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The best PDF reader

It has happened to you that you are looking for a good program to use PDF files, so join us in the best PDF reader program for Android and Windows.

For more than twenty-five years, we have all used the PDF format found in various text documents on the Internet and electronic files, and the PDF format is still popular with users. For this reason, many programs have been created to read them, but of course, some of this software is free, and you have to pay to download some of them. In this article, we will introduce the best Android PDF reader programs and the best PDF reader programs for PC.

You must have used Adobe Reader software, but it’s good to know that there are many other PDF reading software that you can use. In fact, because of the constant use of Adobe Reader software, this program is known to us as the best, while there are useful alternatives to it.

In this article, we want to introduce you to the best PDF reader program for Android and Windows so that you can choose the appropriate options for your work when choosing PDF reader software. You can read the electronic PDF files and books you have in PDF format easier and simpler than before by choosing the best PDF reader program for Android.

PDF Sumatra software

Our first suggestion for you is PDF Sumatra software, completely free and open source. This software is one of the best options for reading files and books in PDF format. Sumatra software has only a simple window that you can quickly read the PDF text you have.

It has no option for editing files, although Sumatra has great keyboard shortcuts and supports various tabs. In addition to these features, Sumatra software also supports other e-book formats such as epub and Mobi. This software is also one of the best PDF reader programs for PC that you can easily download and install.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software

The most popular PDF reader software is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, one of the best PDF readers in Windows. In addition to Adobe’s free PDF reader, it can support cloud storage such as Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox. This software, which is one of the best PDF reader programs for computers and reading text, allows you to view and write messages and edit PDF files and files.

PDF-XChange Editor software

PDF-XChange Editor is software with high speed, very good features, and capabilities. This software allows you to edit electronic files and files completely. Of course, you can buy the license of this software to use some professional features in your electronic files, such as watermark.

PDF-XChange Editor is software that’s toolbox is almost complicated and crowded, but you can easily ignore it and right-click on any part of the toolbar to open the menu and then quickly make the changes you want. To do this, select the Customize Toolbars option from the bottom of the page to enter the fixed menu of this software and then manage the displayed options.

If optimization is important to you, it is important to know that although PDF-XChange Editor and Foxit Reader software are similar and have almost the same capabilities, PDF-XChange Editor software uses more memory.

Nitro PDF Reader software

One of the best pdf programs for Windows is Nitro PDF Reader. This software, similar to Microsoft Word, also has great capabilities and features. In addition to easy reading of your files and e-books, this software also allows you to edit them.

You can add various notes to your files, save images to PDF files, and convert PDF files to other text formats. Nitro PDF Reader is also one of the best PDF readers in Windows.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader software is one of the most popular electronic file study programs that can be the best alternative to Adobe Reader. In this software, you will see many tabs in its user interface. Features and capabilities of these tabs include text writing, text markup, form management, and digital signing.

From the best features of Foxit Reader software, you can specify different shortcuts to use the combination keys to access the features you want. The point to note about this program is that this Foxit Reader software has another lighter and more portable version.

Foxit Reader software has the features and capabilities of PDF-XChange Editor, with the difference that in addition to its optimal features, its user interface is also more regular.

STDU Viewer software

This software is one of the best PDF reader programs that you can easily use for books or electronic files. STDU Viewer supports many different formats such as TXT, Moby, Comic Book Archive, EPUB, etc. This software also can display image files in different formats.

As we said, this powerful application is one of the best PDF reader programs that can display multiple files or e-books simultaneously. In this software, you will be able to run your files in different tabs and panels, and you can also highlight or mark any part of the file you want. One of the attractive features of this software is the possibility of inverting the colors in that step. For example, you can change the dark colors in the image to light colors or vice versa so that your eyes are not damaged in the dark.

Adobe Reader

This PDF reader program is also one of the best Android PDF reader programs for reading, which can be said: the unique feature of this software is its easy access and simple features. This Adobe PDF reader software remains a standard program with about 105 MB. Of course, this program has no additional services, and yet it is one of the best PDF reader software for Android. The most attractive part of this software is the interesting access bar, which is not crowded and complicated, and yet it will be a useful program for you.

