Windows 11, or any new version whose name is not officially known, on June 24. For more information on related events, you can follow the hashtag #MicrosoftEvent on social media, especially Twitter. 

Also, if you publish any more information and details about the next Windows, Lyon Tech will definitely update you. What do you expect from the next Windows? Be sure to share your views with us.