data center

What is a data center?

Most simply, if we want to say what a data center is and what is done in these data centers, we must say that a series of physical and almost large data centers with a strong infrastructure for maintaining physical network devices such as servers, etc. So in this article, we will tell you what the facilities of these centers are and how efficient they are. Also, You have to pay attention to the continuation of the article.

Also, These buildings or centers have great security systems and very attractive devices and racks (of course, this is my opinion). If you look closely at these centers, you will enjoy the network discussion. So If you, like our team, are interested in these topics, read the rest of the article.

Why build a data center?

AAll jobs in the world must store their information somewhere. This information includes emails, corporate websites, social networks, and thousands of pieces of information exchanged daily around the world. Even the same money deposited or withdrawn daily in bank accounts must be stored somewhere.

This information is stored in a memory called a server. Servers are highly specialized computers connecting to the Internet over a network.

Suppose a company is too small to handle information on a server that it provides and manages its collection. But with the growth of businesses and large banks and the increase in information, not all businesses can afford expensive servers.

In particular, providing servers and a suitable environment for the security of these servers does not exist in companies or large centers such as banks. Imagine the information stored on a bank server is stole.

That is when all the information of our passwords and banking information will be revealed. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the servers of all large centers safely in a secure space.

This space is called the data center.

What is the feature of a data center?

Data centers have many features and must meet certain requirements; not every company or individual can afford to build them. The maintenance of these centers involves a lot of costs. For example, a small company can not even pay its monthly expenses. Usually, in Iran, companies such as Shuttle, AsiaTek, and… Data Center has.

The maintenance of these centers is very complicate. The servers inside these centers are constantly on and generate a lot of heat. So they need strong coolers. The energy required to implement a data center is very high and expensive. Care must also be taken to ensure that these servers are turned on 24 hours daily.

This makes it easier for businesses to think about other things in their business.

Another important point is that cyber-attacks should be prevented. Another feature is that you have to think of a way that power outages should never happen. So it requires 24-hour monitoring. Let’s review once again:

1. Power outages prohibit.

2. Cyber ​​attacks are prohibit.

3. Ensure that the servers are turn on.

4. Servers are cool

5. Physical attacks are prohibited

6. Strict security measures

What is the physical infrastructure of data centers or data centers?


Center design
Data such as:

1. Routers

2. Switches


4. Storage systems

5. Servers

Our program delivery controllers, etc.

Network Infrastructure:

The servers in this section, physically or virtually (you should be familiar with virtualization), deliver data center or data center services to the end-user. Also  Storage systems: Data or storage systems store valuable information in other memories.

What is the infrastructure of a data center?

The infrastructure of each company can be different. Shuttle infrastructure may be different from AsiaTek. Or the data center of the data center… is different from another bank. I told you that data centers are not just for Internet providers, and any large company that can afford them can have a data center. Banks usually have a separate data center for themselves.

The criteria of each company are different. But there are usually other similar data centers. The servers  storing in a rack that looks like a cabinet, and when you open the cabinet door, you can pull out the drawer and remove the server or other equipment such as the router or switch.

They are all wired, and there are many flashing lights. So All servers generate a lot of heat. So in all centers, there were strong ventilation systems and sprinkler sensors.

Remember that no one can sneak into the data center and manipulate these servers; security measures in these centers are very strict. So The people who work in these centers are highly train.

If you get close to this place, it is not clear what will happen to you, so be careful.

What services do data centers provide?


1. Providing a web hosting service that includes a web server, databases, FTP, Email, DNS, and…

2. Colocation and Dedicated Servers Database for providing application services (ERP, CRM…)

3. Databases for providing online gaming

4. services Providing email services

Do we have a cloud or cloud data center?

So It is better to explain this with an example. The vendor creates a software product and puts everything needed to run the program on the servers of one or more data centers. Therefore their customers can access the software through an internet connection. Also, Instead of the PC running the program, it runs on servers inside the data centers. Similarly, This is probably the cheapest way for those who can not afford to buy powerful servers for their collection.


So In this article, we read what a data center is? A network and server equipment center is establishıng  to store business information and data centralization. Also, not every collection can pay that amount. Therefore Most of us have a laid-back attitude when painting a picture about ourselves.