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Guide to prevent link rank reduction

A few weeks ago, the link rank of some pages of my site decreased on Google. Even though I have been working professionally as an SEO specialist for seven years, it was challenging to find the cause of the problem because there are many reasons in the complex world of site optimization (SEO) that can reduce the link rank. As a result, I decided to investigate and study technical SEO for a whole day. Finally, in addition to finding out the cause of my personal site’s problem, I compiled an article as a comprehensive guide to determine the cause of the site’s rank drop and share it with you, dear ones. If you encounter a problem similar to mine, deal with it easily.

What are the reasons for the decrease in the site’s rank?

One of the main and most common problems that website owners face after a while is the drop in the ranking of the site in search engines. Losing the site’s ranking is disappointing if you have online sales through your website. It also damages your business and reduces your income. In the following, we are with you on the reasons that decrease your site’s rank.

Be sure that the link rank has decreased.

Before taking action, ensure that the desired page’s rank has decreased because sometimes the rank tracker may not work properly, or the link’s downgrade is just part of Google’s experiments. On the other hand, it is normal for the rating to decrease during the holidays. To be sure and aware of the link rank, try to check the rank of the pages from week to week and find out the number of clicks and views. Don’t worry about this rank drop when considering a rank reduction, but the number of clicks and site traffic is high.

Has Google updated its algorithms?

Google is strengthening its algorithms daily, and it usually does this in secret. Still, fortunately, there is an alliance among SEO experts, whereby Google’s changes are identified quickly and transmitted to everyone. Therefore, I suggest you find a lot of friends among SEO experts so that you can find out about the smallest tactics of Google, for what purpose Google’s algorithm was changed, and what their capabilities are because when Google updates its algorithms, or It creates a new algorithm, all SEO operations must be based on the new changes. Otherwise, the rank increase and success will not be achieved, so you must always adopt the right strategy to prevent link rank reduction.

Is your site missing a link?

It is very useful to use software such as Ahrefs or Majestic, which provide a daily report regarding the loss of a link on the site’s pages. This software will warn if a link has a problem or is downgraded, and you can rebuild the link or create a backlink with this tool because sometimes, when updating the site, some pages may accidentally have problems. And you remain unaware of it.

Have you made any changes to the desired page?

Never change the URL of the pages because it is considered a birth certificate to introduce your pages to search engines. A new URL means a new page even if they have the same content, so if this happens, reverse or redirect the URL. Also, note that the index keyword has not been removed from the title, meta description, or H1 and H2 or has not been used in small numbers. Check the Google Search Console for your servers to make sure Google can process your site.

Feedback from Google users will be influential in determining the ranking

Google is a robot, so it applies ranking based on the number of clicks or visitors to a site. If you have a reduced rating, check if the desired page loads slowly for users? Is the produced content long and boring, or have you changed the page’s title?

Have your competitors progressed?

Sometimes, the site rank drop is not because you have made a mistake. Still, your competitors may have become stronger, so try to follow your competitors by using some site rank analysis software such as Versionista or Wayback Machine. Please find out about their progress and changes. This action will make it easy for you to learn the benefits that they have put a lot of time and energy into, so always respect your competitors but take higher steps than them.

Methods to prevent the site from being downgraded

Considering the position of the site among the search engines and the change in the ranking of the sites in certain periods, in this article, we are with you with the methods to prevent the reduction of the site’s ranking.

Diversity in incoming links

Search engines are one of the best places where your customers can find your site, but only search engines are not enough. You can increase your rank in search engines by introducing and advertising on other sites in addition to new visitors from other sites. Improve Do not forget that one of the effective parameters in determining your rank is the number of links given to your site from other sites.

Provide valuable content

Another thing that will prevent your site’s rank from dropping is to produce high-quality content and publish it on your site regularly. It will increase the number of clicks on your website.

Use the appropriate domain name.

Most people in face-to-face interviews on a website introduce short names, and listeners remember easy and short names easily. Therefore, using easy and short names is in your favor.

Now you know what to do.

Suppose you are still worried about losing the link rank of your pages. In that case, you should note that SEO operations mean patience and continuous effort. Failure is also a part of it. Still, continuously learning SEO techniques can overcome failure and reach the desired rank. When your link rank decreases, the most important and efficient action is first to describe and explain the reason for the decrease in rank, and after identifying the cause, Make a proper plan to solve the problem. In this way, this article can offer you basic solutions.