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The best PDF editor

It may have happened to you that, for whatever reason, you want to edit a PDF file. In this case, you should look for PDF Editor programs. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best PDF Editor programs. Stay tuned with Ded9.

Introduction to PDF Editor

These days, a large part of our work is done using documents sent and received in PDF format. It has led us to need to edit or edit a PDF file in some situations. It is not easy to do, and programs that have PDF editing capabilities should be used.

In this article, we will introduce the list of the best PDF Editor programs to edit PDF files at your service. If you need more information about any of the above, you can contact the mobile experts for help. Stay tuned with Mobile Help.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software

Adobe first introduced the PDF format about 30 years ago; Acrobat Pro DC is the current trademark of the company for editing PDF files. The PDF editing program combines the features of other programs and provides them seamlessly in one software. It is also a special advantage for Android and iOS devices and can convert various formats to PDF, including (HTML), Word files, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. He mentioned scans and even photos in PNG and JPEG formats.

With the premium version of this software, there is nothing else you can not do.

There are many capabilities for editing text in this software, and you can convert and save scanned documents as PDFs immediately after finishing the work. This software also can merge multiple PDF files. Adobe editing features include page rearrangement, page rotation, annotation, page cropping, deleting pages, and the ability to break PDF into multiple files.

Adobe also provides cloud storage, which can be accessed at It should be noted that this space is encrypted and protects your personal information.

Microsoft Word

If you use Microsoft Office, you have easy access to a versatile PDF editing program. Previously, versions of Microsoft Office were limited to saving files in PDF format, but the latest versions of 2013 Word and all versions of 2016 and 2019 allow you to open the PDF and make changes to it as a Word document.

When done, you can save your file as a PDF again. This software is one of the best and easiest tools for editing PDFs because editing files in Word is easier than any other program. Microsoft Word is a simple tool. The file format we always want may not work, But when you want to make minor edits to your file, Word will be a great option.

Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda is a web-based software organized for fast editing and does its job well. This tool is simple and focuses on simple text edits for uploaded files. This PDF editing site lets you make any changes you want, such as changing the font format, adding an image, filling out a form, adding or editing hyperlinks, adding context, annotating, and signing a PDF file. There are three ways you can add a signature to your PDF:

  • Drag the signature with the mouse
  • Write your name
  • Upload your signature video

This software provides you with a clear guide that reduces the possibility of any errors and is also very fast. If your boss or co-worker does not know how to use the technology or does not have the patience to download new software, but you still need their signatures on PDF files, this software is the best option.

Suppose you are looking for an online PDF editing program that is easy to use. We suggest you use this site. Of course, the free version also has its limitations. With the free version, you can upload up to 200 pages or 50 MB, and you can edit only three files per hour.

PDFescape website

PDFescape is also a web application so that it can be accessed through your favorite browser. There is no lengthy installation process to slow down your work. Users can access this editor using any operating system and as long as they can connect to the Internet. PDFescape is currently compatible with Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Just drag the PDF file onto the PDF viewer to start adding text and images or even delete the previous text. The site’s functionalities, such as zooming and rotating, help you view small or angled texts better. You can also create your digital signature, design a form or annotate.

In general, it can be said that using this site is practical and easy. If you are not looking for complex software, it is better to try this method.

Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit’s PhantomPDF editor is a great option for businesses that use a lot of PDFs. You can edit your files with PhantomPDF. Of course, this software is mostly made for professional use.

This professional software comes with a range of enterprise applications such as adding stamps, converting scanned photos to PDF, deleting text, document coding and support, forms, and portfolios. The PhantomPDF interface is packed with features that make it harder to use than other items on the product list. But inside the software, there is a link to software training videos that you can use. You can use this software for free for 14 days, but then you have to upgrade it to one of the following options:

  • Standard 10
  • Business 10
  • Mac 4

You can choose your purchase type, for example, buy it annually, monthly, or regularly. Business version 10 gives you more professional capabilities such as creating PDFs with one click from Microsoft Project, editing and reducing text, and cloning documents.

Wondershare PDFelement PDF Editor

Wondershare PDFelement software is one of the most popular PDF editing programs available today. This program is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. In addition to editing the content of PDF files, this tool also provides the ability to convert them to other formats such as PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, PPT, XLS, DOC, HTML, ePub, TIFF, and RTL. Another good feature of this program is the ability to search the text of a PDF file. It also allows encryption of PDF files so that other people can not edit, copy and manipulate its content. The ability to merge multiple PDF files is another good feature of PDF Editor or Wondershare PDFelement.

