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HP Power Server Buying Guide

HP Power Server Buying Guide – Buying A Server For An Organization

When It Comes To Buying A Server For An Organization, There Are Key Components With Many Variables That You Should Consider Carefully.

HP Power Server

One of the components you need to provide for the server is the power supply or power server. HP Power Server comes in various models with a wide range of functions that users can customize according to their needs.

This article addresses the key points required in choosing and purchasing a power server appropriate to the server type.

HP Power Server Buying Guide

Online tools can introduce a server-type power supply if you are looking for an HP or DELL server. Use the HPE Power Advisor service for HP servers and the DELL OFFERS service for DLEE servers.

However, understanding what power server is good for the system and its benefits and features will make you enjoy buying an HP Power Server.

What is HP Power Server?

HP Switching power supply is a metal box that regulates current and electrical energy. Because this piece of hardware deals with different voltages and amps, it usually has a shorter life than other server components.

Basically, its most important function is to provide load current and voltage, check the stability of the output voltage or current, and supply DC voltage from the mains.

In fact, this piece of hardware uses voltage switching technology to convert input or AC power into lower and more stable voltages (DC). HP Power Server with 500, 800, and 1400 watts is one of the best-selling voltages for powering the server.

In general, the more efficient the power server, the lower the power consumption, especially if you use multiple rack-type servers; you will notice a reduction in electricity costs over the course of a year. Power can use to power the server.

Types of HP Power Servers

HP Power Server, like other server hardware components designed and manufactured by HP, comes in a variety of categories based on performance, voltage, and compatibility with HP servers, including:

HP Common Slot Power Server:

Common Slot technology in HP Power Server allows the user to switch between power supplies while the server is running. This technology also allows you to install HOT SWAP without the need for tools quickly.

Power Server equipped with Common Slot technology offers a wide range of output and input power so that the user can pay the price of HP Power Server according to their needs.

– HP Flex Slot Power Server: Equipped with Flex Slot technology, HP Power Server, in addition to having the capabilities of Common Slot technology, offers various options for power output so that users can make appropriate settings based on the server.

The HP Power Server is also classified into three models based on the efficiency and performance it offers:

The HP Titanium Power Server: HP Power Server falls into the Titanium model category when it provides users with up to 96% efficiency and effectiveness.

– HP Platinum Model Server: When HP Power Server offers up to 94% efficiency and productivity, it falls into the category of Platinum Model.

The HP Gold Server Power Server: HP Gold Server Power Server is called Power, which offers 92% efficiency and effectiveness.


Types of HP power servers based on different voltages

HP Power Servers are categorized based on the voltages they provide because each of these voltages has a different application, which we have mentioned below:

Voltage 5+ volts: This voltage, marked in red on the power server wire, can be used for all circuits, motherboards, and computer peripherals.

Voltage 12+ volts: This voltage is marked yellow on the power server, mostly used for disk drives or coolers (fans).

5- and 12-volt voltages; This type of voltage installed in the power supply has a current of less than one amp.

3/3 volts: Processors use this voltage, which is indicated by an orange wire.

 Choose the right power for your HP server.

HP server based on different generations uses power with different features to be effective and increase work efficiency and reduce energy consumption, so the purchase of HP server power should be based on server generation, which is mentioned below. :

– Common Slot model power server is suitable for G9 generation, especially DL500, ML110, ML30 series.

– Flex Slot‌ model power server is suitable for G9 generation ProLiant ML350 series, DL300, and Apollo models 2000, 4000, and 6000, and Synergy and BladeSystem series.

Power supply in different generations of HP server

Purchasing an HP Power Server should be considered commensurate with its efficiency. However, the following power supplies are mainly used for different generations of HP servers:

– G5 series power supplies with the power of 800 to 1000 watts for HP 5th generation servers such as DL380 G5 or HP DL580 G5

– Power with 460, 750, and 1200 volts with Platinum or GOLD model for ProLiant servers of G6 and G7 DL series –   Price of hp 750w power

– Power with 1500 watts for G8 generation and DL ProLiant series

– HP Power Server with the power consumption of 500, 800, and 1400 watts and Platinum model for G9 generation DL series –  Power price of 500 watts

– Power server equipped with Low Halogen technology with the power of 500, 800, and 1600 watts of power and Titanium model for G10 generation


Buy HP Power Server

As mentioned in this article, each power model can offer different features on HP servers, so each power has a different function. This difference causes the price of HP Power Server to go up and down. Therefore, when buying an HP Power Server, you should consider the server’s efficiency, effectiveness, and compatibility.

Remember to buy HP Power Server and access any information and guidance, and you can contact our experts and consultants in Parseh Server Trading Company.


With global warming and environmental warnings, choosing more efficient hardware components will be a big step forward. The power supply generates heat in converting AC to DC, which also affects the efficiency of the power server. Therefore, the more efficient the power server, the less heat it generates, affecting energy consumption.

Also, do not forget that it is true that the power server should work, but you should not choose the simplest type for your server. If you want to have acceptable efficiency and performance from the server and power supply to other hardware components of the server well, be very careful when buying this hardware component.