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Why Is Browser Anonymity Not A Safe Option?

If You Expect All Your Information And Data To Be Completely Private By Turning On Browser Incognito Mode, You May Want To Think Again.

It does not matter how secure your browser is or whether you are using incognito mode. In any case, when you set foot on different websites, you will still be followed by many trackers; And In other words, just using the browser will not be very safe for you.


In this article, we will first have a brief look at the problems of hidden and security modes of browsers and then we will point out the situations that would be logical or irrational to use this mode. Finally, we can give you real privacy tips so you can use your favorite browser with less worry.

Why is browser anonymity never enough?

Browsers have long been published in a state called incognito mode or safe mode, which, as you can guess from these modes, allows you to maintain your privacy on the Internet.

Unfortunately, these situations are not very private and secure. Although different browsers offer different functions in this mode, in the end, all browsers in anonymous mode have two main functions in common:

  • Clear browser cookies
  • Clear browser history

These may be a good place to start, as many trackers can gather information about you through these two factors, but it is by no means enough to just do so. However, many people are always misled about how and to what extent the anonymous mode works.

Complain to Google for collecting information from anonymous users of Chrome browser

And while many regular users think that incognito mode completely protects their privacy, the situation is a bit different on the part of browser companies. There are currently $ 5 billion in lawsuits against Google for tracking anonymous users of Chrome.

However, you should know that although Google will no longer use cookies, it will from now on adopt a new way of collecting user information.

When you use the browser in incognito mode, downloaded files and bookmarked pages will not be deleted after exiting incognito mode.


Another problem is that your browser is not the only place where your browsing history is visible.

 Your ISP can also access all of this information and websites.

In addition, other things can make your information available to websites and providers, even anonymously:

  • By logging in to your account on all websites, the owners of these websites will be able to see your information even anonymously.
  • Even in incognito mode, your device will save the DNS cache on your device when you visit different websites, and if someone accesses your computer, they can easily access the websites you have visited using this cache. Slowly
  • If you stay in incognito mode for a long time, and since cookies and browser history are cleared only if you exit this mode, access to your information for websites will return to normal.

When to use incognito mode?

Modes in which it is best to use incognito mode may not be as secure and specific as you might expect. In any case, it is better to use this mode when browsing websites through someone else’s device so that the information about you does not remain on their device. Also, when you are looking for personal items or health problems on the Internet, it is better to use this mode so that you do not get embarrassed.

Several ways to go beyond incognito mode

Although the incognito mode is of little use in matters of privacy and security, there are other ways you can go about solving this problem:

  • Use a secure browser
  • Use
  • And Use Ed Blockers

Finally, it is good to know that although these anonymous and safe modes all have their place in today’s browsers, they can not be trusted much.

Either way, you can still look at this as a basic, cost-effective way to stay safe, but if you’re looking for real-time personal information on the Internet, there’s a better way to prevent websites from accessing information. Be your own character.