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The Best Gaming Headsets In The Market (July 2021)

Gaming Headsets Are One Of Those Products That Will Be Our Guests For At Least Two Or Three Years; So We Have To Buy The Best Option According To The Amount We Spend.

Whether PC gamers or game consoles, no audio system or speaker can replace the headset. If you want to immerse yourself in your favorite game, you have no choice but to use gaming headsets.

Like all gaming consoles, gaming headsets are expensive. Naturally, we all like to have one of the multi-million toman RazerSteel SeriesHyper X, or Sony models; But buying such a luxury headset is impossible for most of us. Gaming headsets, like other gadgets, have many choices on the market.

There is more variety of headsets on the market than mobile phones or laptops; Because their anonymous Chinese companies have also introduced many models to the market that deceive users and attract them with their attractive appearance and colorful LEDs.

As we said initially, the gaming headset is one of those products that we use at least two or three; Therefore, it is better to provide a quality model, both in terms of build quality and sound quality. We will introduce the best gaming headsets available in the Iranian market in different price ranges.

The best gaming headset up to 500 thousand Tomans

Tesco TH 5154

It is challenging to offer a gaming headset with such a number. If you want to spend 500,000 tomans to buy a headset, you will be faced with a sea of ​​anonymous models, most of which are of low quality and have little purchase value.

We strongly recommend that you do not go for anonymous headsets; Because even if they look deceptive, they are usually of poor build quality and will break down quickly.

Among the gaming headsets in this price range, we recommend ” TH 5154 Tesco “, which has good sound quality and satisfactory build quality. Tesco TH 5154 has soft earphones that sit completely around the ear; therefore, it will not cause pain in the long run.

Most importantly, there is a red LED light on the headset, which will definitely give a special effect to your computer desk.

The best gaming headset up to one million tomans

Repo VH530

If you want to spend a maximum of one million tomans to buy a gaming headset, we suggest you buy ” VH530 Repo “. In terms of beautiful RGB lighting alone, the VH530 has good sound quality and can simulate 7.1 channel surround sound.

Despite its huge size, this headset does not weigh much, and you can use it for hours. There is also a power button on the VH530 microphone so you can turn it off when playing online games if needed.

The best gaming headset up to 2 million Tomans

HyperX Cloud Stinger

If you care more about the lightness and comfort of gaming headsets than anything else, the Cloud Stinger HyperX will be a great choice. This headset weighs less than 280 grams and is one of the lightest gaming headsets.

In addition, the headset series with soft pads and the possibility of 90-degree rotation puts the least pressure on your corners; Of course, this does not mean that Cloud Stinger is just an ergonomic headphone and does not have good sound quality; The 50mm drivers of this headset produce good sound quality. Add to all this a nuisance (NC) microphone.

The best gaming headset up to 3 million Tomans

HyperX Cloud Alpha

” Hyper X Cloud Alpha ” is undoubtedly one of the best gaming headsets in the category of three million tomans. The well-built and all-metal body of the Alpha Cloud gives you the assurance that you can use it for years and always have it with you.

Like the Stinger Cloud, the Alpha Cloud has a series with extremely soft leather cushions so you can use the headset for hours without getting tired.

Although the Alpha Cloud headphones do not produce 7.1-channel surround sound, they produce a 2.1-channel sound with many basses to feel all the shooting in the game with all your being.

The best gaming headset up to 4 million Tomans

Steel Series Arctis 1

According to most gaming headset review websites, ” Steel Series Arctis 1 ” is the best mid-range gaming headset. There are many reasons for this. The Arctis 1 has inherited many luxury and expensive models in the Arctis series regarding design and build quality, such as the design, drivers, cushions, and noise-canceling microphones.

You can experience a sound similar to high-end headphones by paying close to 4 million Tomans; Of course, to reduce the price of headphones compared to other models in the Arctis series, Steel Series has had to eliminate a series of cases, the most important of which is the 7.1-channel surround sound.

The best gaming headset up to 5 million Tomans

Steel Series Arctis 5

” Arctis 5 ” is the middle model of the Arctis series and the more advanced model of Arctis 1, which in addition to all the advantages of Arctis 1, such as excellent design and build quality, ease of use, and ergonomics of phones, as well as microphone ability to eliminate noise; But other than that, the Arctis 5 has made significant improvements, such as access to second-generation DTS: X surround sound technology, separate settings for individual games, full settings for the sound equalizer, and ClearCast’s advanced microphone.

