Want A Successful Business? Focus On Linux

The Linux job market has attracted the attention of many people these days and has caused many people to seek learning in the field of Linux. There are many jobs in the IT field where you can earn money from. One is through Linu,x, and many job titles are under Linux. You probably have this question, how can you earn money from Linux and enter the Linux job market? Since Linux is an open-source and free source, many people ask this question.

To answer this question, we must first ask a question. Does paying for a Windows license have anything to do with making money for developers and web admins?

Linux is an overall operating system with various distributions and applications. For example, CentOS is optimized for web hosting, and Kali is optimized for penetration testing. This example shows that the work of a CentOS specialist is different from that of a Kali specialist. This was just one example,e and there are many such examples. Linux is a widely used operating system with many applications in businesses,s and jobs for Linux.

Some examples of these jobs are developer, IT manager, server manager, support representative, sales representative, etc. Check out some of these jobs that you can run through Linux. Also, most software jobs in the field of information technology are done by freelancers. This means you can work from home as well.

In the following, we will explain the Linux job market and the jobs you can have and start earning. So do not miss the continuation of the article.

How much Lis Linuxused?

Please get to know the Linux job market well, and it is better to start using Linux first. To answer this question, it is enough to know behind the scenes about mobile programs and applications, internet websites, different devices, etc., to realize that most are based on Linux-based infrastructure. Server use!

Linux servers can have a large share of the Linux job market and create many benefits for a successful business. You can make a good income with the right information about Linux servers and operating systems, the simplest example. It can be designing a site with a Linux server or doing a penetration test for certain users.

Famous companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Nand Netflix, which you have dealt with most of these, use Linux servers at this size and scale.

Linux is rapidly developing and growing in the corporate arena. It can be said that most of the business publishing web content is done on Linux, PHP, MySQL, and Apache. That’s why many programmers are in demand, and the market for Linux work is increasing.

Linux job market in the future

love can examine the Linux job market in the future; we must consider many issues and cases, one of which is the level of skill and expertise of the person who has this question.

But the issue we cannot deny is that there is no suitable alternative for Linux currently, and we are considering the Linux infrastructure. The Linux job market is a booming and clear job market.

So, if you plan to become an expert in Linux, don’t worry about the Linux job market. Just improve your skills in this field.

Another thing you should keep in mind is ways to update yourself and know the latest Linux news.

When you work as a Linux expert, you must know those who work in this field and communicate with them to be a known person.
Income of a Linux expert

The first question that can be formed in the mind of everyone entering the Linux job market is the income of a Linux specialist. Income is important in choosing a job, so we examine a Linux specialist’s income in this section.

The first effective factor that affects a person’s income is expertise and skill; The more expertise and skills a person has, the higher the salary.

For those who work face-to-face, the city in which they work is important.

In the US, each programmer receives $44.38 an hour and $92,320 a year, wore precisely $1,775 a week and $7,693 a month.

These statistics in this section are published by ZipRecruiter, which continuously scans its database of millions of jobs and collects information.

Of course, you can work as a freelancer and earn more, or you can collaborate with foreign companies as a freelancer and earn dollars.

Jobs available in the Linux job market

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Systems manager
  • Software Engineer
  • System manager
  • Senior software engineer
  • Linux Manager
  • System engineer
  • Python developer
  • Software developer java developer
  • Senior Java Developer
  • Linux engineer
  • Server Manager
  • Web design
  • penetration test
  • Teaching Linux
  • Web hosting on the La Linux server
  • Linux systems manager

We will explain some of these jobs in more detail below.

What does a server administrator do?

The server administrator is one of the most in-demand jobs in the Linux job market. Due to the great capabilities of Linux, this operating system is installed on most servers worldwide. These servers must be managed, and the controller , and the server administrator must do this. He has to be next to the servers, monitor the sensors, check for errors, and ensure servers are working properly. The servers are connected to the Internet and electricity 7 days a week because they must always be on.

That’s why we need a server administrator Because server problems are not just internet or power outages. Any bug or error can disrupt the server’s performance, and it is the server administrator’s responsibility to prevent it.

Another task of the server manager is to configure the servers. When you want to do the configuration inside the server, first, its prerequisites are provided and then installed. To configure a web server or a website, packages must first be installed, which is what the server administrator must do. By now, you’ve probably realized how important a server administrator can be.

The data inside the servers is important, so the server administrator’s job is also important,and there is good income in the important Linux job market jobs! You have to do your best and learn everything to earn a substantial income.
Skills needed to become a Linux networking expert

Anyone who wants to become a Linux network specialist must have specialized and technical skills and capabilities in the field of Linux systems; Among the skills, the following can be mentioned:

  • Ability to manage Linux system
  • Mastery of MY SQL database
  • HKnowLPIC2 level
  • Familiar with network and computer concepts
  • Familiar with HA PROXY
  • Familiar with Bash Script
  • Familiar with load-balancing concepts

Design a website

Most websites worldwide work with Linux distributions such as CentOS, Cloud Linux, and Debian. Because Linux is stable, secure,e and fast, most website owners like to configure their websites on Linux servers. Today, businesses are moving towards being online, and to be online, there must be a website or software.

Now, if you know coding languages like PHP, HTML, L, and CSS, you will have a job with a good income. You can even be a mobile software developer.r

Do a penetration test.t

If you have information about hacking and coding, you can work in a security organization,s or have your own job and work independently. As time goes by, businesses go online,e and business owners worry about being hacked. All they can do is find their bugs and stop them from infiltrating their business. You enter the system as a security engineer,r and your main tool in this work is Kali Linux. You perform penetration testing and find business security bugs and problems.

