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What is the CakePHP framework and its benefits?

Why should we use the cakePHP framework?

One of the questions that will occupy the mind of the programmer is which of the available frameworks for the php programming language such as: Codeigniter, Symfony and…. Why should we choose the Cakephp Framework to implement our projects?

The most important reason for using the cakephp framework is the lack of need to learn and use complex programming commands, arrays, functions and by the developer. In fact, it can be said that to implement web applications, only the general structure of the database is needed. The relationships and the creation of models, pages and controllers are all based on the questions asked by this framework and based on the affiliation and relationships of the tables. The user is asked, made easily and without user intervention.

What is a Framework?

The framework is a collection of code, libraries, classes, and runtime environments that help programmers build their web applications faster and more flexibly.

The main idea behind using the framework is to prepare the developer to build his application based on a basic structure and using commonly used factors. Most experienced PHP programmers build libraries and structures to deploy their applications faster and use them in a variety of projects, but building a web application based on an open source framework is the same. cakePHP has its obvious advantages. In this way, developers and programmers, in addition to their own experience, are able to benefit from the experience of other programmers. Statistics show that most PHP users tend to use Linux hosting.

What are the major benefits of using Cakephp?

1. Dynamic and community friendly

2. Code flexibility

3. Structured program

4. VC architecture

5. Distribution requests with short, custom addresses

6. Fast and flexible template

7. Help to display Ajax, JavaScript, forms and features including: email, cookies, security, session

8. Flexibility by ACL

9. Flexible cache 10. localization

11. No need to configure Apache and work with any web server

12. Support for common Design Patterns

13. Faster web development

14. Compatibility with 4 and 5 php versions

15. Open source and free

16. Modified code structures

What is the advantage of supporting design patterns in the cakephp framework?

Design Pattern is a general solution to common problems in web programming. The code design template is not complete but is a solution to a problem that is used in a variety of situations. So in web programming, there are many design patterns to solve common problems. They are often repetitive. cakePHP supports many of these built-in and integrated design patterns.

What is meaning of fast web development in cakephp framework?

The integration of design patterns in cakePHP means that other developers and programmers will not have to deal with the problems that typically arise when implementing web projects. Because all of these issues have already been resolved in cakePHP. The developers will only focus on the business logic or mainstream goal of their web-based application, and of course their work will go faster.

What is the advantage of compatibility with PHP versions 4 and 5 in the cakephp framework?

cakePHP is fully compatible with both PHP versions 4 and 5 (it was firmly available at the time of writing), so the application created using cake is easily portable and runs.

What is the advantage of being free and Opensource ?

Cake is available for free and opensource under the MIT license, and to date no free version has been officially released by the development team. With these details, if you are a professional PHP professional, you can easily find out the logic of functions, classes, libraries, and so on with the help of available resources and comments (which helped me write this book).

When downloading this framework from its official website, you can help the development team financially or give a gift (Donation), which depends on your generosity and the amount of your credit card!

What is the advantage of refined code structure in cakephp framework?

PHP is a great programming language for web development. It is almost easy to learn (if you have worked with C, you will certainly see many similarities). This language is very flexible when coding and does not restrict the coder or developer to a specific structure. Of course, this is a problem as well as an advantage! For inexperienced and novice programmers, creating large programs because in most cases unstructured code makes debugging and debugging very difficult.

In addition, making changes to the program can be annoying when the logic changes somewhere. Of course, these cases and troubles are not specific to novice programmers, but when a program becomes complex, it will also affect professionals. Things get even worse when several developers work together on a project and each of them (given the PHP feature mentioned above) writes code based on their own tastes and concerns, resulting in Collecting code, integrating, optimizing and… based on the principles of software engineering itself will be another project!

But cake designers have solved the above problem in such a way that the cake architecture limits developers to adhere to a specific structure, so all the codes adhere to a specific structure and are structurally unified, so it will be easier to manage and maintain the code.