Google Search Engine

What is Google Search Engine?

For more information about Google Search Engine and how to work with it, stay tuned for the rest of this article. Google, or Google Search Engine, is one of the applications that you probably have installed on your mobile phone and PC. This program allows you to browse the web and read various articles that have been published on the Internet.

Different versions of Google Android and iOS

Google has developed different versions of Android and iOS; For this reason, it can be used on all smartphones. Working with this program is very simple. Just enter the phrase you want by clicking on the relevant field and pressing the Enter key or clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

What is a search engine?

To explain about Google search engine, we first need to understand the concept of search engine and its role in today’s world.

Google’s reputation has led many to equate search engines with Google. Suppose Google is just one of several search engines in the world. The use of search engines is very common in our world today. Search engines are shortcuts to answering the questions we encounter daily.

Web search engine

A web search engine is a web-based software that searches through the vast amount of data published here and shows the user the closest data to the phrase.

The first search engine was called Archie, and after search engines, Jang Head and Veronica added the ability to index text to search engines for the first time. Search engines have come a long way to reach where they are today.


Google Search is a search engine developed by Google. This search engine is used for web browsing. The popularity and popularity of the Google search engine have increased greatly over the years.

One of the reasons for this popularity is Google’s importance to the user and his time. For example, SEO is a concept mostly defined in the form of the Google search engine.

Google, a website, was founded in 1997. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the program. Millions of people use this search engine every day to complete tasks and find answers to their questions.

Google Search Applications

The most common use of the Google search engine is to find the text the user wants on the Internet. But other uses have been added over the years. One of the most famous of them is Google Map. Using Google Map, you can find the address you want. Also, by searching for the title you want in Google, you can watch related videos on YouTube or other programs.

The most complete and relevant result

Google search engine has maneuvered a lot on the concept of SEO to show the best, most complete, and most relevant result to the user. SEO means site optimization for search engines, including Google. Google is more sensitive to SEO than other search engines. This issue, along with the important role of Google among search engines, has caused the content published on websites to be of very good quality and many sites to produce content in a professional and dedicated manner.

Google Translate

Google Translate is another successful Google application. Today, many people use Google Translate to translate various texts into their preferred language. This feature has been developed for many living and famous languages ​​worldwide. Of course, this program also has its drawbacks. But according to the result, it can be said to be very useful.

Google Docs can be considered an online version of the word program in Windows. This feature allows you to check the text for dictation and spelling of words. And unlike words, it supports many living languages ​​of the world.

Features of Google Checker

You may have noticed the images and animations that sometimes appear at the top of the Google search page. The use of these images began in 1998 at Google. These images are known as Google Doodle and the package of historical events and occasions of the day are welcome on the front page.

Google search engine has so many features that it is impossible to cover all of them. Some of these facilities are less famous, but some have been so successful that they play a very important and effective role in people’s daily lives.

SEO policies

Checking stock prices, local time, calculators, weather forecasts, and converting different units are some of the features that Google brings to you.

Google search engine has a very high speed in indexing content. Its SEO policies also go in the direction that web admins optimize the site so that they have the highest possible speed.

Professional search

The Internet is a huge source of data and information, so there is an answer to almost every question that may arise for people on the web. But sometimes, the search does not get the desired answer.

Google Checker

In such a situation, the Google search engine has come to the rescue again and has introduced the concept of professional search. By knowing some tips and applying them, the probability of getting the answer to your question increases.

If you want Google to display exactly the results of your query when you search, you need to double-quote the phrase.

Sometimes you may want to see results that are synonymous with the phrase in addition to the phrase. In this case, the fashion sign (which looks like a rogue A) will help you. To do this, you need to enter the fashion symbol before the phrase you want.

Being smart

The minus or minus sign is another helpful icon in Google Professional Search. This icon helps you remove the particular word from the search term results. To use this symbol, use the minus symbol after the phrase and then type the word you want to delete.

Note that the Google search engine, while being smart, can sometimes be very simple and have trouble finding the simplest concepts. For this reason, help it by using appropriate words and phrases.