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What Is Wink Digital Currency? Introducing The First Gaming Platform In Blockchain Tron

WINk is the first decentralized gaming platform based on blockchain tron, which has recently received a lot of attention due to its two-token approach. 

The Wink digital currency token, known as the WIN symbol, is issued both as a TRC20 token in Blockchain Theron and as a BEP2 token in Blockchain Binance.

Wink intends to consolidate its position in the market as a leading gaming blockchain platform by continuously introducing high quality decentralized applications (DApps). This will be achieved by using the experience of the Wink team to design the game / ecosystem and the ability of other development teams and users to guide and direct this platform through a unique management mechanism.

However, is this project really worth the investment? In order to be able to answer this question, we will continue to review and introduce the Wink project and its dedicated token, WIN.

What is WINk Digital Currency?

Wink introduces itself as a blockchain-based platform for gaming and social interaction, allowing users to participate in multiple blockchain ecosystems. In addition to providing a great gaming experience, the platform also allows other developers to create new decentralized applications.

Wink is the seventh token to be offered on the Binance LaunchPad platform during an IEO. The offer was made in the form of a lottery and the winners were announced on July 31, 2019.

As mentioned, the WIN token is issued both as a TRC20 token in the Theron blockchain and as a BEP2 token in the Binance blockchain. Therefore, it can be said that Wink is the first gaming platform built on Blockchain Theron.

Wink Digital Currency

What makes Wink unique?

Wink was originally called TRONbet and was the first decentralized program to be launched on the Theron platform. Since then, with the renaming of the project to Wink, the platform has grown to become the largest decentralized application in terms of number of users and trading volume. Although countless competitors try to overtake Wink, this platform has always been one of the best in blockchain games.

Wink’s strategic partnership with Theron is one of the significant benefits of this ecosystem. Wink allows new developers to create their own projects on the platform using APIs and development tools provided by its team.

It should be noted that the Wink platform is not just a platform for gaming and entertainment. The platform’s developers plan to offer users services such as micro-loans, stable coins, securities tokens and new payment channels. In fact, Wink intends to become a perfect hub for decentralized financial products.

On the Wink platform, there are also some social features, operations, interactions and live events, all designed to improve the user experience. In other words, it was a commitment to the community that allowed Theron idol to grow, and that would help Wink grow and develop.

Finally, the creation of the Wink platform on Blockchain Theron allows users to take advantage of the scalability of up to 2,000 transactions per second and 3-second transactions for an almost instant gaming experience.

What are the benefits for users on the Wink platform?

The Wink team considers users to be the core of their platform, and any decentralized application connected to the platform, through the RainDrop mechanism, rewards users.

The reward received by users is proportional to the number of WIN tokens they have stuck. Under the RainDrop mechanism, rewards are paid daily to eligible users in the form of TRX digital currency.

Wink Digital CurrencyRaindrop mechanism on the Wink platform

Stacking WIN tokens is also required to participate in platform management. In this way, users are not only players, but also active members of the community. This allows the platform to grow in response to the needs and wants of the user, not just based on what some centralized power structures consider important.

Depending on how new decentralized applications are created, people who stick to the WIN token are expected to enjoy even more benefits in the future. These benefits can come in many forms, from higher bonuses and increased sticking profits to direct in-game discounts.

All of this allows users to take control of their assets while also becoming a member of the community and earning money regularly on the basis of their sticky tokens. Thus, it is expected that these incentive schemes will increase the loyalty and commitment of community members to this platform.

Compared to traditional centralized gaming platforms, users can expect the following enhancements and benefits from Wink:

  • Games work with smart contracts and are fully auditable.
  • Users always have custody of their funds.
  • All games work with digital currencies.
  • Exclusive events and social features encourage users to have WIN tokens.
  • Partnering with BitTorrent increases the number of audiences and users.

Who are the developers of Wink?

Since Wink is a decentralized platform, its team must be decentralized, which it is. The members of this team are located all over the world.

