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what is Android?

History of Android

In August 2005, Google buy the Android  company in Palo Alto , California. They started their work by Andy Robin and Chris White. At first the small Android company was active in the development of software and applications for mobile phone. Since Google and Android started their work together They choose Andi Robin as a CEO. So he began his work based on Linux kernel and made a group. The union made up of 34 companies active in software development, mobile phone manufacturing and mobile processors. Also we can see the name of big companies between the members such as: Samsung, Lg, Motorela, Intel, Invidia and AB.


Its a mobile operating system that developed by Google. It based on reformed version of Linux kernel and the other open resources applications. At first it used on the touch mobile devices and nowadays we can see this operating system on cars, watches and TV. Also it was the most widely used mobile operating system since 2011.

Android Logo

3 Years ago Android sent a request to Google designers to made a logo that attract users and they can have a good feeling. Also they emphasis that it have to be like a robot because Android mean “Robot”. After a while that they researched in toys and science fiction movie, at last they make a strange choice and they choose the logo as their pattern that we can see on the WC doors.


  • It supports connections technologies such as: GSM/ EDGE , CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Android supports various multimedia file formats such as MPEG-4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPEG, PNG, GIF.
  • It supports SMS, MMS and XMPP forms for sending text messages or SMS.
  • The browser on Android is based on the open source WebKit framework.
  • It uses SQLite software to saving datas and manage databases.
  • It supports different type of hardware such as GPS and cameras, special sensors such as proximity sensor and..
  • Graphic images and files are processed by OpenGL for higher quality.

Android and Java relationship

Andeoid application written by using Java language. Also to run Java applications on this operating system, Java code converted to Dalvik code and then excuted on the Dalvik virtual machine. Even, ordinary Java applications that run on other phones can also run on this operating system by using java emulator software such as J2ME LOADER.


Art is a new Android implementation environment for Java applications that has replaced Dalvik. For the first time in Google, Google put Art 4.4 Art next to Dalwick, and users could enable it by going to settings.

What is the most important difference between Android phones and iPhones?

In terms of day-to-day tasks, the two operating systems are not much different from each other; Because they both use relatively similar methods to perform common tasks. But the most important difference is in the field of personalization; Because Android has a lot of personalization capabilities, while Apple has greatly limited the iOS operating system.

What is Orio?

One of the questions that arises in the minds of users is what are the differences between NOQA Android and Orio? In short and useful, we have to say that Google releases a new version of Android every year. Each new version of it undergoes changes and usually brings new features.  Most  gadgets with this operating system do not have the ability to download new versions, so different versions of it are always used. Since 2009, different versions have been named by sweets and in alphabetical order. Since the name of version 8 is “Oreo”, so the name of version 9 should start with the letter P.

Operating systems based on

As we said before Android is an open source system and due to this its possible to have some changes in it. Manufacturers by using this, do what they want on android sourceses. So now you can feel the differences from android and other operating systems.