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What Is Google Play Service, What Is It Used For And Can It Be Removed?

If you’ve worked with an Android phone for a while, then you’ve probably become familiar with a category called Google Play Services. 

Now what exactly is this Google Play service and what does it do and can it be got rid of?

What is Google Play Service?

Google Play Service is an integral part of the Android ecosystem that makes it easier for developers. Google Play Service works as a bridge between Google applications and services, so developers can more easily use Google-related features.

For example, let’s say you use a geolocation app to find your location and hunt. Our example application uses Google Maps. Once you start hunting, the app you are using can close itself and open Google Maps to show you the location. Naturally, going through such a process has its own difficulties.

Instead of the above method, your application can use Google Play service and thus communicate with Google Maps. This way, your app can get the data and images it needs without having to run the Google Maps app. Even if Google Maps is not running on your device, it is still possible to receive data.

Do we need Google Play service?

When it comes to Android apps, it may not be appropriate to use the word “need” in connection with Google Play Services. In any case, Google Play Service is associated with many applications. When a developer wants his application to use Google services, he must do so through Google Play Services. This way, if you remove Google Play service from your device, then the performance of many of your applications will also be disrupted. Of course, this scenario happens when you can really do it.

Is it possible to delete Google Play service?

Since Google Play service is necessary to get information about many applications, so it is natural that the Android operating system will not allow you to do so. That’s why you can’t find a formal way to do this.

In the past, it was possible to disable Google Play Services like other apps. Of course, these days you can no longer disable this application or force it to close. If you go to the page of this application in the applications section, then you will see that the two options mentioned above are disabled.

What to do with the high battery consumption of this application?

Perhaps one of the reasons for reading this article is due to the high consumption of Google Play service. Instead of trying to disable the service, there is a better option: see which apps are using the service.

For example, if you have an app that relies heavily on the Google Play service, then naturally the app will force the service to stay active over time to meet needs. So if you reduce the use of the desired software, then less than Google Play service is used, and as a result, your phone’s battery consumption will be reduced.

Similarly, the location app mentioned above requires permission from Google Play Services to do some of its work. If your battery continues to drain quickly, then you should either limit your location or turn off GPS altogether (by going to Settings> Location).

Importance of Google Play Service being updated

Since this application plays a significant role in the proper functioning of other software and games, so of course updating it can be a good idea. Sometimes, due to the fact that this service is not updated, some applications do not run.

Google Play service problems

Unfortunately, sometimes Google Play service on your phone can be a problem. Naturally, there are ways to deal with such a scenario. Most of the time, you will see a message when Google Play Service is not working properly. This message is usually “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped”.

Get used to Google services

Above we tried to answer the question “What is Google Play Service”. Sometimes, Google Play service may cause problems for you, but in any case, this service is necessary to run your favorite applications without any problems. Naturally, there are ways to deal with high battery consumption or not working this application.

Google Play Service is not the only app that drains your Android phone battery faster. Naturally, there are other services that, in addition to high battery consumption, also endanger your privacy.