Overall, Team Wink has decades of experience in the gaming industry as well as decades of experience in blockchain technology. What unites team members is their interest in the combination of blockchain and games, and how this combination can transform the gaming industry.

Theron Bet started out as a side project with three founding members, but quickly became a full-time team of 13 members. Investing in the Tron Arcade Fund and renaming the project to Wink is an important and exciting step for the team and the project.

The project is managed by B Wong, a senior media management expert. 

Alex Ye is the CEO of Wink, who has a track record of managing the Games and Entertainment Mutual Fund. Wink’s programming director is S Tang, who previously co-founded a number of mobile and web-based games.

Four members of the Wink team come from the blockchain industry, while the other three are veterans of the gaming industry and production management. Several developers also have a lot of experience in the field of mobile games, and this can be very useful for the future of the project.

The ultimate goal of the whole team is to create a revolution in the gaming industry and also to dominate the space with the best and most user-friendly gaming platform available.

What is a WIN token?

WIN Token (WIN) is a proprietary digital currency of the Wink platform based on the TRC20 blockchain TRON standard. This token has many uses, including sticking and receiving rewards, paying transaction fees, participating in platform management, experiencing unique opportunities and events, paying in-game fees, and more.

The total supply of Wink tokens is estimated at 999 billion units, which can only be obtained through the initial public offering of an exchange or through secondary markets, overdrafts and promotional events.

As mentioned, the Wink Token was first launched in a raffle on January 24, 2019 through the Binance Launchpad platform, and the winners were announced on July 31 of that year.

The structure of the WIN token distribution is as follows: 27% for the ecosystem, 15% for the initial sale, 12% for the initial community, 10% for the team members, 9% for the collaboration with the games, 7% for the platform development, 6.25% for the platform. Strategic partnerships account for 5 percent of AirDrop, 3.75 percent of storage, and only 5 percent of the total WIN supply, or 49.950 billion units for public sales.

WIN Token Distribution Structure (WIN)

About 313.607 billion Wink tokens are currently in circulation, and the remaining tokens will be issued monthly through August 2022, according to the schedule below.

WIN Tokens Release Program (WIN)

WIN Token Price History (WIN)

When the Wink token first went on sale in August 2019, the token traded in the $ 0.0003 price range. The digital currency was not well received in the early months, and the price of Wink dropped to $ 0.0001. Following this, the Wink token took a neutral trend and no significant changes in its price were observed.

In February of this year, coinciding with the rising rally of the digital currency market, Token Wink also entered a bull market and on April 5, recorded its highest historical price at $ 0.002.

WIN Token Price Chart from the beginning until now

Since then, the price of the WIN digital currency (WIN) has fallen slightly, trading in the $ 0.0015 range.

On the WIN Digital Currency (WIN) price page, you can see the instantaneous price of the WIN token and other related information.

Where to buy and store WIN tokens?

Currently, the largest volume of WIN token transactions is processed at Binance Exchange. The token is also listed on well-known exchanges such as KuCoin, Poloniex and HitBTC.

At these exchanges, you can use Fiat currencies such as the US Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Euro (EUR), Pound (GBP) or other digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Atrium (ETH) Buy and sell Wink tokens.

After purchasing Wink tokens, you can also store them in exchange offices, but due to low security, this is not recommended at all. We recommend that you use a dedicated wallet to securely store and manage your tokens.

Among the various wallets , hardware wallets offer a very high level of security and are a good option for those who are looking for long-term storage of their assets. The good news is that Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S hardware wallets support Wink token storage.

Concluding remarks

In this article, we introduce and review the WINK project and its proprietary digital currency, WIN. There is no denying that Ramzars Wink has a strong team and started with a strong and proven product in Theron Bet. 

Although blockchain games are a new technology, online games are not, and with the experience of the project development and marketing team, one can expect Wink to be one of the most successful projects of the future.