effect of backlinks

The effect of backlinks on SEO

What is the effect of backlinks in SEO? It is the question that we intend to answer in this article. Backlinks are very important in the field of SEO. The more quality backlinks you have, your website will appear authoritative. This credit can help you rank higher and show your content on the results page. Building and creating backlinks has many tricks.

Creating a guest post on the website is one of the ways to create backlinks. You can also invite others to your website by creating a publishable post on social networks. Also, by interacting with secure websites and big bloggers, you can create credibility and communicate effectively with them. This way, you can increase the traffic of observations on your page.

The effect of backlinks in SEO and the importance of the quality of backlinks

The role of quality in the effectiveness of backlinks in SEO is very colorful. You should note that it’s not just the number of backlinks you get that matters. Also, where the backlinks come from and how focused their performance is important. Quality backlinks from trusted websites are what you should be looking for.

These types of backlinks will bring you the most improvement in ranking. On the other hand, if your backlinks are from less reputable websites, they can lower the value and quality of your website. One of the effects of backlinks in SEO in terms of quality is using white hat strategies and avoiding black hat techniques. It is why black hat SEO tactics like insecure paid links are a risky game.

By using untrusted backlinks, you are buying links you have no real insight into about the website’s security. As a result, note that to get the best backlink effect in SEO, you need to get backlinks from reliable sources.

The importance of having an SEO strategy

It takes time to see the results of backlinks in SEO. In addition, receiving these backlinks also requires the passage of time and recognition of the website. It can be complicated. Even after getting some backlinks, you may not get the profitability you want, and it may seem like it was not worth it. So it would help if you first thought about what your priorities are. Or what else is there that you should spend your time and attention on?

At this time, having an SEO strategy becomes especially important. A great SEO strategy doesn’t just happen. Rather, it is a combination of different factors that work together. Some factors are more important than others. You should note that your priorities have an important effect on the role of these factors and their position. These steps are as follows:

  • Review the technical elements of your SEO.
  • Produce valuable and meaningful content.
  • Build valid external links.

So note that building backlinks should not be the first step of your SEO strategy. It would help if you did not start building backlinks immediately after creating a website. It would help if you focused on creating quality content that your readers will be interested in. Surely you have heard the saying that content is king!

E.A.T; Three important areas of backlink influence in SEO

If we want to talk about the quality of backlinks and the importance and impact of backlinks in SEO, we can summarize it in a three-letter word. E.A.T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Simply put, you need to provide high-level content that is specialized, accurate, and shows your business as a leader.

In addition, it must be reliable and competent to support. Put this principle at the forefront of your work; Do not mislead or lie to your visitors. The bottom line is that if you create content people want to read with the right strategy, they will most likely share your content naturally. So you will still get your backlinks.

Is the number of backlinks important in SEO?

We talked about the impact of backlinks in SEO and the importance of their quality and credibility. Now we will discuss the importance of their number. Although backlinks pave the way to higher search results, they are not the most important factor in improving rankings. Although they positively impact your SEO, the number of backlinks is not very important in this tactic.

If backlinks have a factor of +1, the value of the content will probably have a factor of +3, and the use of anchor texts will have a factor of +2. Therefore, you don’t need to devote all your financial and time resources to getting backlinks. Producing non-repetitive and valuable content will give you a higher score.

The difference between the position of the backlink and anchor text

But why is anchor text more important than backlinks? Keep in mind that backlinks have a lower coefficient based on number importance only. Considering that it is possible to get backlinks from anywhere and everywhere if it is not from valid pages, it can hurt your website page in the long run.

It is why anchor text is worth more. Because it is a safe physical text and link that is used to link to your website. So you realize that having backlinks is great. But the anchor text that links to your website will have a much greater impact on the value of the content. Backlinks are not the most important SEO factor.

Rather, they are one of the important and influential factors. If you use them well, they will be like a catalyst. Otherwise, they can become a source of trouble. So keep your strategic priorities. To see the impact of backlinks on your site’s SEO, you must pay attention to the validity and technical quality. In this way, you can increase your ranking by increasing backlinks.