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Teaching the principles of static banner design

Static banner design has its own fans among business owners. Today, with the expansion of the online world, fixed banners are used a lot. Therefore, in order to be more effective, the banner design should be done in a creative and principled way. These types of banners are provided in JPG-PNG formats and GIF banners without animation. To better understand the content, it is necessary to examine the advantages of static banners:

  • Lower volume of the banner
  • Ability to display on advertising platforms
  • No plugin is required for the display
  • No disturbance to the audience

In the fixed banner design, the size of the banner is usually below 60 KB because a frame is used. Therefore, it is loaded faster and takes less time from the audience. It is possible to use fixed banners in most Iranian and foreign advertising platforms easily and with minimal hassle.

Also, in order to display these types of banners on advertising platforms and websites, there will be no need for a plugin. In fixed banners, the message is conveyed to the audience in the shortest possible time because animation is not used. Therefore, it will not cause visual disturbance to the audience. Different companies request work samples from designers to hire a banner designer.


Fixed banner design is very important in the field of marketing and business. In general, without advertising, the audience will not get to know about your products and services, and naturally, they will not become customers. Recently, indirect ways of advertising, such as content marketing, have been introduced, but advertising still plays an essential role in business marketing.

One of the most popular advertising methods in digital marketing is banner advertising. In this way, businesses can identify their target audience by designing an advertising banner. The advertising banner (fixed and moving) tries to attract the attention of the audience to encourage them to click and finally enter the site. In this way, the main purpose of business advertising is successfully accomplished.

By entering the news and content production sites, these types of banners are visible around the pages. Most of the media space and display ads have been filled with banner ads. If a banner is not designed and created in principle and according to standards, it will be lost among a large number of professional banners. As a result, advertising will be a big failure.

What is static digital advertising?

What is static digital advertising? When advertisements are displayed on online platforms such as search engines, social media, websites, etc., they are called digital advertisements. Now, if these types of ads are static, they are made (without any animation or adding animation); they are called static digital ads.

With its information strategy, this type of content creation order brings sellers closer to buyers. Therefore, the contacts go through the purchase decision stage much faster and enter the purchase stage. Digital ads are more influential when they are published in popular media.

In order to increase the audience’s awareness of your brand or business, it is necessary to publish your ads in spaces that are trending. For example, many people are currently using social networks such as Instagram and YouTube. Therefore, publishing advertisements on these types of networks will be very effective.

An important advantage of this type of advertising is the possibility of creating personalized ads. In this case, business owners establish a close relationship with customers, and the possibility of returning their investment increases. Now that the use of virtual space has expanded a lot, the job market of banner design is hotter than ever.

How to design a fixed banner?

The fixed banner design should be done following the basic principles. These basic principles are:

  • Size
  • background
  • Title
  • The text inside the banner
  • Call to Action Button
  • Product image

Banners are designed in different sizes according to the needs of the user and the final goal of advertising. One of the most practical sizes is 250×300. In general, the size of the banners is as follows:

  • Medium size with dimensions of 250×300
  • Wide size with dimensions of 728*90
  • Rectangular size 320*50
  • Size 160×600

The next point that should be observed in the design of the fixed banner is the background color. Since, according to the psychology of colors, each color expresses a concept and emotion, it is very important to pay attention to the choice of background color. In general, the background color strengthens the main message of the ad.

The best banner ad uses only one or two sentences to get its point across. Therefore, it is necessary to choose attractive and short titles and clearly state what you mean by advertising. The type of tone also depends on the business activity. It is necessary that the color of the button (call to action) be different from the background color because the human mind reacts unconsciously to contrasting colors.

Practical tools for static banner design

Using static banner design tools helps designers create banners with higher quality and in less time. The banner designer’s income depends on his skill and expertise. This section introduces some of these tools and examines their features.

These tools include:

  • Snappa (online graphics tool)
  • My banner maker (online banner design tool)
  • Bannersnack (banner design tool)

Features of Snappa

  • Free
  • User-friendly environment
  • High speed in design
  • No need for special skills
  • Ability to access the program and templates

My banner maker features

  • Free (you need to pay to use the advanced version)
  • The possibility of changing the size of the banner without losing quality
  • It is possible to suggest a design sample if you don’t have an idea
  • If you use the paid version, the cost is very low.

Features of Bannersnack:

  • Free (if you use the paid version, you need to pay)
  • Support for several different languages


Fixed banner designs have taken up a large part of digital advertising. It is essential for every business to budget for advertising in order to increase traffic to their site. It is very important to note that advertising should be continuous. Otherwise, you will get no feedback from the ads, and your investment will be wasted.

The more basic the banner design is, the more profitable the business will be. Fixed banner design is also done with the help of Photoshop software. However, the tools introduced in this article are generally specific to banner design. However, getting help from Photoshop can also be a perfect solution.

Each banner design tool has unique features, and the banner makers choose one according to the user’s need and purpose for making the banner. Some of these tools do not support different languages. In this case, it is necessary to install language builder programs in the graphic environment. By using this program, you will be able to use different fonts.