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How To Restore Windows 10 To Factory Settings

There are several situations in which you may have to reset Windows 10 to factory Settings; For example, you want to sell your laptop or desktop, or for whatever reason, your computer’s operating system has a problem and you want to fix the problem.

In such cases, you can perform the necessary instructions to perform a factory reset and solve the problem, such as the slowness of the operating system in doing various things, or delete your information and sell the device to someone else.

For this reason, we intend to provide you with a tutorial on how to perform a factory reset, which includes several short steps. Each step comes with enough explanations and pictures so you have no problem learning how to restore the Windows 10 operating system to factory settings.

 There are several ways to access the factory reset menu; But in this article, we will go through the factory reset steps through the command line ( Command Prompt) .

1. To access the command line from the Windows Search bar, enter Command Prompt:


Command Prompt in Windows 10

2. A page with a black background will open for you. On this page, enter the following command:

systemreset –factoryreset

Factory reset command on the command line

3. A new page will open for you. This page will ask you about the factory reset type. The options offered are:
  • Delete all settings and applications, but keep user information
  • Delete all information including user information, settings and installed applications.

Factory reset options

Once you have chosen whether to keep your data or remove all data from Windows 10, you should be aware that the first option is faster; But it is still possible to access your information.

 The second option will be slower than the first option and will take a lot of your time; But it is more secure and access to deleted information will be much more difficult.

4. Now you need to specify whether the drive should also be wiped or only your data deleted.

 Keep in mind that cleaning the drive makes data recovery more difficult; But it will not be impossible and with some special software the deleted information can be accessed.

Select the option to clean the drive in the factory reset steps of Windows 10

5. In the next window you can start or cancel the factory reset steps and return Windows 10 to factory settings.

 Keep in mind that the process ahead will be time consuming and prevent the desktop or laptop from turning off during the factory reset process. Doing so may damage the device or cause problems with the operating system.

The final step of doing a Factory Reset

Once the factory reset process is complete, the new settings will begin and you will need to start Windows 10.

 Keep in mind that if you want to sell your device to someone else, it is best to back up important data, remove the current operating system from your desktop or laptop, and install a new operating system. 

To prevent the new owner of the device from accessing the previous information, it is better to use special software to permanently delete your information.