Keep in mind that although you can connect the Arctis 5 steel series to game consoles, there are no more advanced features such as equalizer settings.

The best gaming headset up to 6 million Tomans

Razer Black Shark V2 Pro

If you increase your budget to about 6 million tomans, you will enter the realm of high-end and flagship headsets. For a fee of about 5.5 million tomans, you can get the beautiful ” Razer Black Shark V2 Pro ” headphones.

The “Pro” model, although more expensive than the regular model, has made great strides in removing wire. The Black Shark V2 Pro uses Hyperspeed Razer technology to produce the same high-quality, stable, and latency-free sound as the wired model.

Although you can also connect the Black Shark V2 Pro to game consoles, keep in mind that special features such as surround sound and THX Spatial Audio support will only be activated if you connect headphones to a computer and install the software. The Black Shark V2 Pro can run for up to 24 hours on a single full charge.

Overall, the Razer Black Shark V2 Pro is one of the complete gaming headsets, offering gamers excellent design and build quality, ergonomic handsets, and, most importantly, great sound.

The best gaming headset up to 7 million Tomans

Razer Nari Ultimate

So far, we’ve talked more about convenience and sound quality, but it’s good to know that gaming headsets can offer more. Razor Company, in cooperation with Lofelt, one of the names of the well-known engines, is vibrating in mobile phones, gaming headset « Nari Ultimate “ has designed.

The most obvious feature of Nari Ultimate is the vibrating motor inside its phones. These motors receive the frequency of the game sound and convert them into vibration or so-called vibration.

Depending on the type and intensity of the sound, the vibration moves between the left and right ears to convey the feeling of being in the game environment and the precise sound.

In addition to the vibration issue, the sound quality and design of the Nari Ultimate are also awe-inspiring and will charge for up to 8 hours on a single full charge.

The best gaming headset up to 10 million Tomans

Steel series Arctis 7P / 7X

If we want to put aside the price discussion, we can consider the Arctis 7 series from Steel Seriz Company as the best gaming headset available in the Iranian market. Two models, ” Arctis 7P ” and ” Arctis 7XDesigned specifically for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them on your computer.

Both models are wireless and provide great sound. Both models use ergonomically designed soft cushions so you can play for hours without hurting or sweating your ears.

In fact, the Arctis 7 Series headphones are so ergonomic, comfortable, and light that you forget about them on your head while playing. Thanks to the USB-C dongle and the USB-A converter, you can connect headsets to any device, even your Android phone.

Add to that 24-hour charging and the ability to produce infinitely high-quality, 360-degree surround sound.

The best gaming headset for PS4

Sony PlayStation Platinum

The best gaming headset for the PlayStation 4 console is Sony’s official wireless headset called the ” PlayStation Platinum. “ Sony’s official gaming headset is expensive, but it’s the best complement to the PlayStation 4.

The 50mm drivers of this headset produce loud, clear sound, and most importantly, it provides you with 7.1 channel surround sound to pinpoint the exact location of your enemies.

Not to mention that the PlayStation Platinum charges even more than the PlayStation 4 category on a single full charge. You can even use the Platinum headset when using the PlayStation VR.

The best gaming headset for PS5

Sony Pulse 3D

The PlayStation 5 offers a sea of ​​advanced audio technologies, the most important of Tempest 3D. If you want the best audio experience with Sony’s new gaming console, your only choice is Sony’s official PlayStation 5 headset called ” Pulse 3D “. Pulse 3D has a minimalist design and beauty, just like the PlayStation 5 console itself, and fully supports Tempest 3D sound technology.

Regardless of the technology, 3D Pulse has great sound quality, allowing you to hear even the most subtle sounds; Of course, to buy a Pulse 3D headset, you have to spend about 3.5 million tomans.

The best gaming headset for Xbox

Xbox Wireless Headset

A few months ago, Microsoft officially introduced the new generation of consoles. This wireless headset costs only $ 100; Of course, it is not balanced in the Iranian market at the moment, and it is sold at a price of nearly four million tomans.

