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Upload Images To Instagram With Your Personal Computer

If You Know The Right Tricks, It Is Possible To Upload Your Pictures To Instagram Using Your Personal Computer. This Feature Is Very Useful And Practical Because It Allows You To Use Image Editors On Your Computer Such As Photoshop To Make Changes To Your Photos Instead Of Using Photo Effects Applications On Your Mobile Phone.

Instagram allows you to upload your photos from your desktop. It should be noted that there is no official tool to do this in Windows 10 or the official website of Instagram. There is not even any software for macOS in this area.

Perhaps now the question has formed in your mind that when we can upload images to It with a mobile phone, why should we look for a tool to upload images to a computer on Instagram?

To answer this question, imagine that you have taken pictures of your summer trip with your camera, and you want to share each of them with your friends on Instagram!

In this case, you must first import the camera images (high volume) into your phone and then upload them to Instagram. (This does not make sense at all!)

Fortunately, there are several useful ways to solve this problem, and you can easily upload the desired images to your Instagram or MacBook on Instagram. All you need to do is use some small free software on your PC.

Method 1: Use Vivaldi


1. Download Vivaldi

The compelling Vivaldi browser is the fastest and easiest way to upload images to Instagram using a MacBook computer. This browser does this by running the mobile version of Instagram on the computer.

First, you need to download and install Vivaldi on your computer, then use the initial launch page to set up bookmarks or personalization settings. You can also Skip All from the beginning and use the default browser settings.


2. Create a web panel

Go to the official website, then click on the Add Web Panel icon on the left side of the browser interface. The URL now fills in automatically, so all you have to do is click the Plus icon again.

The mobile version of Instagram will now appear on the sidebar on the left side of the browser, and you can still browse other sites. Log in to your Instagram account, then change the dimensions of the sidebar so that the mobile version of the site is easily visible to you.


3. Upload your pictures on Instagram

To select a photo from your computer or MacBook, click on the + icon at the bottom of the website and apply your desired filters to the selected image. Add a title and tag to your post and then upload the final image to your Instagram.

Method 2: Use the BlueStacks App Player


1. Download BlueStacks App Player

The Instagram application has an extraordinary performance in the Android operating system. Now you can control Instagram by installing the BlueStacks App Player Android emulator on your computer. As mentioned, to install the Instagram app on your computer, you need to install an Android emulator on your system.

Download and install BlueStacks, then wait a few minutes for the engines to start for the first time. Skip the training process by clicking on the cross on the top right. Now make sure you have selected the correct language for this simulator, then click on the arrow.



2. Log in to your Google account

Click “Continue”. Then sign in with your Google Account. Review the terms of service and click “OK” if you agree. The following boxes are completely optional. If you only use BlueStacks to upload images to Instagram, you can easily remove all the available ticks. Click the next arrow and then enter your name (to personalize some apps).



3. Install the Instagram application

You will now see a copy of the Google Play Store on the home screen. Search Instagram from the search bar at the top right, select the official app of this social network when it appears to you, and then click the Install button. This app will request access to various information, including your contacts and location. Click “Accept” if you want to grant the necessary permissions.

After a few seconds, the Instagram icon will appear under the My Apps tab. Click on it once to launch.



4. Upload, put filters, and share

BlueStacks software will change the dimensions and shape of a vertical smartphone. Log in with your usual details and details (login link is below). Your Instagram will be displayed as it appears on the phone.

Click on the Plus icon at the bottom and then select “Gallery.” Click the “Gallery” drop-down menu at the top left and select “Other” in the next step. Click on “Pick from Windows.” Find the photo you want to upload, select it, and finally click “Open.”

You can now add a filter and text to the image you want and share it with your followers on Instagram.