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The Best Mechanical Economic Keyboards Of 2021

Lovers Of Mechanical Keyboards Can Spend Millions Of Dollars To Buy The Keyboard They Want And Buy Different Types Of Keyboards With Different Features, But This Does Not Mean That All Mechanical Keyboards Are Expensive.

No, it is not. In today’s market, there are also economical mechanical keyboards for users. In the continuation of this article, we will introduce some good market economic keyboards that have been made for different activities.

Tips for buying Mechanical Keyboards:

First, select the shape of the keyboard of your choice. In other words, do you want a keyboard that has a number pad (a separate part for numbers) or not? Keyboards with a number pad are larger, and keyboards that do not have a number pad are smaller.

If you are just a gamer, a keyboard without a number pad is more efficient for you. If you do other things with your computer besides gaming (such as typing, calculating, etc.), buying a keyboard with a numbered pad is better.

Then select your switch type. Different switches have different physical shapes and differ from each other, and as a result, working with them will be slightly different.

There are actually three types of mechanical switches:

1. Linear switch: It is easy to press the keys of this keyboard, and it takes less impact to touch the key. Many gamers prefer this keyboard because it is quick and easy to switch between buttons.

2. Single-touch switch: It is more physical and requires more force to hit. Many typists prefer this type of keyboard because they can easily feel any pressure on the keyboard.

3. Click switches: These types of switches, which are similar to touch, require more power to hit and produce more sound. These types of keyboards are usually preferred by people who work alone. There are many other keyboards, but generally, all keyboards can be divided into these three categories.

  1. Cooler Master CK552


Switch: red, blue, or brown backlight Gatron: Each keyboard is separate Type: full-size Size: 460 x 135 x 41 mm Weight: 850 g

  • Beautiful background-color
  • Made of aluminum
  • Different types of switches

Cooler Master CK552 keyboard can be the best option for many users. This full-size gaming keyboard has an aluminum backlight with a USB 2.0 port and cable. This keyboard has the ability to switch between three types of touch, click, and linear, which according to the manufacturer, each of the keys can hit up to 50 million times.

This keyboard has the ability to store personal profiles (up to 4), which makes it easier to control the keyboard and backlight. Of course, it is far from Razr keyboards in terms of performance, but it is still instrumental. The price of this keyboard is about 2.5 million tomans.

  1. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro


Switch: Cherry MX brown and blue │ Backlight: red │ Type: full size Size: 358 x 130 x 36 mm Weight: 816 g

  • Small size and easy to move through the detachable cable
  • The beautiful color of the switches
  • Use of excellent materials in construction and easy heat transfer
  • There is only red background light
  • Discoloration of the keys after a period of use

This keyboard, which is priced at around two million tomans, is one of the best economical mechanical keyboards for gamers. This small keyboard with a TKL design, detachable USB cable, and steel body is the best type of travel keyboard (meaning travel or travel, keyboards). The distance between normal and compressed mode is very different and the so-called travel keyboard).

Alloy FPS Pro is available in Chery (Cherry) MX red linear and blue click and has better quality than competing keyboards.

Of course, it should be noted that there is no problem with the other switches, but Chery is better than the others. The backlight of this keyboard can be adjusted in different modes. All the aforementioned features make this keyboard one of the best on the market.

  1. Logitech K840 Mechanical


Switch: Roemer G-single Backlight: No │ Type: Full size Size: 445 x 132 x 34.3 mmWeight: 910 g

  • Convenient keys with the ability to hit up to 70 million times
  • Simple and minimal design
  • Silent than other single-keyboard keyboards when in use
  • There was no backlight
  • Heavy

This Logitech keyboard has Romer-G capability, which has its pros and cons. Some people like the touch of this mechanical keyboard, and some people do not like it. These switches have a travel of 3.2 mm (i.e., they go down with a pressure of 3.2 mm), which has a lower journey of 0.8 mm compared to the Chery MX Brown.

The keyboard of this keyboard is anodized aluminum, which is more durable and effective.

This keyboard has a 1.8-meter internal cable. In addition to having rotating bases that can make typing easier, Logitech has also created a 26-key rotation that reduces and eliminates typing errors and is compatible with Logitech’s proprietary software for Windows and Mac.

Unfortunately, this keyboard does not have a backlight, which many may feel the emptiness of this feature. Of course, the lack of RGB and the quietness of the keys on this keyboard make it easier to use in the workplace. With the number plate and navigation keys, there is no excuse for not liking this keyboard!

  1. Havit KB487L


Switch: Outemu red │ Backlight: None │ Type: Tenkeyless │ Size: 398 x 177 x 48 mm Weight: 1 kg

  • Attractive design
  • Excellent arrangement and combination of buttons
  • Great linear keyboards suitable for gaming
  • Lack of switch capability
  • The layout of this keyboard is not suitable for everyone
Havit KB487L may not be as good as other keyboards, but it can not be ignored.

This is a standard TKL keyboard but has a number pad instead of shortcut keys. Havit has made the keys of this keyboard durable with PBT, which will feel better during use than other keyboards. This keyboard has a color scheme, black and white and orange, which is not like an economical keyboard.

Fortunately, not only the appearance of this keyboard of 1.5 million Tomans is extraordinary, but also its build quality is excellent. While using this keyboard, it does not feel any difficulty using the keys and is very suitable for gaming.

  1. MSI Vigor GK50 Elite


Switch: Kailh blue or white │ Backlight: Separate for each button Type: Full-size ازه Size: 435x135x38 mmWeight: 800.5 g

  • Sturdy metal plate
  • Anti-fat body material
  • Boring clicks for gamers (of course some gamers)
  • Unknown keyboard durability

This keyboard made by MSI, which is more suitable for typing, has a price of about 2.5 million Tomans, which is a type of Kailh Blue switch, which means that the click of the buttons will make a lot of noise.

Although the body of this keyboard is made of plastic, the fingerprints do not remain easily on the keyboard.

Of course, the top material of the keyboard is high quality, but the wire is sensitive and certainly will not last long under pressure.

Gamers may not like the body of this keyboard, but you can not ignore the good price, simple design, small size, and excellent typing.

  1. Aukey KMG14


Switch: Outemu Blue │ Backlight: RGB Type: Tenkeyless ازه Size: 357 x 138 x 36 mm Weight: 1.1 kg

  • Satisfactory performance
  • Convenient ergonomic design
  • RGB background-color
  • Loud keys when using
  • Heavy
  • The keyboard is more durable than competitors

The Aukey KMG14 keyboard has RGB backlighting and also uses a dual ABS keyboard, which is a surprise at this price. While this keyboard is offered as a gaming keyboard, it is more suitable for typing, as it may be distracting during the game due to the need to apply more force to the buttons, and unfortunately, there is no touch or linear switch option. This keyboard is priced at about 1 million tomans.

  1. MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile


Switch: Kailh Choc Backlight: RGB Type: Full Size │ Size: 435 x 141 x 34 mmWeight: 700 g

  • A structural shape similar to a typewriter
  • Internal cable
  • The price is right
  • There was no software
  • The space button was not suitable for gaming
  • There was no support for the wrist

Mechanical keyboards with Low-Profile switches can be premium, and the MSI Vigor GK50 keyboard is one of the best in this price range (price about two million tomans). This keyboard can even compete with many other keyboards on the market (for typing). The buttons on this keyboard are like old typewriters that have a strangely loud sound.

Of course, this keyboard is not perfect in every way.

In fact, the space button is a bit stiff, and when used while playing, it may slow down. It should be noted that the program for this keyboard is currently in trouble and can not be downloaded. In general, the click mode of this keyboard can be very desirable for both gamers and typists.