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People Attendance Sensor

What Is A People Attendance Sensor? Advantages And Differences With Motion Sensor

With The Advancement Of Technology, Security Tools Also Developed Very Well. Their Field Of Activity Became Wider.

People Attendance Sensor is one of the first electronic components to take their place in various devices quickly. This major is very sensitive to quantities such as temperature, motion, pressure, and humidity and detects them quickly. One of the best types of sensors is the presence sensor, which is used in various places.

 This article will take a full look at the presence sensor, talk about its benefits and applications, and finally point out the differences between it and the motion sensor.

What is a People Attendance Sensor or PIR?

  • PIR means Passive Infrared Sensor, meaning passive infrared sensor. This electronic sensor is sensitive to infrared (IR) light emitted by humans and animals. The presence sensor is usually used to detect the presence of one or more people in the environment. When this sensor is used for an environment such as a room, as soon as each person enters that room, this sensor records the time information of that person.
  • Large residential, commercial, or office buildings are difficult to manage, and CCTV cameras are not enough for crowded environments. So getting help from sensors is another way to control traffic and create security. These sensors are even used in some CCTV cameras to maximize the accuracy and performance of the camera security guard. People’s presence sensors are very structurally diverse, and even microscopic specimens are used in certain security locations. In fact, by buying a PIR sensor, we protect important places well, such as when we buy a car GPS to maximize car safety.


How does a person presence sensor work?

All security tools have a common goal: to be informed promptly in the event of a threat. Each of these devices uses its own method of sounding the alarm.

Human presence sensors are sensitive to infrared light emitted by humans or animals. They record all the information and send it to the data center as soon as they are detected.

The information collected by these sensors includes the date and time of movement of people to the building or location.

These sensors can adjust to be more sensitive to the presence of people at certain hours and start to sound the alarm.

When the sensors detect an individual’s presence during unauthorized hours (at user-specified times), they can be alerted by an SMS, an alarm, activating security cameras, turning on the lights, locking the doors, and, if necessary, calling numbers from Predefined in the system will announce the alarm.

Fortunately, the information sent by these sensors can also receive on a mobile phone to monitor the desired location as easily as possible.

However, mobile phones today have become an inseparable device from humans, and their efficiency is extensive. For example, turning a phone into a handheld GPS is one of the things that shows well the use and importance of mobile in the field of security tools.

People presence sensor; The best animal detection sensor

The presence sensors of people are used in different places. Large commercial buildings where people move are prohibited in some offices, especially banks and security places where people cannot travel. In addition to these applications, which are often used for human transit, this sensor is also used to detect the movement of animals.

As sensitive to the infrared light of the human body, this sensor will have the same effect on animals. Fortunately, with the development of security systems, animals can also be better protected, and their range of passage can determine. Animal detection sensors, motion sensors, and animal GPS are some of the best examples of these security devices.

Advantages Of People Presence Sensor; Security Along With Saving Electricity

People Detection Sensors Have Several Great Advantages For The Building, Which We Will Learn About Here:

Building Security With Person Presence Sensor And Motion Detection Sensor

Undoubtedly, The First And Most Important Advantage Of Using A Presence Sensor Is To Increase The Security Of The Building Or Any Other Place. These Sensors Are An Intelligent Security Tool, And Will React Quickly To Any Suspicious Movement In The Building.

Optimization Of Building Energy Consumption With Various Motion Detection Sensors

All Types Of Presence Sensors Are Directly Connected To The Building Lighting System. These Sensors Can Set To Activate The Lighting System As Soon As Each Person Enters The Area, And Then The Lighting Panel Turns Off After A Few Minutes. Many Light Bulbs Or Other Unused Lighting Fixtures Will Not Stay On. This Feature Will Have A Very Good Effect On The Energy Consumption Of Any Place So That It Can Save.

No need for light switches with the help of an input and output sensor

Sometimes it is not easy to find the location of the lighting system key after entering a new location. But the presence of a presence sensor will solve this problem so that the lighting system works automatically.

Of course, other advantages of using presence sensors are preventing contamination by not contacting the surface of the light switches, key wear, and damage of these parts.

The difference between the presence sensor and the motion sensor of people

People detection sensors are designed in several models and with different functions. Attendance sensors and motion sensors are the most important and widely used types of these sensors. The presence sensor has a more sensitive system, and in addition to the movement time of living organisms, it will also detect them at rest.

For example, when employees are sitting behind a desk or customers of a restaurant in the dining hall, a presence sensor will work in such a situation.

But the motion sensor will be able to detect people while a human or animal is moving. But this sensor will also fail when people stand. Of course, the motion sensor is a good choice for busy places such as stairs, footpaths, and parking lots due to its lower price.

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In this article, we are fully acquainted with the people detection sensor, and we examined its difference from the people motion sensor.

Sensors are one of the best security tools for buildings that will provide the best security for any place, along with CCTV cameras. GPS and car trackers can also increase the safety of human life and valuable devices such as cars.

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