The Xbox Wireless Headset is also Dolby Atmos-certified and offers complete settings, including equalizer change and frequency settings in the Accessories section of the Xbox console. According to Microsoft, this wireless headset can charge up to 15 hours on a single full charge.

Gaming headphones or gaming headsets?

The first step in buying great gaming audio equipment is choosing between headphones and a headset. Some users prefer to have the game’s microphone integrated with the headphones, and for this reason, they choose a headset.

Others prefer a separate microphone and go for headphones. Gaming headphones are the same as regular headphones that are often used by users who are interested in music.

These headphones have excellent audio capabilities that also meet the needs of the gamer. Professional headphones offer audio capabilities such as high-detail sound and natural depth of sound, making them a sensible choice for a great gaming experience.

Despite the high sound quality of professional headphones, there is no microphone in them.

Most professional gamers also need a microphone for various applications, from live streaming to in-game communication with teammates.

As a result, they also buy a side microphone if they choose headphones instead of headsets. There are several options for choosing a gaming microphone. I suggest you read the guide to buying a microphone stream and podcast.

Famous gamers who use a combination of headphones with a separate microphone include Ninja, one of Paboji, and Fortnite. He combines the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones with the Audio Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser headphones and is one of the most popular game streamers.

Using headphones instead of headsets has its own strengths and weaknesses.

There are several professional options available to you if you choose a headphone stop with a separate microphone.

You can combine the best and newest headphones with the best microphone and enjoy the very high sound quality. Of course, more options mean more hassle in choosing. Your initial costs will also increase due to the choice of a separate microphone.

Gaming headset, headphone and microphone combination, and gaming capabilities

Gaming headsets are a great choice for users looking for a seamless experience. These headsets use a microphone, which in some cases can be detached. Their microphones are often supplied with special features such as noise cancellation or sound reception only in one direction that optimizes the user for gaming.

Gaming headsets also have gaming capabilities that make them more attractive to use, especially in online gaming and eSports competitions.

Features such as surround sound and numerous controls on the headset make them an additional accessory in the gaming world.

The advantages of a gaming headset include ease of use and settings.

These headsets are designed to be compatible with the game without the need for the slightest adjustments and ease of use and portability in their design.

Gaming headsets were initially designed with a strong focus on the aesthetics of the gaming world, but today’s options are also sold with more classic designs that make gaming headsets a good choice for everyday use. Buying a gaming headset makes sense for users who are not looking for a higher cost of accessories such as a microphone.

One of the possible disadvantages of gaming headsets is their poor sound quality compared to music headphones in the same price range.

Of course, the quality of gaming headsets has also improved significantly in recent years, but professional music headphones always have better sound and music quality than gaming headsets.

In some cases, the quality of the gaming headset is not as good as the headphones for music. Of course, inexpensive models, there are also options with the very high build quality.

When choosing a gaming headset, even the style of play and the games you play the most are important. Professional gamers of Battle Royale games, for example, need high-quality headphones in surround sound to detect enemies in a variety of situations.

The importance of the gaming platform

A gamer’s gaming platform has an impact on choosing the best gaming headset. Gamers use Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and in some cases, Mac platforms in many categories.

Although most 3.5mm gaming headsets can connect to all platforms, some features may be limited to software options that make it impossible to take advantage of all the features when connected to a game console.

Xbox and PlayStation platforms provide gamers with limited support options. Some headsets are specific to these platforms and do not offer their capabilities when connected to a PC or other game console.

For example, the PlayStation 4 gaming headset works when connected to the Xbox One but will not provide 7.1 surround sound and will only provide a stereo experience.

Wired or wireless gaming headset

One of the important factors in choosing a gaming headset, which also affects the final price, is the headset connection interface. Wired and wireless headsets each have their own strengths and weaknesses that will directly impact your user experience.

Wired headsets are often supplied with a 3.5 mm connector. Of course, there are USB options on the market. Choosing a wired headset will come at a lower cost and give you more options than wireless options for an equal price range. There are even more options to choose from in the family of wired headsets, from the low-end to the flagship.

One of the obvious advantages of wired gaming headsets is that they do not require charging, which certainly greatly impacts comfort in the long run. The possibility of damaging the wired connection is one of the most important weaknesses of wired gaming headsets.

