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Change unique links in WordPress

WordPress Links is a WordPress tool that allows us to manage the structure of URLs. For whatever reason, you may have decided to change your WordPress unique links settings. To change unique links in WordPress, you should pay attention to a few points that have received little attention. These are SEO tips so that by changing the unique links in WordPress, the site will have no problem in terms of SEO. In fact, by changing the unique links in WordPress, the address and URLs of the site will change. We intend to maintain their validity by redirecting old pages to new ones and preventing many errors. Due to the topic’s importance, we suggest you read this article.

Structure types for unique links in WordPress

There are a total of 6 items for WordPress unique links, which are mentioned below:

  • Simple: In this case, the URL of the posts is displayed with the p=number structure.
  • Date and name: In this case, the date and name of the post are displayed in the URL.
  • Month and name: In this case, the date (month) and the name of the post are displayed in the URL.
  • Numerical: In this mode, URLs are displayed with a numerical value.
  • Name of the post: In this case, the URLs are displayed with the name and title of the post.
  • Arbitrary structure: In this case, URLs can be determined by combining the above.
Additional information about WordPress unique links: WordPress unique links

The linked article gives a complete explanation regarding the details of unique links in WordPress. In this article, we are going to provide you with a solution to redirect 301 old pages to new pages by changing unique links in WordPress. If you are not familiar with 301 redirect, we suggest you read the following article:

What is a 301 redirect and what is its use?

Teaching how to change unique links in WordPress in principle

After changing the structure of unique links in WordPress to the desired value, you must do something so that the old pages are 301 redirected to the new pages by changing the address. By doing this, several basic issues are provided:

  • Users are easily transferred from old to new pages.
  • The validity of the old pages is completely transferred to the new pages.

As you know, the Yoast SEO plugin is the best internal SEO plugin for WordPress. Yoast has put a tool on its site that makes it very easy to change unique links in WordPress along with redirects. In this way, only by specifying a few options a code will be provided to you, which should be included in the htaccess file. Enter your WordPress path so that the old pages are redirected to the address of the new pages.

To do this, just go to the Create Redirects website page on the Yoast and do the following:

  • URL of your site: Your website address in full
  • In the second field, if you have WordPress in the subfolder, enter its value, otherwise it is not necessary.
  • Next, select the My webserver value based on the web server.
  • Your old permalink structure: The previous structure and option of unique WordPress links on your site
  • And finally, click on Generate Redirect option

Conclusion and summary of the topic

Many websites get their traffic from Google. If Google and its inputs are important to you, then according to Google’s recommendation, whenever you change the address of a page, you should use 301 redirect to transfer the credit of that page. In this article, the issue was raised in such a way that you can easily change unique links in WordPress. In the end, it should be mentioned that after doing the work, check the correctness of the operation of this issue carefully so that there is no problem. After doing this, after a few days in Google, this URL transfer will be applied to the pages and you can have your entries from Google as before. Finally, considering the importance of the issue, if there is any question or ambiguity in this regard, please raise it so that it can be answered. Also, if you have an opinion, we will be happy to share it in the comments section so that everyone can benefit from your valuable and useful comments