With Adobe Reader, you can note your files and electronic files, highlight the desired sections, or highlight any sections needed section save ever had problems with other PDF reader software. This program is a good alternative that you can use without any problems.

Haihaisoft Reader software

This software is also one of the best pdf programs for computers with high speed and low volume. Of course, this small volume has different features and capabilities, such as magnification and page rotation, and it supports 40 languages ​​well. This program also has good security.

Javelin PDF Reader software

Javelin PDF Reader is one of the best pdf reader programs on PC. It is a simple tool that allows you to view and print your standard and encrypted files. In this program, you will also be able to mark and write notes. It is not possible to edit in this software, but due to its size of 2 MB, it is suitable and practical for those looking for high-speed software and a simple user interface for reading their PDF files.

Google Drive software

One of the best pdf reader programs for computers is Google Drive, but it is online, and to view the file, you must first upload it to Google Drive. After uploading, you can read your regular files and convert other document formats to PDF if needed.

PDF-XChange Editor software

This software is one of the best pdf reader programs for Windows, which is great to work with. This software allows you to add notes and highlight custom sections and other edits. PDF-XChange Editor software is one of the best PDF readers for Windows. One of its most attractive tools is the feature and capability of Optical Character Recognition. You can scan printed documents and program them into text that can be searched. Convert.

MuPDF application

MuPDF software is another PDF reader program, one of the best PDF reader programs in Windows. If you have a computer with little memory, this software is the best option to be installed. And used. This program is a standard PDF reader and has other PDF reader software’s usual features and capabilities.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox software is one of the best pdf programs on the computer and one of the best pdf readers in the browser. This program allows you to expand the sidebar and rotate the screen in two directions and use the “hand tool.” It also has the standard features and capabilities that Chrome offers.

Solid PDF Tools

Another of the best PC reader programs is Solid PDF Tools software. With this application, you can easily convert your PDF files to HTML and then rebuild them, and finally, your file Convert to XHTML.

Another feature of this software is the removal of headers and footers. This software, which is one of the best PDF reader programs in Windows, allows you to convert PDF files to Word and Excel, convert selected tables and texts from PDF, and do not damage the quality of the files you convert. You can also convert PDF images to archived documents in ISO 19005-1.

PDF Annotator software

PDF Annotator is one of the best PDF reader programs in Windows that allows you to edit and annotate PDF files, and you can save the file in the same original format after final editing.

Since PDF Annotator software is also one of the best pdf programs on your computer, it allows you to edit exam papers on your laptop or computer. Also, with this software, you can add text or custom images to the top of the pages of your PDF files, and you will also be able to use different symbols to beautify your files.

AnDoc DJVU and PDF Reade

AnDoc is one of the simplest PDF viewer programs. With this program, you can open and view PDF files and DJVU files. That’s all this software does. It is a great program for people who need small, ready-made software to view documents they have downloaded from the Internet. This program can also be useful for reading e-books, but it is recommended to use dedicated software for this purpose. Use of this app is free. The professional version costs $ 0.99 and does not display ads.


DocuSign is a PDF display software for commercial use. The main function of this program is to open PDF files. With this program, you can fill out forms, sign them and send them to anyone who needs them. This part of the app is free. There are also paid versions. For a fee of $ 10 / month, other features are available. There are also $ 25 and $ 40 versions that have more features. If you do not need a lot of professional facilities, you need to worry about paid prescriptions.

ezPDF Reader

ezPDF Reader introduces itself as a versatile PDF viewer software. With this program, you can fill in PDF forms, write notes on them, and there are several other possibilities for display. In e-books and multimedia, this software supports GIF audio, video, and animated images. It also supports ePub if you have more than one type of e-book. It is difficult to find software that works in commercial and entertainment applications. The monetary features of this software have a certain price and are no monthly or annual.

