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PHP programming language Applications

One of the concerns of newcomers to the world of programming is the applications of the programming language they choose. They want to know what they will be able to do after learning a programming language. In this article, we want to show what future awaits you in the job market if you choose PHP programming language for training and monetization! So stay tuned for the rest of this article to find out what you can do by choosing PHP.

Site programming with PHP programming language

Due to the increasing advancement of technology, traditional businesses will gradually give way to modern businesses. Accordingly, most businesses are entering the world of the Internet in order to increase sales, enter the global market and provide more services to their customers. For this reason, the market for designing store, news, service, etc. websites is booming day by day.

As you can see in the article “Why choose PHP?”, PHP is a free, open source language designed specifically for website design that has significant advantages over other languages ​​such as ASP and Python. Since almost 32% of the world’s sites are on WordPress and more than 70% of Iranian websites, including web market leaders  programming language They have chosen PHP scripting to implement their websites, the job market of this programming language is hot. So by learning PHP from scratch and choosing this programming language, you can work in the field of website design.

Build a telegram robot with PHP

By introducing its own robots, Telegram Messenger has revolutionized the way users communicate with different businesses, especially Internet-based businesses. Telegram bots are in fact software that are for different purposes and users can receive various services such as receiving support, tracking purchases made, etc. by sending or selecting predefined commands.

Due to the fact that Telegram robots are on the Telegram platform and cloud space, you will no longer need to provide hosts, domains, etc. to create a robot, and therefore have lower costs than building a website or mobile application.

Another advantage of Telegram robots is that you can easily run it on different operating systems and devices. Because Telegram application is for most operating systems, including Android, Windows, IOS, etc. So if you choose PHP as your programming language, you can create telegram bots with different applications such as store bots, news bots, support bots, and so on. As a result, in addition to being able to launch your ideas on the telegram platform at a very low cost, you can also get projects related to this area of ​​programming and make money this way.

Build desktop software with PHP

It is true that PHP was for the field of web design and is the best server-side language, but many people think that choosing PHP programming language is limit in web programming and web applications. But this idea is completely wrong. Because you can use the PHP-GTK plugin to create the Windows software you have in mind using the graphical user interface (GUI). Windows software, as its name implies, runs only on Windows operating systems, which have a wide range of applications.

So choosing PHP language does not limit you and to create software under Windows, you can start earning money in this area from programming using PHP language.

tip :

PHP language is developed for web design, so it does not have the power of languages ​​such as C # and Python in building Windows software and has some weaknesses compared to them.

Web service with PHP

With the increasing development of software and the need to run them on different platforms and systems, the need to create communication channels to send and receive information among them is felt more than ever. For example, suppose you want to buy from an online store. If you buy a product through the store’s website, you can view the purchase information in that store’s mobile app, or vice versa. So through this connection, you can perform similar operations on the store site, Telegram robot or mobile application.

A web service, or API, is a web-based programming interface that provides a set of data and mechanisms through standards such as HTTP. Web services are used to communicate and exchange data between different applications with different platforms. In other words, web services can be used as a common language between different systems and platforms.

So by mastering the PHP programming language, in addition to being able to create web services for your own websites and software, you can get related projects in this field.


PHP programming language has many applications and can help you to implement your ideas in the form of various websites, web applications, Windows software, telegram bots. But you can not use this language for programming mobile applications, system software, etc. What do you think about PHP language and what applications do you use it for?