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What Is The Fei Protocol Digital Currency? Introduction Of FEI Protocol And Tribe Token

Fei digital currency is one of the new currencies that seems to have a good future. The digital currency of the FEI Protocol or Fei Protocol is a stable coin and part of the DIFI projects. 

These cryptocurrencies are very new and have entered the world of digital currencies this year, 2021.

For those who are interested in investing in new technologies and cryptocurrencies, we recommend that you read this article.

What is Fei Digital Currency?

Stable Kevin integral part projects Defi are. Users ‌ want to access decentralized applications (DApps) such as Compound and Aave without worrying about fluctuations. But each of the stable coins has its drawbacks. 

Most stable coins with Fiat collateral, such as USDC and USDT, are centrally controlled. This represents a regulatory risk and a breaking point for programs that want to be really decentralized. 

Cryptocurrency stable coins like DAI have inefficiency and scalability problems. In other words, the production of stable coins with digital currency collateral must have a much higher collateral than the value of stable coins. 

This creates an unfair distribution in the growth of stable coins. In addition, liquidity providers are encouraged to withdraw at the first sign of danger.

The Phi Digital Currency Protocol was born in an effort to address all of these issues. The name of the digital currency Fei is inspired by an ancient stone currency called Rai or Fei. The FEI Digital Currency team hopes that this stable coin will be as stable, simple and pervasive as its eponymous stone.

Fei digital currency


Expansion and supply of FEI digital currency

Digital Currency (FEI) has an unlimited supply that changes on demand. Fei protocol encryption enters the cycle through an auction with a contract. When a new demand for FEI arises, users can obtain it by participating in the chain. The Fei protocol supports the creation of bonding curves in each ERC-20 token.

The mission of the Fei protocol is to create a completely decentralized stable coin. Therefore, it is very important that no token issued by third parties (eg USDC, USDT, wBTC) is used as collateral in the bonding curve. This is the position that the development team hopes to share after the launch of the governing community at ETH.

FEI and TRIBE protocol management

The Fei protocol is operated by a completely decentralized DAO. The TRIBE token controls the network of these cryptocurrencies. This means that TRIBE digital currency holders can vote for the following actions:

  • Add new bonding curves to new tokens or adjust existing performance
  • Adjust PCV allocation for new input budget or existing PCV

The Fei DAO protocol will be both robust and minimize management interference. FEI stability does not require any active management intervention. The development team has developed mechanisms that are automated and algorithmic and require less management mechanisms. 

We believe that this approach to minimizing management creates a more predictable and efficient system.

This protocol allocates part of Tribe digital currency capacity to an FEI storage pool. Users can deposit FEI tokens and receive a relatively small percentage of the TRIBE digital currency in the pool. A percentage will be split between the Genesis Group and the initial Defi. The remaining TRIBE digital currency remains in a managed treasury.

FEI digital currency token price

The Fei protocol digital currency token, abbreviated FEI, has a total market value of over $ 1.6 billion in April 2021. You can see its price chart until April 2021 in the figure below.

Fei digital currency

To see the current FEI price, you can refer to the FEI digital currency price page .
To see the current price of TRIBE, you can refer to the price page of Tribe digital currency .

The future of the FEI cryptocurrency protocol

As discussed above, the FEI protocol has key advantages over existing StableQueen models. These advantages can help it become the main decentralized stable coin in DeFi. These cryptocurrencies are designed to have reliable liquidity and strong mechanisms to maintain stability.

 All costs of price increase are reimbursed to traders who sell below the set FEI price; So holders of this digital currency can be confident in the price of $ 1 in the long run. Genesis Group and the initial offering of DeFi enable wide and fair access to the TRIBE token.

 All the benefits of the price increase go to the whole community, rather than to the minority.

 We believe that the FEI is a valuable proposition for competing Stable Coins that offers decentralization, capital efficiency, and equitable distribution.

Concluding remarks

The Fei protocol was introduced in April 2021. This digital currency is a stable coin that aims to solve the problem of not focusing on other stable coins, such as Tetra. 

One of the goals of digital currencies was to decentralize and that there should be no intermediary institution for the management of working capital in society, but currencies such as Tetra are now both centralized and managed by an intermediary institution.

 But the FEI has said it wants to address the issue. In this article, we explain how the FEI digital currency and the Tribe token work.