Introduction to permanent PBN backlinks

You’ve probably heard of permanent PBN backlinks if you’re also looking for backlinks. In this article, we want to introduce you to this method of getting backlinks and share the advantages and disadvantages with you. Stay with us.

What is a permanent PBN backlink?

PBN permanent backlink stands for private backlink network. You may also see the phrase private blog network in various articles, but this phrase is obsolete and is no longer relevant today, which we will tell you the reason for in the following. Suppose you have a site and you are looking for backlinks for this site. In the past, you could use a link farm. Link farms or link farms, regardless of the site’s subject, provided a large number of backlinks to other sites.

During this period, Google attached great importance to the number of inbound links to the site, and the size of the link was very important. Over time, Google became smarter and no longer valued these links from the link farm. It even got to the point where it fined this type of backlinks so that web admins would look for natural and real backlinks.

To solve this problem, a network of blogs was created. These networks were called PBN or private blog networks and replaced link farms. As a site administrator or SEO expert, you would create a network of dedicated blogs for yourself, and by getting backlinks from these blogs to your desired site, you would improve its SEO position.

Over time, these backlinks also lost their value to Google, and domains and sites replaced blogs. So today, if you plan to use this technique, you will have a network of domains that give backlinks to your main site. These dedicated networks that you create for yourself to backlink to a specific site are called permanent backlinks PBN or private backlink networks.

What is the advantage of permanent PBN backlinks?

Suppose you are unfamiliar with the permanent PBN backlink method and are looking for backlinks to improve your SEO position. In addition to planning and taking action, you will probably need to wait long to get results. Using banner ads, posting guest posts, working on social media, and reporting ads can get backlinks, but they are time-consuming and costly.

On the other hand, your site may change its scope of activity to get backlinks. You have no control over the sites that give you backlinks. Your competitors can also easily find and work with your backlinks. So a permanent PBN backlink was created to fix these problems. Management and control are very simple and completely at your disposal with a dedicated backlink network.

A dedicated network is a backlink of gray hat techniques!

The backlinks that Google thinks you need to improve your SEO position are natural backlinks. PBN permanent backlinks can not be considered white hat SEO techniques because any action you take to naturally get the user’s attention and attention to enter your site is a white hat technique. However, if you use this technique by the principles and tips, the black hat technique will not be considered, and you will not be fined.

Therefore, by definition, we can consider this action a kind of gray hat technique because it can be used by observing some points. If you decide to use this technique, you must be very careful and calculated. Be sure to seek help from experienced people not to make mistakes. You need to create and manage everything naturally so that Google does not suspect your backlink network.

The appearance of the work should be such that there is a network of sites that have a similar field of activity to you and give backlinks to your main site. For example, if all the domains are registered in the name of a natural or legal person, Google will suspect your network. Or, if you use the same logo and branding components on all sites or enter the same address, the authenticity of the network will be questioned by Google.

A dedicated network is an energy and costly!

PBN permanent backlinks have many advantages. You can improve your SEO position very quickly and at a lower cost than natural backlinks. But you should know that to have your own backlinks network. You have to spend a lot of energy and manage several sites independently. You also need to spend money to create and manage this network.

Therefore, most large, popular sites with multiple teams use this technique. When getting backlinks due to tough competition, many popular sites think about using this technique. This method is not recommended for start-up sites or sites with limited power and budget.

A few tips on using the PBN permanent backlink technique

If you decide to use the PBN permanent backlink technique, we recommend:

  • Prioritize the use of domains that have high credibility and have been released.
  • Do not buy domains in the name of one person, and do not use the same host and server for all sites.
  • Do not make the appearance of member sites of your network similar to each other, and do not use the same contact information and address for all sites.
  • Be extremely careful in buying sites and domains. Unrelated sites that suddenly change and link to the main site attract Google’s attention.
  • Create good and dissimilar content for member sites of the network, and be sure to update the content of the sites.
  • Behave normally and link to other sites from time to time.
  • Try to get backlinks for network member sites as well.
  • Look for natural backlinks for the main site as well.