These headsets also restrict gamer mobility due to the need for a permanent connection to the system and may not be appealing to all users.

Wireless headsets use Bluetooth connectivity or USB wireless dongles to connect to the gaming platform. These headsets have fewer restrictions and especially do not restrict the movement of the gamer.

On the other hand, considering the process that started in 2016 to remove the 3.5 mm jack from the devices, the wireless headset will probably be a more forward-looking option. Nowadays, charging wireless headsets has also improved greatly, and you can safely use a wireless headset for hours.

However, the need to charge will always be one of the weaknesses of any wireless device. In addition, these headsets are more expensive than wired models and limit the user’s options.

Construction quality

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing a gaming headset (or any other long-lasting accessory) is the build quality. The gaming headset is purchased for multi-hour use, and the build quality has a great impact on the durability and the user’s ease of use.

However, the gamer needs a headset in the most important aspect of his game and competition. If he does not use a good product, the possibility of damage or injury during the game will definitely ruin his experience.

Professional gamers consider buying high-quality gaming headsets to be an investment in their workflow. A quality gaming headset eliminates many of the usual challenges of long gaming, such as neck and ear pain, hearing damage, and more.

Headphones are one of the most important parts of gaming headsets that must be made with high quality.

We see metal as a frame or internal wiring to increase the headband’s durability in professional examples.

Of course, there are quality plastic models on the market, but experts recommend that you avoid buying headsets made entirely of plastic as much as possible. The material of the headband cover that is placed on the head is also important for ease of use. In professional samples, high-quality foam, velvet, synthetic leather, and natural leather are used as headband cover.

Ear cover or gaming headset is one of the parts that directly impact the user experience. These covers are also made of foam, velvet, synthetic leather, and natural leather, and when buying, you should pay close attention to their quality, especially the cushions.

A velvet cover can be considered one of the best options for AirCup. Of course, for much longer durability, leather upholstery is recommended.

The pressure that the headset puts on your ear has a huge impact on the long-term gaming experience. The best way to measure this pressure is to experiment with using a headset. If you wear glasses, be sure to bring them with you when testing the headset.

Do not forget that too much or too little pressure will ruin your gaming experience. The former damages the phone, and the latter reduces the deep sense of the game.

When buying gaming headsets, you should pay special attention to their weight.

However, this equipment will be mounted on your ears and head for a long time and should cause the least possible damage to the body. Of course, keep in mind that heavier headsets are more durable (wireless options are often heavier due to battery usage).

Ultimately, ease of use depends on the user, and only by testing the experience can the best weight be chosen for the headset.

Eliminate noise and surround sound

Gaming headsets are all-around types and offer passive or active noise cancellation to the user. Weak noise cancellation definitely affects the gamer user experience, and you should look for great noise-canceling options as much as possible.

Active noise cancellation is often of higher quality and leads to a deeper feeling in the game. Do not forget that the price increases with the addition of active noise canceling (ANC) to the headset’s capabilities.

Surround sound can be considered as one of the most important features of a gaming headset. Gamers, especially in online and multiplayer games, must have a full sense of the sound of all the situations in the scene to react to the moves as quickly as possible.

Stereo headsets are definitely not suitable for a great gaming experience.

Headsets that provide 7.1 channel surround sound to the user in a natural or even virtualized way are at the forefront of professional gamer choices.

Microphone and other details

As mentioned, gamers need a microphone for various uses, from streaming to communicating with teammates in the game. Gaming headsets are designed to provide the best sound transmission quality. Still, the experience of recording and transmitting audio in different models with different price ranges will certainly not be the same.

Important options to consider in the gaming headset microphone include removing noise and clarity as much as possible and eliminating ambient noise. The placement of the microphone on the headset and even its detachability is essential. Finally, the microphones that use the cover provide better sound quality.

Other factors in choosing a gaming headset include design, which of course, should be a final purchase priority.

However, most gaming applications are indoors, and gamers do not need to use headsets in public environments. On the other hand, users looking for multiple uses of gaming headsets should also consider the design.

The ability to replace and repair any of the parts and equipment of the gaming headset is important for professional users. They pay a lot of money to buy a headset and make sure their accessories are repairable. Do not forget that warranty and after-sales service can also play an important role in buying a gaming headset.