Why use Linux and Why Linux is More Secure Than Windows?

There are many misconceptions about Linux. More about Linux system installation problems and file compatibility. While some have this fact, most of it has become an undisputed issue in recent years. But the best reasons for the permanent change of It, especially in 2022, are the following:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • the freedom
  • access

Especially if you are not dependent on specific programs, you are free to bring your daily computing needs to another platform such as Linux. There is a free software alternative on Linux for every basic need and many advanced steps. This is another great advantage of using Linux. Extensive library of free, open-source software available for your use. Most file types are no longer required on any platform (except executables), so you can work on your text files, photos, and audio files on any platform.

Linux installation is very easy. Get an 8GB USB drive, download the image you want, flash it on the USB drive, put it on your computer, reboot, and follow the instructions. I highly recommend start-up distributions with a familiar interface, such as:

  • Solus
  • Basic operating system (version 6.0 will bring many improvements soon)
  • Linux Mint

There are many options, please feel free to search, but I feel like the ones listed are more familiar to Windows and Mac users. Solus is very similar to Windows, fast and reliable. Still, since it is not based on any other distribution, getting all the software available in Ubuntu-based distributions can sometimes be difficult.

Basic OS is a great replacement for macOS. It looks quite similar, and Mac users immediately feel comfortable at home. It is also based on Ubuntu, which gives you easy access to a wealth of software.

Depending on your chosen desktop environment, Linux Mint is somewhat like Windows. It is also Ubuntu-based, has a very useful community, and is probably the safest bet for absolute newcomers to Linux.

Security and privacy

Both Apple and Microsoft are monitoring your activities. This is a fact, even if Apple does not promise to share your data. It’s up to you to decide who to trust. Also, since Windows, in particular, has the majority of the OS market share, you are more likely to be hacked on a Windows device simply because it is more ubiquitous.

Linux is a somewhat obscure system and does not yet run much on the desktop (although it runs on many servers and small devices, even Android is Linux based). Most software is open source and therefore automatically reviewed by a peer. There are no government back doors or telemetry for “diagnosis” and “better user experience.”

You do not need to be a criminal to have more security and privacy on your computer.

Your completely natural, boring, and consumeristic behavior greatly benefits large technology companies. If you want to quit WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media just because you no longer want to give out information, you must also go to Linux.

“Having something to hide” is no excuse for taking care of your privacy, trust me.

If you want to protect your privacy and security fully, you can do so entirely on Linux. Many encryptions and backup software are available, and most communities around Linux are friendly and welcome new people.

Why do some people not go for Linux?

I see only two good reasons why you should not go to Linux forever in 2021.

You are locked into an ecosystem of programs and software and do not cut Linux options.

You are a professional PC gamer.

Sometimes, it is necessary to use certain software, especially when you work for a company. Most of these applications do not run on Linux. Even if there is a possible option, it will not help if you want to share InDesign files seamlessly or collaborate on specific documents with your peers.

There is still the option to go to Linux and then run a virtual machine on it, where you can install Windows or even macOS (a bit complicated) and run all your available software in that virtual environment. . There is a catch, though, and this is a great performance. But still, this solution can be useful for you.

In terms of games, there are more and more native Linux games, especially smaller indie games. But you can easily install Steam, and even larger games and AAA games often run to other degrees, more than Linux. There are compatibility layers like protons that make things easier than ever. Yet still. Suppose you want to play the best game with the possible compatibility and the least hassle. Linux is not for you.

How to change to Linux in 2022

Okay, so you’ve made your decision, and you want to go Linux. As I mentioned before, understanding how to download and install Linux is not difficult. So when you run your Linux option on your hardware (any laptop from the last 5-10 years is easily done), you may want to consider some programs and software as an alternative to the software you know.

While most communication and web-based applications are available on Linux (such as Telegram, Steam, Thunderbird, Firefox, and some), some specialized software is not. You have to get used to other options. Here is just a quick list of popular software suggestions I have used:

  • Libre Office can easily replace Microsoft Office.
  • GIMP replaces Photoshop, but it gets used to it.
  • Ghostwriters or Focuswriter are good, basic, and distracting text editors.
  • Scribus can replace InDesign, but the graphical user interface is a bit old.
  • Inkscape is a great replacement for Illustrator.
  • Darktable easily replaces Lightroom.
  • Kdenlive is a good alternative to Premiere Pro.
  • DaVinci Resolve is also available on Linux and is a great option for Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Audacity is great at replacing soundwave.
  • DejaDup is an easy-to-use backup program used during Apple’s Time Machine period.

These are just options directly above my head. In Linux, the software can be installed through the terminal (do not be afraid, it is easy) or through software stores, App stores, and so on.

This small application lets you browse all available software and applications. Everything is free (or free donations you do not have to pay), quick and easy—installation with one click.

There are also many browsers and mail client options, such as Brave Browser, Midori, Firefox and Geary, Evolution E-Mail, and many more.

Do not be shy. Go and explore.


You know that in 2021 the importance of security and privacy will be even greater than ever, and since you can test Linux via a USB drive without installing anything, I want you to explore it. The larger the Linux community, the more software will be available. If Serif had ever brought its Affinity suite to Linux, I would have filled it all the time. But for now, I’m still bound by Adobe software, which was not available on Linux at the time of writing.