What effect does WordPress have on site SEO?

As you know, WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. Regardless of this issue, we want to check what effect WordPress has on the site’s SEO? Does WordPress have the best SEO performance or is there something better? Considering the subject’s importance, we recommend reading this article.

We suggest that you read what SEO content is and what SEO factors .

As you know, SEO is considered as internal SEO and external SEO. An important part of the site’s SEO is done inside the site, which is why we are going to check the impact of the content management system on it.

Explaining the structure of WordPress

WordPress can be completely managed in terms of SEO with the help of Yoast SEO plugin . What SEO experts are looking for. In WordPress, all pages with all desired properties can be done and executed. This unique feature has made the most popular among SEO experts in addition to webmasters. The regular and manageable structure provides us with an ideal opportunity to manage the structure and content of the site perfectly. A subject that can rarely be seen in other content management systems. Things and requirements like Noindex, Nofollow, Canonical and dozens of other things can be done easily in . These things in other content management systems, if any, are not as good as!

The impact of WordPress on site SEO

It can be said that internal SEO is more than 50% of the total SEO work. This shows the importance of content and site structure. In this way, if we intend to achieve significant success in SEO, we must use a suitable content management system. It is undoubtedly the best choice for websites whose technical needs are met by .

Key features of WordPress for SEO

  • Technically ideal structure and easy to work with
  • The presence of very professional, beautiful and SEO compatible templates for WordPress
  • The presence of very useful plugins for optimization such as Yoast SEO
  • The possibility of detailed management on each page of the site
  • The presence of additional facilities to improve the condition and structure of the site

The ideal structure of WordPress and its impact on SEO

One of the strengths of is having an ideal and regular structure. Apart from other things, is very suitable for SEO. Because from the moment of installing to the most advanced stages of development, it is completely under control. Below are the things that make an ideal structure for SEO:

  • The possibility of blocking the access of Google crawlers to the site
  • Complete management of URLs for categories, tags, content and tabs
  • The possibility of redirecting pages after changing their address
  • Complete management of pages in terms of structure and composition with the help of Yoast SEO plugin
  • The possibility of improvement at the highest possible level for the site and pages

There are many templates and plugins for WordPress

One of the strengths of is the existence of thousands of very good and useful templates and plugins! This issue has caused the weak points of to be covered despite them and to have a full-fledged and complete site.

Ability to manage individual WordPress pages

One of the best features in is the ability to manage the components of each page exclusively. Unfortunately, this topic is not as complete and accurate as even if it exists in other content management systems.

Conclusion and summary

If you plan to start a site where the main topic is content creation, it is the best choice. Is sufficient for many needs of websites and only in certain cases cannot meet the site’s needs. In general, if you want to have a site that is structurally and internally suitable for SEO, we recommend