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Free SEO learning from basic to advanced

Is it possible to learn SEO for free? Do you know how free SEO can affect your business? These days, many people, in order to achieve good sales of all the tools they have, make the most of it. The growth of the Internet and digital marketing has caused the sales method to change completely. The outbreak of the coronavirus disease and its spread among the general public made most people think of buying their necessities on the Internet.

This is what made SEO stand out among people much more than ever before. If you are thinking of using SEO services so that you can expose yourself to everyone, You have chosen the right site to get information about this. Free SEO learning is the most searched on Google these days.

Let’s be honest about this issue. We must say that it is possible in the category of free SEO learning; You cannot get to know all the twists and turns of the SEO path and its tricks. With this in mind, we recommend using free educational videos available on YouTube and other platforms to get started. After learning basic SEO, you should participate in advanced training classes so that you can get to know its principles well.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization makes the website rank in the top links of Google. These days, without the use of SEO, it is impossible to achieve much success in the field of online sales. In order to be able to SEO a site, It is necessary to use the 3 methods introduced by Google.

Why should we learn SEO?

How to become a professional SEO? How long does it take to learn basic SEO? What does SEO mean? Newcomers may have these questions. To get answers to your questions, you need to read the next part of this article carefully. To learn basic SEO and also to become a professional SEO, you need to participate in theory classes and get detailed information about SEO.

After learning basic SEO, it’s time to gain experience, and you should practically start SEO a website. People who have become SEO professionals and are familiar with SEO tricks have progressed step by step. Due to the fact that SEO rules are changing every day, You should read daily to keep up with the latest tricks.

If you learn SEO, It is possible for you to make great sales quickly and place your website in the top links of Google. You can also earn by learning SEO. The salaries of SEO experts are extremely high these days, and they earn a good income. A person who does the SEO work of a site from 0 to 100 is also called SEO.

What steps should we take to learn SEO?

In order to learn SEO, it is necessary to follow the principles that we mentioned many times during this article: be aware. Otherwise, you cannot call yourself an SEO professional. Among other common questions that are searched a lot on Google these days, We can refer to the question of how long it takes to learn SEO. A definitive answer cannot be given to this question Because each person’s learning time is different from another person’s.

With all these interpretations, if you want to become a professional SEO, You need to put all your effort into learning SEO tricks for at least one year. Try to use SEO training videos on different social networks like YouTube. In this case, you can get to know the basics of SEO quickly, from 0 to 100.

Getting to know the basic principles of SEO

To learn the basic principles of SEO and basic SEO, you can attend various training classes held every day in the country. SEO people will teach you all the basics in these classes, and your work will be easier than ever. Of course, keep in mind that you can also use educational videos to improve your SEO literacy.

Benefits of learning SEO

The benefits of learning SEO are so many that you can’t even think about it. These days, most of the sales of products of different companies are done on the website. This has caused a competitive atmosphere among different companies.

sales increase

Increasing sales can be considered one of the most important benefits of learning SEO. In order to be able to achieve good sales in this economic situation of society, You should do your best to find a place for yourself in Google’s top links. In this case, you will easily be exposed to everyone. This exposure will increase your sales incredibly.

Earn Money

The second advantage of learning SEO is earning money. Considering the popularity that SEO has gained among the public these days, Most people are looking to hire an SEO so that they can find a place for themselves in the top links of Google.

If you can learn SEO from basic to advanced in a principled and completely correct way, we promise you that you will be able to achieve an ideal income. Of course, to increase your income, you need to go step by step and research this issue on Google daily. In this case, you will be well acquainted with SEO tricks.

Do all businesses need SEO?

Due to the growth of digital marketing these days, all businesses should use SEO services. Many people who do not have a store website may have the idea that there is a need to use SEO services. In response, we must say that SEO builds trust. If you can use SEO services, your brand will become popular, and people will know you in the geographical area of activity and the whole country.

What are the parts of SEO?

In order to be able to SEO a website, You need to use the three methods introduced by the Google search engine itself. An important point we should mention at the beginning of the work is that you should not think of using shortcuts at all and proceed with SEO work in a principled way.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is one of the most important tricks you need to use to improve your website. It includes many things, the most important of which is content creation. Google bots are very sensitive to copy issues. Accordingly, the content that is placed on the site is needed; It is completely unique and does not have the slightest similarity with other content on other websites. If you can’t write unique and attractive content, There is a need to work with people and groups who do content production; be in contact.

Off-page SEO

Link building is the second trick that is paid attention to in the SEO category of a site. It would help if you got links from other reputable websites to increase your site’s rank. Due to this issue, in a short period of time, Your website is placed in the top links of Google.

Technical SEO

In this method, as the name implies, You should check the site’s technical problems and fix all of them. Without fixing these problems, you cannot expect your website to rank in the top links.

How to learn SEO for free

There are not many ways to learn SEO for free, and you can get to know these methods in general with a simple search on Google. Using different online platforms like YouTube can help you a lot. Of course, don’t forget to use SEO textbooks to learn Google’s tricks.

How long does it take to learn SEO? This question can be considered one of the most frequently asked questions that many people are looking for the answer to. There is no definitive answer to this question and how to become an SEO expert. The cause of this issue can also be seen as the efforts and talents of different people. The more effort you make in this field, the more you can learn SEO tricks.


In this article, an attempt was made to provide general explanations about free SEO learning topics. If you want to be a part of professional SEO, Always do your best to learn new SEO topics. In this case, you can become an SEO professional much faster than you think.