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The 10 Best Offline Android Games To Play

Unfortunately, most of the mobile phone games need the Internet to run. Of course, considering that Internet connection has become an integral part of mobile phones, this issue may not be so troublesome. But what if you don’t have the Internet? Maybe it’s better to have an offline game on your phone at times like this.

You must have encountered the discouraging message “Unable to connect to the server” when you open some games (even simple games like puzzles) due to the disconnection of the phone’s Internet. In such cases, the presence of applications that work without the Internet is felt more than ever. Here, we present you a list of the best offline Android games.

Introducing ten examples of offline Android games – 2023 update

The list of these games is given in full detail in this article. Downloading them from the Google Play Store or other Android application download stores is better.

1- Best Fiends game

  • Size: 327 MB
  • Google Play rating: 5



There are many exciting games in the genre of urchin, and “Best Fiends” is the best of them. The gameplay of this game is straightforward, but its trump card lies in the creativity of its characters, which you get to know over time.

After matching each shape based on color, the game characters will attack the enemies at the top of the screen. The more combos you make with the match, the stronger your attacks will be, so it’s best to try to match as many shapes at once as you can.

2-Data Wing (data transfer)

  • Size: 71 MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.8



Contrary to its simple appearance, the game “Data Wing” is very challenging. In this game, you play the role of a small program, and you have to transfer data from one point to another on a computer. You have to find the right path through the passages of cyberspace to reach the destination.

On the other hand, “Data Wing” is also considered a funny game. During the game, the computer operating system constantly communicates and tells you what to do. The dialogues exchanged are very funny, and I enjoyed the in-game jokes every time I played it.

If you think this game is one of the games that have in-app purchases, you are very wrong. In this game, there is no need to buy and no energy system. Your only concern is how to pass the stages of the game.

3-Word Logic


  • Size: 93 MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.2



If you’re a fan of Word games, chances are you’ll love Word Logic. In this intellectual game, you must arrange and match the jumbled letters with the corresponding image.

In each stage, you will first be presented with a specific topic, such as “foods from different countries” or “cat breeds.” Then, you will come across a series of blocks, some of which contain images and some contain letters. Your task is to arrange these letters and match them with their corresponding pictures.

The only money in the game is gold coins, which you can use to get help from the game guide (hint). You can get these coins by passing each stage, but it is also possible to buy them. Ads are displayed between stages of the game, which you can get rid of by paying $9.99.

4-My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge

  • Size: 103 MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.4



The best description of the strength of “My Friend Pedro, Ripe For Revenge” is the favorable gameplay system of this mobile game. In this game, you play the role of a skilled shooter who must use his skills to save his family against a talking banana. Unlike the strange story of this game, its gameplay is coherent and integrated.

In the original version, the character moves from one place to another by running, but in this version, he does this by jumping. You can move the game character anywhere and reach the destination by jumping. If you encounter an enemy, you can shoot it. The gameplay is somewhat difficult to get used to, but you will get used to it over time.

This game has an in-app purchase. Whenever you get killed in the game, you have to see an ad and then restart the stage you were in (or start from the first stage). Of course, you can remove this ad by paying $2.99. It is worth paying such a fee for a game as attractive as “My Friend Pedro, Ripe For Revenge”.

5-Grimvalor (hard courage)

  • Size: 46 MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.6


The “Grimvalor” offline game is full of subtle details. This popular game in the style of combat with cold weapons is also presented for the Nintendo console. The appearance of the game is extremely simple and smooth, but as you progress in the game, you will realize its depth and complexity. The story of the game is displayed through interspersed screens with words, which is a unique feature of an offline game.

What adds to the appeal of this game is the smooth and appropriate control of the battles. Your character’s attacks are fast and accurate. In this game, you can enjoy the experience of multi-faceted combat with enemies (another confirmation of the challenge of this game). The initial battles of the game are a bit static, but with the progress of the character, you can learn and execute different types of strikes.

The game does not run in a straight line, and you have different paths to advance, each of which places different rooms, treasures and enemies on your way. You can actually complete a stage in several different ways.

The first season of this game is free, but you have to pay $6.99 to use the full version. Of course, it is a small price compared to the quality of the game. If you don’t want to pay for the full version of the game, you can download the game for free by signing up for Google Play Pass.

6-Alchemy Merge

  • Size: 6 MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.6


Although “Alchemy Merge” does not have a new theme and gameplay, in fact, all the strengths of the game are these features. If you’ve played Alchemy before in 2010, it won’t be too difficult to learn this game.

At the beginning of the game, you have four basic elements: air, water, fire, and earth. You have to combine two or three of them to create a new element. Then combine these elements with other elements and create new elements again. You have to keep doing this until you find all 450 elements.

This game also has in-app purchases, but the purchasable items have nothing to do with the gameplay. You can get hints by watching ads in the middle of the game or buy them. There are other things in the game that you can buy.

7-Game Dev Story

  • Size: 40 MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.7



Game Dev Story takes you behind the scenes of how a game development studio works. The main focus of the gameplay of this game is on the formation and development of different video game consoles. The game process includes going through various steps in the same field, such as planning and applying your talents.

Also, you have to deal with other challenges that a studio faces, such as interacting with fans, participating in game maker meetings, advertising, and many other things. The more your company grows, the bigger the building becomes.

Game dev Story can be downloaded for $5.99, but you can get it for free if you are a member of Google Play Pass. There are no in-app payments or in-game advertisements.

8-Archero (heroic archer)

  • Size: 95 MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.3



Archero has won many awards for its innovative and stunning display. How to play the game is very simple and smooth. Your character is an archer, and you have to go through different stages of the game by destroying your enemies. In addition to the simplicity of implementation, the outstanding gameplay of the game plays an important role in maintaining freshness and preventing its monotony.

In the early stages of the game, you can only use your bow while standing. This challenge makes you spend more time powering up your attacks so you can shoot on the move. Another attraction of “Archero” goes back to the time of choosing “power-ups” of the game. After passing each stage, you can choose a random power-up, and you can save them! You need to collect and combine 10 power-ups to perform an all-out attack.


Each chapter of the game has 50 stages, and you have to pass all these stages to enter the next chapters. This game, like most games, has an energy system, but it can be filled by spending a relatively small amount of money.

9-Shootero (space shooting)

  • Size: 84 MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.4


The game “Shootero” is a very simple and smooth game in the style of space shooting games. In this game, you have to control a spaceship, and destroy the obstacles and enemies on your way. In each round of the game you have to fight several waves of attacks and a number of giants.

The interesting thing about this game is its upgrade system. Every time you level up, you can choose an upgrade. These upgrades are applied in the game and you can step by step increase the power of your ship.

In this game, we also see in-app purchases and the related energy system. You can increase your score both within the program and through its purchase. Anyway, you can play this game without any payment.

10-Downhill Smash (crushing hills) – my suggestion

  • Size: 95 MB
  • Google Play rating: 4.4

Downhill Smash is as simple as you’d expect. Your role in this game is a big tire and you have to move through the hills, and your job is only one thing: to crush! By keeping your finger on the screen you can accelerate this tire and you have to push it to the end of the finish line.

During the game, you get a lot of weapons, including guns and rocket launchers, and you have to use them to deal with the obstacles ahead. In this game, it is important to act quickly because the mountain fall is always chasing you. The coins and crystals needed in this game can be collected both through actual purchases and by viewing advertisements.