Linux training

Teaching is one of the best and most interesting jobs in the world. Especially teaching the field you work with. Linux has a job for everyone. Anyone who learns it will have a job and if you are a Linux expert and want to teach someone something, one of the best ways is to teach Linux. Why not? There is another method of training which is on YouTube.

You can record your configurations and publish them on YouTube or Apparat. If it’s good enough, your videos will get more views,s and you’ll earn more money. Of course, due to the sanctions, it isn’t easy to connect with foreign sites like YouTube to earn money, but there is always a way worth trying.

So learn Linux well so that you can teach well; Do not forget that Linux training is also one of the jobs of a Linux marketer.

Web hosting ona  Linux server

Another job in the Linux job market is web hosting on a Linux server. Not everyone has the time, energy and budget to run their own website. Website coding is not the only part of starting an online business through a website. First, there must be an optimized server to host your website information. This is where the Linux expert comes in.

By purchasing a Linux virtual server, configure your web hosting in cPanel or Direct-Admin and provide web hosting service to your customers. You will also need your website to present your services, programs, prices and offers to your visitors

Certifications recommended for Linux proficiency

There are a number of skill certifications that IT professionals who work in the field of Linux server environments, if they have these skill certifications, can have a great chance of employment.

We have brought you these certificates below that many companies demand for these skills when hiring new employees in various job positions.

  • CompTIA Linux+
  • RHCE
  • LPIC
  • RHCA

By learning Linux, you can easily find the job you like, and if you have these certificates, the jobs you can get will increase.

Do not forget that Linux is gradually becoming more common and today it has become the common and default operating system for cloud, mobile and big data that can affect industries.
Educational qualifications required to operate in the Linux job market

In universities, there is no course called Linux server-based technologies, and for this reason, you need to get a skill certificate in this field in addition to learning this field experientially; Because this can speed up your hiring process.

If you like to work with big companies, you should know that big companies don’t hire any person, but they hire someone who is either an engineer in this field or has a valid certificate to present.

The following certificates are the list of valid certificates to enter the Linux job market:

  • LPIC
  • RHCE
  • CompTIA Linux+
  • RHCA

Maybe a large number of certification list confuses you which one is better, we have to say that LPIC is the most famous and best certification in Linux field. If you succeed in getting the LPIC certificate, you can be sure that you can operate anywhere in the world.
Is it possible to get hired with an LPIC certificate?

We said that the most famous Linux certification is LPIC, which is the first multi-level professional Linux certification from the Linux Professional Institute.

When this certificate is granted to someone, that means this person to perform tasks such as:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance in the command line
  • Computer installation and configuration
  • Initial network configuration


An important advantage that LPIC has is that it provides skills for applicants based on the needs of the Linux job market, and therefore the person who receives this skill will have a greater share in the job market.

How to enter the Linux job market?

If you want to enter the Linux job market as an expert, you may be confused about the career path you want to start and you don’t know where to start. First of all, you should know that the main and basic requirement to enter the Linux job market is to have learned the necessary prerequisites and basic skills to enter the real world.

In order to save you from confusion, we have prepared a road map to enter the Linux job market, which we will explain step by step.

You should learn one or more programming languages

The first programming language that you should learn well is the C language; The reason for this is that the compiler of the Linux operating system is coded with C language.

Every Linux specialist must know a language other than C, which can be different depending on his activity and field of work. Languages ​​such as C++, Python, Java, etc. can be among the second languages ​​that a Linux expert must learn.

Apart from these languages, a Linux specialist should also have a good command of network basics and encryption algorithms.

If a Linux expert can master cloud computing technology, he can be more successful in this work.

Choose one of the Linux distributions and start the activity

Linux has different distributions for OpenWrt, personal systems and even supercomputers. If you want to start learning a Linux distribution, start with a typical Linux distribution that includes the Linux kernel, documentation, GNU libraries and tools, peripherals, window managers, desktop environments, and windowing systems. .

Design a real system and implement what you have learned

Before you want to enter the Linux job market and present yourself as an expert in this field, you should turn your learning into concrete examples and show your expertise and skill in real hypothetical systems.

In this situation, you can show your expertise and skills as a work sample, and you can practice and repeat what you have learned and identify your weaknesses.

After you have done trial and error and you are sure of your skills and expertise, you should apply for a license and approval from a reputable center.

Linux technology is based on the server and what is important is to ensure the security of the systems and stored data and this point should be paid much attention.

How long does it take to learn Linux?

Every skill and specialty needs time, and the path of learning a new skill has challenges and complications, and this period of time will vary depending on individual abilities.

Imagine a child who starts to learn to speak and it takes a considerable amount of time to be able to speak as well as an adult, and in this way patience is the most important principle.

If we want to answer you clearly and give you an approximate time how long it will take you to be able to work as a professional, it is 18 months. Of course, this is 18 months for a beginner student.

You probably think to yourself that this time is a long time; But keep in mind that the Linux job market is a good job market where golden opportunities will always be waiting for you.

You can safely spend your money and time to learn Linux.

In summary…

Making money with Linux is easy. All you have to do is learn something about Linux and you will have a good income along with a good job. The important thing is not to say that the market is saturated and there is no place for you in the market. It’s the biggest thing killing our ability to make money, not just in IT. Our advice is to learn Linux faster and enter the Linux job market.

Try to work as a team. The reality is that the biggest dreams cannot be achieved alone