PDF Editor PDF-XChange Viewer

If you are looking for a good and relatively simple PDF editing program, PDF-XChange Viewer can be a good option. This program enables you to convert your text documents, photos, or printable files into PDF files. PDF-XChange Viewer software’s main features include creating headers and footnotes, auto-bookmarking, adding watermarks to PDF pages, and typing directly on PDF files. It is also compatible with the Windows operating system.

FlexiPDF 2017 PDF Editor Program

Another newer and more powerful PD Editor that you can use to edit PDFs is FlexiPDF 2017. This program allows you to edit texts and various sections of PDF files in the simplest possible way. One of the main features of this program is its ability to convert PDF files to text files. The tool is also able to convert scanned files to editable PDF files. FlexiPDF 2017 is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system.

Foxit PhantomPDF PDF Editor Program

PDF Editor software The next powerful PDF editor you can use is Foxit PhantomPDF. This program specifically allows you to manage, edit and create PDF files. The program can support a wide variety of formats (at least 100 formats), making it one of the best PDF Editor tools currently available. The user interface of Foxit PhantomPDF software is very nicely designed, and the overall volume of the software is very low. This program includes three different versions Standard, Business, and Education. In addition, this PDF Editor tool is only compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system.

Master PDF Editor

The main feature of Master PDF Editor software is its compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. So if you are looking for a powerful PDF Editor program compatible with Linux, Mac OS, or Windows operating systems, Master PDF Editor software will be one of the best options. This program provides users with features such as changing and editing the text of a PDF file, the ability to write comments on its tabs, bookmarking, adding digital signatures, etc. Other features of this tool include merging PDF files and extracting these files into a photo.

WinPDFEditor PDF Editor

PDF Editor software or WinPDFEditor PDF Editor software has a very simple and smooth user interface that any novice user can easily use. The total size of this program is 14.9 MB, and it is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system. The main features of this PDF Editor can be such as the ability to edit and add text to the PDF file, delete part of the PDF file, rotate the PDF file, add a photo to the PDF file, add a watermark to the PDF file, convert PDF to He mentioned formats such as doc, txt, JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, BMP, HTML and SWF and so on.

Infix PDF Editor

Infix PDF Editor includes two versions, regular and Pro, which will surely download the Pro version for you. The software has various capabilities such as editing the text of the PDF file, the ability to delete part of it, correcting the text of the PDF file in 5 different languages, editing the photos in the PDF file, the ability to search the text to find specific phrases, the ability to add images Provides PDF file and so on. Infix PDF Editor is only compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system.

PDF PitStop Pro Editor Plugin in Adobe Acrobat

PitStop Pro is a plugin that you can install on Adobe Acrobat to edit your PDF files. Its main features include the ability to edit text, images, etc., in the PDF file. These edit fonts do not exist in the system, add various templates, automatically check and correct the text of the PDF file, and so on. This plugin has a higher volume compared to most of the mentioned programs. Also, do not forget that this tool is a plugin, and to use it, Adobe Acrobat software must be installed on your computer.

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor

The next software you can use as one of the most efficient PDF editing programs is Foxit Advanced PDF Editor. This tool is only compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system and features such as adding text to a PDF file, deleting part of its text, editing the text of a PDF file, the ability to import fonts, and the ability to add other PDFs files to a PDF file. Your comment allows you to output one or more pages, especially PDF files, change fonts and other text, the ability to add photos to PDF files, and more. In addition, the user interface of Foxit Advanced PDF Editor is very smooth and convenient, and the portable version can be used without the need to install it on Windows computers.

PDF Studio Pro PDF Editor

PDF Studio includes two versions, Standard and Pro, which we recommend that you follow the Pro version. This PDF Editor software provides various and vital capabilities for editing or editing PDFs. For example, in addition to the ability to add or remove part of the text of a PDF file, features such as adding a header or header, adding a footer, adding a watermark to prepare a bookmark, deleting some pages of a PDF file, annotating and marking, etc. The next thing you need to know about this program is its compatibility with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

PDF Annotator

Unfortunately, PDF Annotator is only compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system. Many sources have introduced this program as one of the best PDF Editor programs, and we have included it in the list of the best PDF Editor tools we want. This program provides users with features such as editing the text of a PDF file, adding or deleting part of its text, adding margins and footnotes to PDF file pages, adding a photo to a PDF file, etc. If you are looking for a powerful and high-quality PDF Editor, we recommend that you try the PDF Annotator once in a while.

