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What Is WHMCS And How Can we Use It?

What is WHMCS ?

The aptly named WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution.

WHMCS is the world’s leading all-in-one client management system for reseller hosting. And Also It handles everything you need to set up to run your reseller hosting business, including signup, billing, support, hosting packages, domain registration, and payment gateways.

In short, WHMCS is the automation platform that simplifies every single aspect of your reseller hosting business.

What Can WHMCS Do for You?

 WHMCS unlike traditional cart systems, is specially made and designed for web hosting businesses, so it can be integrated with a wide variety of web hosting servers and related applications so when a customer purchases a service from your hosting website, it will do the full process, from collecting the payment, creating a user account for the customer to manage his service/s, to automatically provision the web hosting account on the hosting server.

 The processes that we mentioned above can take hours of manual work from you as a web hosting provider, but WHMCS saves you this time and effort by automating the whole process.

 In Addition to that, WHMCS have all of the tools you need to automate customer onboarding, service delivery, and management happen smoothly, here’re some of these great tools:

  • Customer Support System
  • Billing Management System
  • Reporting System
  • Fraud Management System
  • Order Management System
  • Domain Registration System

 Also, WHMCS can be integrated with various other web hosting-related products. You can use it to automate provisioning services like VPN Accounts, VPS Hosting, Domains, Email Accounts, and much more. 

Why are so many resellers using WHMCS?

There are lots of resellers using WHMCS because it works.

WHMCS is a software suite that automates and streamlines your hosting business to make it easier for you to resell hosting. The most popular function of WHMCS is its automated billing service. Which automatically bills your clients, so you’ll never have to worry about tracking payments again!

But that’s not all it does. You can also use WHMCS to set up new accounts and domains, manage customer communications and set up tools to help your clients help themselves, so you can free up your own time.

WHMCS is also compatible with hundreds of the most popular control panels, including cPanel.

How WHMCS works with Reseller Hosting

Check out four of the most powerful ways WHMCS helps you run a profitable reseller hosting business:

  •  Package building
  • Automated billing system
  • Customer support system
  • Automated domain management

Simplifies package building

Using WHMCS means you won’t need to create every single point of online sale, customer interface, additional feature and resource for each new cPanel account individually. Instead, you’ll be able to create WHM packages and offer these to your customers.

Additionally, when you make money from reseller hosting. One of the biggest pains in the neck is coming up with packages for your customers. If you aren’t careful, you could end up packages that look so similar that it’s not clear even to you why customers should bother paying more for one package than for another. Another nightmare of package building is that sometimes, you finish creating your package only to find that there’s some resource you haven’t specifically allocated to any package, which confuses and frustrates your customers to no end.

Automated billing system

This is probably the feature that hosting resellers appreciate the most.

The whole point of reselling web hosting is that it’s a great way to make passive income. The more automated your billing system, the more effortlessly you can accumulate your wealth.

Customer support system

Web Host Manager Complete Solution offers an easy-to-use client portal. This means your clients can oversee their own accounts by viewing the services they’ve bought from you and managing their own invoices and support tickets.

The more work your clients can do on their own, the less work you need to do as a hosting reseller.

Automated domain management

WHMCS gives you everything you need to sell domains, including name suggestions and a self-service management dashboard for your clients.

This is amazing news for your sales conversions. When your clients are just about to buy a domain, Web Host Manager Complete Solution offers intelligent suggestions for good domain names, which makes it more likely that they’ll buy at least one domain and often also leads to sales for multiple domains!

And the last point is..

Why resellers using WHMCS have an easy time scaling

As your customers’ needs grow, they’ll need more and more resources. With WHMCS, you can easily help them fulfil their need for more resources. And the best part is that WHMCS automates this whole process, so you don’t have to monitor every account for every customer. You don’t even need to personally upgrade their package. If a customer needs more resources, Web Host Manager Complete Solution will automatically collect the customer’s payment and automatically upgrade the cPanel package!


WHMCS makes it a breeze to automate your web hosting business. With its intuitive design and amazing features, it’s no wonder there are so many rave reviews from resellers using WHMCS! To streamline your reseller hosting business, add it to your arsenal of hosting tools today!