Advanced SEO training

Advanced SEO training and how to link and its types

Advanced SEO training and learning how to link will help you improve your site’s SEO. One of the ways to achieve a better ranking in Google search results is to use linking. There are different types of links, each of which, in turn, has a great impact on the site’s SEO. In the following, we will learn more about the types of links and the impact of each of them.

Internal link of important topics of advanced SEO training

In advanced SEO training, internal linking will be linked from within site to other site pages. The address of the internal link is similar to the site’s main address, which is added to the main address along the way. This way, Google will understand that the type of link is internal.

In advanced SEO training, it is stated that the page linked to an anchor text must have a topic related to its words. An internal link is a targeted link for keywords to pages related to that word.

Each keyword should have a separate landing page so that Google notices your specialized activity on the keywords. Internal linking by seo will also increase the indexing speed of the site. Because Google’s crawlers can visit all parts of the site through links, eventually, the site will be indexed at a higher speed.

Advanced SEO training topics

Internal linking in advanced SEO training will also improve the user experience. Because if interesting and practical content is produced, the user will enjoy reading the articles. Also, if the author presents the article, the user will read the next article. This issue will result in users staying longer on the site and viewing more pages, improving the site’s SEO.

External linking

Another important topic of advanced SEO training is external linking. If you intend to buy a product that has just entered the market, after entering the store, the sales representative of the desired brand will quickly provide explanations about the product to convince you that the product has many benefits. Sometimes, the seller may only want to sell his product, and you are hesitant to buy the desired product. If you hear from a person who has used the desired product and is satisfied with it, you will believe the words of the sales representative regarding the product, and you will trust the desired product.

Upon entering a website, Google will carefully examine the content if the site in question has not yet achieved enough popularity. Google will only approve sites that have achieved a good score. The importance of other people’s approval will be more important than your description for Google. You will gain more popularity by increasing the approvals of other sites. Generating more external links will make your site appear on the first page of the search engine faster.

In addition to internal and external linking, which are important in advanced SEO training, there are other links. By using these links, you can easily improve your site’s SEO.

Follow the link from the important topics of advanced SEO training

In general, it can be said that links, which are an important part of advanced SEO training, act as votes. What people do with the content of your website is one of Google’s measurement tools. Among the actions that people take in the field of your content, the following can be mentioned:

  • Share your content on your website
  • Rate your content
  • Bringing citations and referring people to your content

In advanced SEO training, the credibility of your website in the eyes of others significantly impacts getting a better score in Google. If your content is shared on other sites, you will get much credit from Google.

This link tells the search engine what content is referred to on the site. The search engine monitors the information on the introduced site. It can be said that when using this type of link. The search engine will enter your site through the link and monitor all the pages on your website.

A nofollow link is another important topic of advanced SEO training

A nofollow link can be mentioned among other important topics in advanced SEO education. The most important feature of the Nofollow link is that it will allow you to link to one of the sources without announcing a vote to the search engine.

This link will not ask the search engine to follow the link. Some engines check the link and the desired site to discover new pages from the site. But this link does not pass the popularity vote filter and is only useful in cases where a page links to an unreliable source.

UGC is another type of link used to improve SEO

This type of link is a content link that has been shared by users or placed by users on different sites. The website owner has no role in producing this type of link. The user may place this link on websites such as blogs, comments, and forums.


This link will normally be used for financial purposes on a site. For example, by typing keywords in the search, the results that appear in the output with the word AD are sponsored links. The links on various sites that have received money for their sharing are included in this group of links.

Noopener is one of the other types of links in advanced SEO training

If you use this link on the website, whenever the Google search engine starts indexing the website pages and encounters a link defined with Opener, you will leave the site by entering the link. Therefore, it is better to always define the links as Noopener so that the Google search engine remains on the site for indexing.

Getting to know the Noreferrer link in advanced SEO training

Another type of link that you will learn about in advanced SEO training is the Noreferrer link. This type of link is used when the source site that shared your website link does not want to know how users entered your website and will hide the identity of their website from you.