Basic use of tags in WordPress

Tags are one of the most important tools in WordPress. According to the investigations, this tool is not usually used correctly. In this article, we will teach you how to use tags in WordPress. In addition to improving and optimizing the site’s structure, this issue will improve your SEO situation.

What are the uses of tags in WordPress?

It is very important to be careful about the purpose of tags in WordPress! Below is a list of uses of tags in WordPress that we draw your attention to:

  • Creating intelligent links between site contents
  • Providing user access to view related content
  • Introducing words with high activity on the site to search engines
  • Making it easy for WordPress themes to call up content in different parts of the site

Common mistakes in using WordPress tags

If SEO is important to you, you must read this article carefully because we will discuss a very important topic that will greatly impact structural solving problems related to SEO. You must note that we must have only one target page for each keyword. For example, if our keyword is shopping and we have a dedicated page for it and want to appear on the same page in Google search results, we have no right to create tags or collections and similar pages with this keyword. Rather, we should use the phrase close to it. On many sites, it can be seen that labels are created with the exact title of the keyword of that article, which is a pure mistake. Below are some examples of titles for posts and the correct use of tags for them:

Prevent hacking Telegram / Keywords: Prevent hacking Telegram and … / Suggested tags: Telegram, security and …

What is phishing / Keywords: What is phishing and… / Suggested tags: Phishing, security, hacking, and…

Title: Google algorithms / Keywords: Google algorithms, Google algorithm, etc. / Suggested tags: Google, SEO, etc.

It is also suggested to use comprehensive and short words for labels.

Creating intelligent links between site contents

One of the primary uses of tags is to create intelligent links between site content. This means that tags can be used to connect related content. This attracts site visitors to related topics and stay longer on your site. This issue will have a direct impact on SEO and an indirect impact on the popularity and branding of your site.

Easy user access to view related content

When tags implement the content structure with the correct architecture, the user can access all the related content using tags. This helps the user to achieve what he wants. The correct implementation of this structure will somehow have a favorable effect through the user experience factor and a positive effect on SEO.

Identify topics with high activity.

One of the most important points that dear webmasters should consider is that tags are more suitable for creating links for frequent topics. For example, if your site operates in the security field, other content related to security will be tagged as security, and security will appear on a page with high activity. Activity is considered an important measure in SEO for many topics that generate a lot of news, events, and related content.

Making it easy for WordPress themes

Many templates can use tags to display similar content in different sections. Using WordPress tags will allow us to display our favorite content in different formats in the desired place. Providing and complying with this issue will usually prevent rework and wasted time.

Summary and conclusion of the topic

In the end, we refer to the set of things that we suggest you pay attention to:

  1. Do not add the target word or keywords of an article as a tag in that article.
  2. Use words for tags for which there is a high activity to generate content.
  3. Use short and practical words for tags that provide intelligent communication between site contents.

Finally, considering the importance of the topic and its direct impact on the site’s structure and SEO, if you have any questions, doubts or comments, please post them in the comments section so that they will be answered. If you have a theoretical point to improve the discussion.