What is mobile-friendly test analysis?

If you want your designed website to be fully displayed on mobile phones, you should perform a mobile-friendly test analysis. Those sites displayed correctly on mobile phones and the sizes of text, images, etc., are called mobile friendly. Since many people use mobile phones to search for content, mobile-friendly should be used on all sites.

It is necessary to use mobile-friendly on all sites. Therefore, you should pay a lot of attention to this to increase the SEO of your website. Google gives more rank to those sites that perform mobile-friendly test analysis.

Every site that uses the WordPress theme should consider this issue and pay attention to it. Now that you are well acquainted with the meaning of mobile-friendly or responsive, you should know that it has many solutions. You can make your website responsive using various solutions. We will introduce some of the main solutions below to increase information in this field.

Methods of using mobile-friendly test analysis

Some of the main and most important solutions that are important for analysis with mobile-friendly tests and you can use them are:

1. Using a browser

One of the best solutions to make the website responsive is to use the button to minimize the page in the browser. By reducing the size of the pages in the browser program, you can simulate the mode of checking the pages with the phone for all kinds of websites.

To do this, you must first go to your website. Then, after seeing the button to minimize the screen, click it. This method is one of the most general methods for making the website responsive. You can use this simple method to improve your site’s SEO.

2. Using the mobile mode in the Chrome program

In this method, after entering the Chrome program, you must refer to the developer tools section. You can press ctrl+shift+i to enter this section. You can also go to the more tools section through the three dots at the top of the screen and click on developer tools.

Select the toggle device toolbar option on the page that appears. In this way, your browser becomes responsive. With various elements such as the back option and the mobile menu, you can be sure of the responsiveness of your website.

3. Using mobile-friendly Google

You don’t see the bots on the search website as they are, but they act in a certain way. These robots perform tests by checking the codes for mobile-friendly analysis. Each of these codes indicates whether your website is responsive or not. This important tool in Google shows you what the robots think about your website. To check, you can refer to the desired link and click on your website address.

4. Using the Google Insights method to analyze the site’s responsiveness

This tool is one of the important tools to check website speed. Of course, a part of it is used to check the website’s responsiveness. Using this program, you can see how optimized your website is on your phone.

To enter this program, you must first turn on your VPN. This program is banned for Iranian users, so you should use a VPN. Then enter the desired Google link. You can enter your website address in the middle box of the page. Then you can click the analyzer button. Then you will be informed whether your site is responsive or not.

5. Using mobile simulator tools

Using mobile simulator tools is one of the other methods related to checking the website’s responsiveness. These tools can show your site in mobile mode. By using these tools, you can conduct a mobile-friendly test analysis.

When you use these tools, the features of your website will be displayed well in terms of mobile appearance. Google should rank your website higher. For this reason, you should make your website responsive.

Why is it better to use analysis with mobile-friendly tests?

Nowadays, many people use their mobile phones to search for different content on the Internet. You should know that searching using a computer is not done much anymore. Most people use smartphones that are equipped with the Internet. Therefore, websites should be equipped with a responsive system so users can easily view images, words, etc., on their phones.

A responsive website helps to adjust the website’s size and graphics based on the phone’s size. This feature is one of the most important and main features that most websites should have today. If you don’t equip the websites with mobile friendly, your website bounce will increase.

If a user enters your website but sees that the website is not suitable for his phone, he will leave it. Google realizes this and gives the website a negative rating. Therefore, you should keep this in mind and use a mobile-friendly system for your website.

The impact of analysis with a mobile-friendly test on SEO

The impact that Responsive has on websites is unique in terms of SEO. Google’s algorithms take into account all the rules followed by the websites and then rank the websites. If you follow the rule of responsiveness for your site, you can increase your site’s rank.

Be careful that if you don’t consider responsive rules for your website, you won’t be able to get many visitors. To use mobile-friendly, you must know the structure and various responsive methods well. There are many ways to make websites mobile friendly.

It would help if you used each of these methods based on the convenience and needs of your website. Be careful that before using any of the methods, you must be sure of the effectiveness of the method in question. Experts in this field can guide you to use any mobile-friendly method.