PDFill PDF Editor

PDFill PDF Editor is another tool that you can use to edit your PDF files. It is only compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system, and its menu is full of various options that make PDF editing possible in any field. You may be confused and difficult to use because of the many options in PDFill PDF Editor, but you should know that having so many options will guarantee the program’s high potential for various edits to PDF files.

Some of the main features of this software include the ability to delete, add or edit part of the text of a PDF file, convert photos to PDF and vice versa, the ability to encrypt PDF files, the ability to detect spelling errors in the text of the PDF file and correct They make it possible to separate the images in the PDF file from it and so on.

Power PDF Advanced PDF Editor

Power PDF Advanced software is another tool that gives you the best features and capabilities you need to edit PDF files with a simple user interface. This program is fully compatible with the Windows operating system and features such as adding watermarks to PDF pages, adding passwords to PDF files, editing and adding text to different sections of PDF files, importing direct information and text of TXT, XML files, Provides XFDF and CSV to program and PDF file, etc.

Expert PDF Professional PDF Editor Program

Expert PDF Professional is a tool that can convert various files to PDF or PDF files. Still, in addition to this main purpose, it offers capabilities related to editing or editing PDF. Therefore, this program can be considered a suitable tool for PDF editing. Among the editing capabilities of this program we can mention such things as the ability to highlight part of the text, the ability to combine PDF files, the ability to add photos and text to a PDF file, extract custom pages from a PDF file, the ability to add watermarks, etc. کرد. In addition, Expert PDF Professional PDF software is only compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system.

PDF Editor A-PDF Merger

If you are looking for a simple program that only allows you to merge a few PDF files or other features such as adding a watermark and password to a PDF file, download the A-PDF Merger. This program supports the mentioned features but does not allow direct editing of the text of PDF files. The simple and easy-to-use A-PDF Merger program is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system and is an old tool that has very little volume.

An online way to edit or edit PDF files

But in addition to the software we introduced, you can also use certain sites to provide PDF editing services that provide PDF Editor service online and on the web. For example, is an example of such a site. The main advantage of these sites is that they are no longer limited to specific operating systems. You can even visit these sites using your Android phone or iPhone and edit the PDF file you want while editing it.

Select the Free Online option from the chat section after visiting the site. Then you can select the Upload PDF to PDFescape option to upload the desired PDF file from the device to the site. After doing this, the pdf editor or web editor environment will be presented to you, and you will be able to edit the PDF file of your choice using the items and options provided in it. After online methods and various PDF editor sites, it can also be used to edit or edit PDF files.


There are two options on the ApowerPDF homepage; One is to run the program online, and the other is to download the desktop version. Despite the apparent similarity, the two options are different. The desktop application is only a trial version of the original product. If you use it, your files will be watermarked; Therefore, we use the ApowerPDF online tool to avoid such a problem.

Click Launch Online. You will be prompted to download the low-volume app as the app launcher. The online editor will then run. You can edit texts or add text and images. It is also possible to encrypt documents, convert PDFs to photo file,s and add comments.
Additionally, you can create your PDF file from scratch, A feature commonly found only in paid PDF editing software. Unfortunately, unlike desktop software, the online version does not allow you to delete watermarks in a file. However, it can be said that ApowerPDF online software is a very efficient and reliable pdf editor.

PDFsam Basic

The second part of the name of this tool, sam, stands for separation and composition; This means that the performance of the basic or basic version of this software is limited to parsing and combining PDF files. At the beginning of using this tool, you can experiment with its financial capabilities for a while, such as full-text editing, image adding, sign-in, and OCR; However, by the end of the trial period of using this software, your possibilities will be limited to shredding large PDF files and extracting pages.

The ability to flip pages is also anticipated in the aphrodisiac, which is very useful when scanning text upside down. In the free version, there will be no tool to edit the text of the PDF file. Among other features, the available ones are well-distinguished and recognizable from those for the paid version.