Google Books

Google Playbooks are a response to the Amazon Kindle. You can buy books from its store and read them wherever you want. You can also read PDF files. There is no commercial use of this software. This software is for reading purposes only. PDF files (and ePubs) can also be uploaded to the cloud to be read on various devices. This book, like your other books, becomes part of your library. It allows you to create a large collection to buy more books. This app is free. Books can be purchased. It is a good and straightforward software for displaying PDFs.

Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF Viewer is another good viewfinder software. It integrates with Google Drive like Google Docs, Google Sheet, and Google Slide. Google PDF Viewer is a simple software for viewing PDF files. Of course, there are some unique possibilities. Words can be searched with phrases. You can also select part of the text to copy and print the file if needed. This program can work full screen. But it must be possible to open PDF files from anywhere. This program is completely free, so criticizing what it does not do seems like a difficult task.


LirbiReader is one of the most interesting PIDIF display programs. Every time we look at it, a lot of changes happen. Supports many document formats such as PDF, EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, DJVU, ZIP, TXT, and. It also has a modern design that supports day and night modes for easier reading at night. You can even listen to books using text-to-speech. This program has more bugs than other programs on this list. However, this program is also completely free (with ads).

Moon + Reader

Moon + Reader is one of the most popular PDF display software. This program has a wide range of possibilities. Some of its features include support for software formatting, many visual options, auto-scroll, smart paragraphs, and two-screen mode (for landscape mode). The program supports many formats, including EPUB, EPUB3, and PDF. This software is one of the best options for people who read books in PDF format.


This software is one of the most common office applications for mobile phones. This program can do a lot of things. It supports documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and even preview files. P‌d‌f’s function is as beautiful as commercial use. You can complete PEDIF forms, sign them, and add security features. This software is a good option for people who need a traditional Office program with PDF features. But the paid version is somewhat expensive.

PDF Reader Classic

PDF Reader Classic is a traditional PDF viewer. It supports other formats such as EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, DJVU, and even Amazon Kindle formats. This program has a good set of features, which is commensurate with its simplicity. This program scans the phone and creates a library. You can also change the program’s format and set it to night mode. It also can auto-scroll. We do not recommend this program for commercial use. It is a free app. Of course, there are ads in the program that there is no way to remove. It is never good.

WPS Office (formerly Kingsoft Office)

This program is another versatile program. It is an office program that handles documents, spreadsheets, and similar files. But it also has the potential to make a difference. You can convert different documents to PDFs or view the original PDF files. It is convenient when you have a file that needs to be viewed more formally. The possibilities of PDFs are not many, but if you need an Office application and PDFs display software, this software is a proverb of one arrow and two symbols.

Xodo PDF reader

Xodo is probably the best completely free PDF viewer software. This software has the features of fast loading and smooth navigation. It also supports note-taking, bookmarking, cloud storage, file management, and other features. Empty PDF files can even be saved if needed. This software has very good features due to its free nature. This app has no in-app purchases and does not appear to have any ads.

MiXplorer Silver

MiXplorer Silver is a versatile file explorer. This application meets all the common needs when browsing files and uses the ability to open different types of files, sort files, and support various media sources. What makes this app unique is its support for additional plugins. For example, you can bring your PDF reader to MiXplorer Silver with a free plugin and have a good e-book reading experience. It may not be the best option for reading, but you can use it to hit multiple marks with one arrow. The app is priced at $ 4.49, but the PDF plugin and other plugins are free.


This Android PDF reader app lets you view PDF files as you expect for free on your mobile phone. With All PDF, you can merge and separate files, functions that are commonly found in paid applications. This software works with PDF simple and fast. You can control sharing options and print if your device is connected to a printer. Also, you can customize the PDF files you open according to your style and needs.

With this Android PDF reader, you can open all PDF files from file manager (file manager) or other applications such as Gmail and WhatsApp. After closing the file, you can open it again later and return to the last page you read. You do not need to scroll to find where you last read.