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What is search console?

If you work in the field of SEO or digital marketing, you have undoubtedly heard the name Google Search Console a lot. The Google console search tool is one of the most important SEO tools that provides you with very vital and useful information about the website. This information includes weak and strong points of the site, weekly and monthly entries, ranking of each keyword of the site in Google, Impression, many other things.

This information will help you to identify the problems of your site and fix them, understand the strengths of the site and increase the strength of your site by focusing more on them. Google Search Console is known as one of the most useful tools in SEO and site optimization.

This tool also allows you to index your pages manually and you can increase the speed of crawling and indexing by placing your sitemap in this tool. Stay with us to learn Google Search Console.

Reasons to use Google Search Console

  • Observing site defects: such as pages being newly indexed, not responsive, Google bots not accessing pages, etc.
  • Deleting desired pages from Google results : Maybe you don’t like a series of pages of your site to be displayed on Google. You can remove them from Google’s SERP using Search Console.
  • Find keywords and popular pages of users : You can find keywords and pages that attract a lot of users on Google.
  • Keeping the security and care of the site : Google Search Console gives you security and care recommendations and identifies and informs you about the problems that exist in the security of the site.
  • Solving the problems that cause your ranking to drop in Google results : You can use Google search console to find things that affect your site and may cause a penalty and prevent your ranking from decreasing in Google.
  • Checking the SEO status of the desired keywords and pages : You can see the growth and decline of the site’s SEO performance in the search console and plan for their growth.

How to register your site in search console?

To register the site in Google search console, you must first enter it. There are many ways to register a site in Google Search Console, including site registration using URL Prefix, with HTML file, HTML code, Google Analytics, using domain, and Google Tag Manager.

In all these cases, you must first prove the ownership of your site to Google, and then you can link your site to the search console. Click on the button below to read the tutorial on how to register a site in Google Search Console.

Important points of site registration in search console

It is better to do the following important steps before registering your site in Google Search Console. Because when you introduce your site to the search console, Google has no knowledge about your site and if you cannot do this introduction correctly, you may leave a negative impression on Google. In this part of the SEO search console tutorial, we will examine these actions.

Check and complete the internal linking of the site: if the internal linking of your site is not done correctly, you will see a negative result, because Google robots do not notice the connection between the pages of the site. This problem causes the desired and important pages to not be indexed well and leads to sending a negative signal to Google.

Complete the content of the site: If you have used copy and miscellaneous content inside your site to fill the pages, it is better not to register the site in the search console and it is even better to noindex these pages, because the content of the site represents you to They are Google, and if Google gets it wrong, you have a long way to go to correct it.

Make sure the site pages are responsive and mobile friendly: Before introducing the site to Google Search Console, make sure that the pages have the correct design for mobile, because this factor is of great importance to Google.

Optimize site speed : Site speed is another criterion for Google and site users to measure the quality of a site. If your site does not have a good speed, you will have problems in the search console and Google will not receive a good signal from you.

How to connect the site’s Google Analytics account to Google Search Console?

In this part of the search console training, we talk about how to connect the Google Analytics account to the search console. To do this, first log into your Google Analytics account and click on the Admin option and then click on the Property Settings option. Go to the bottom of the page to reach the Adjust Search Console option. Click on the add option and after choosing your site, click on the save option.

Congratulations! Your Google Analytics account and Search Console are connected.

Training on checking site security problems in Google Search Console

This section of Google Search Console allows you to check the site for security and find them if there are any problems. If your site has been hacked or some of its parts can harm site users, they will be displayed in the search console. Site security is very important for Google and has a direct impact on site ranking. Therefore, by checking these problems and fixing them, you can increase the security of the site for your users.

To check the security issues of the site in the search console, click on the Security Issues option to see all the security errors of the site.

Site security in search console training

Using Removals Tool in Google search

The Removals tool is one of the best parts of the search console and is the fastest way to remove a URL from Google’s index or to notify Google of changes. For this, enter the search  and click on the Removals option. Then click on New Request. Apply the changes by entering the address of the page you want. After entering the URL, click Submit Request.

Tools in Google search console training

Performance section training in Google search

In Google Search Console, there is a section called Performance, which gives general information about the state of the site and its pages, such as the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, and average word rank. This information is displayed in the form of a chart and table, and you can apply filters such as displaying information in the last 28 days.

This section also provides you with a list of words with which your site or page is displayed in the SERP and the number of clicks on them. This list can help you in the SEO of your site and its pages.

You can also search and check a page or a phrase on your own and by applying the available filters, you can get all the information you need for SEO and optimizing the site and increasing its traffic.

Teaching Mobile Usability reports in Google Search Console

There is a section called Mobile Usability in the search console. This section will check your site and if any errors are found that hinder the easy use of the page on mobile, it will show and announce them to you. For example, if the buttons on your page are close to each other, it will not display correctly on mobile, and this factor will be displayed as an error in the Mobile Usability section of the Google search console.

AMP training in search console and fixing its problems

With the increase in the number of searches on mobile phones, the importance of site loading speed on these devices has increased. Many blog sites and forums use AMP to increase the speed of their site, which increases its speed by reducing the JavaScript and CSS codes of the site.

This section will only be shown in your Google Search Console if this framework is active on your site. After activating it, this section will be displayed under the Enhancements section of the search console, by clicking on which you can enter the relevant section. If the site’s AMP does not work properly and encounters a problem, it will be shown in this section.