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14 recommendations for interesting advertising banner design

How to make an interesting advertising banner?

1- Using effective sizes

The interesting advertising banner has a suitable size for the advertising space. Websites, applications, and other related virtual spaces where advertising banners are used need appropriate dimensions. The size of the advertising banner in each space is specific to it and is designed in such a way that it has the greatest effect on the viewer. An attractive advertising banner may be square or rectangular and placed horizontally or vertically, depending on its dimensions and size. You can click to learn about the dimensions of the Telegram advertising banner.

2- Maintaining order in the design of an attractive advertising banner

In the design of an attractive and effective advertising banner, the company logo, the proposed value of the brand, and the call to action button should be included. The company logo introduces the audience to the brand and business of the advertising banner. It should be slightly more prominent than the other items (brand value proposition and call-to-action button). The value proposition is the benefits services or products provide the customer. The most attractive part of an attractive banner ad is its value proposition. Call-to-action button design is essential and connects the user from the advertising banner to the landing page. The design of the call to action (CTA) button is very important.

3- Maintaining simplicity in an attractive advertising banner

In the past, it was thought that the busier the banner ad, the more attractive it is. But over time, graphic designers realized that busy and sloppy advertisements have a photo effect. Hence, they are not only unattractive but also repulsive to the audience. An attractive advertising banner is stylish and effective while observing simplicity.

4- Correct and appropriate use of the call to action button

It was mentioned earlier that the call to action button design is extremely important. But this button should not be placed anywhere in the image. The call to action button should be designed in the right place. You can click to learn about fixed and moving banner design services.

5- Creating a specific framework for an attractive advertising banner

Advertising banners that are in the frame are more attractive and effective. It is recommended that the advertising banner has a frame of at least one pixel.

6- Banner text rules

The text of the advertising banner should have the correct font, and it is recommended that the font of the title and the main text be different. The size of the text is also important, and graphic designers generally consider the size of the text to be a little smaller than the size of the title. The entire text should be short so that the audience can see and read the entire text with one eye. Avoid writing long texts and additional explanations. You can apply to place an order for the production of advertising banners.

7- The use of moving images in an attractive advertising banner

They design advertising banners with static and moving images. Experience has proven that an attractive advertising banner is made of high-quality and moving images.

8- Advertising banner compatibility with the website environment

As a rule, the banner published on different websites should be in harmony with the website’s space. This coordination is more in the field of content and topic. Compatibility between the advertising banner and the website environment increases the attractiveness of banner ads.

9- Linking the advertising banner to the landing page of the brand website

Continuation of the above

10- Creating a sense of urgency in the audience

Reading the article “Advantages and Disadvantages of Banner Ads” will help you understand the importance of banner ads. Creating a sense of urgency and necessity in the users and audience of the banner makes the advertising banner attractive to the user. It makes him feel behind others and join immediately.

11- Using high-quality images

High-quality images that are prepared during photography are usually more effective than the photos that are available on the Internet. But if you are not able to use photographed images for any reason, you can use high-quality images available on the internet.

12- Using colors based on their meaning and feeling

13- The volume of the advertising banner output file

The smaller the output file size of the advertising banner, the faster it will be uploaded to websites. Basically, if the size of the advertisement banner file is more than 150 KB, the advertisement file will be bulky and be loaded more slowly on the advertisement page. An attractive advertising banner should be small in size so that it can be uploaded faster.

14- Using the appropriate format for the output of an attractive advertising banner file

Some ideas for attractive banner design

The idea of designing an attractive advertising banner is different depending on the theme of the banner design and the brand story. You can discover and use ideas from nature and everyday life in your advertising banner. Every beginner graphic designer gets inspiration from the ideas and designs of others at the beginning of his career. Just like any artist, a graphic designer can get inspiration from the work of other designers at the beginning of his career. You can click to answer the question, “Are banner ads effective?” If you are looking for inspiration for creative ideas, I recommend visiting foreign and English websites.

Get inspiration from existing ideas and use them in your designs. Ideas are all present in our daily life and are so common and ordinary that we have forgotten them. An attractive advertising banner consists of 90% idea and 10% design. You can click to view the banner design work samples and familiarize yourself with the available samples. It doesn’t matter what space you are designing the banner for; in any case, you can get help from ideas. You can be creative in designing Instagram advertising banners.

Advantages of banner ads

If you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of advertising banners, you should check all the items one by one. Banner ads are known as the best online ads because of their visual appeal. Users are quickly attracted to advertising banners. You can save the time of publishing any banner ads because you reach the destination by using links and coding. Advertiser is allowed to consider various websites for banner ads. The advertiser must create the right conditions for running banner ads to target more customers. If you don’t know whether banner ads are effective, we must say that these ads greatly impact sales.

By using banner ads, your site traffic will increase. The cost of designing a banner is not very high. If the ad is very attractive to the visitor, he will look for more information with various clicks on the ad banner. Therefore, the advertiser must direct the link to the information page. It is very easy to track advertising practices.

Analyzing each campaign can be a great advantage for users to check the advantages and disadvantages of advertising banners constantly. Effective ads have a greater impact on sales and strengthen your branding. If the advertiser’s brand is fully established, adding a few images will attract the viewer’s attention.

Disadvantages of banner ads

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of advertising banners is important for many people. Advertising banners multiply site visits, but the visitors may not be your target audience. In this case, your expenses may be wasted. Visitors who enter your website may enter the website with interest in the topic of the article and do not intend to buy. If your tracking actions and goals are not correct, the possibility of making wrong decisions for data analysis will arise. A wrong decision may cause a waste of money and time.

For publishers, banner ads may not bring much profit. This is known as a loss for them. For advertising banners that are attractive, you should work with experienced people to design a catchy and attractive banner. View our banner design portfolio to learn more about banners. In order for the banner design to be done professionally, you need to provide a fee to the designer. Banner ads can cause clutter and disorder. Some banner ads are more likely to drive users away from the website than to attract them. Know all the advantages and disadvantages of banner ads so that you can use them to sell more of your products.

Integrate other marketing techniques with banner ads.

The integration of each of the marketing techniques for banner ads is very important. Check the banner design cost so that you can choose the best advertising banner. Different techniques are used for advertising banners. Professional designers will implement each of these techniques. Note that each of the marketing techniques has a special method and feature. Accordingly, you alone cannot use marketing techniques for banner ads. Experts who use marketing techniques have received the necessary training for banner design.