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SEO Manager, The Highest Paying job for 2024

Now is the best time to become an SEO manager! It is interesting to know that at this time, the amount of online shopping and internet use has increased by about 40% compared to previous years; Businesses and organizations are turning to SEO more and more every day; What all this means is that the request for hiring a SEO manager and specialist is increasing day by day.

If your dream is to have a demanding, lucrative, and varied job, maybe you were born to become an “SEO specialist”. Especially if you have a hand in digital marketing or website design, you are a learner and you enjoy tackling new challenges!

In this article, we provide you with a complete and comprehensive guide to becoming an SEO manager and expert. From what is this job and the answer to the question “What is an SEO manager” and your duties in this area to income and any question you may have in your mind.




What is an SEO Manager? Familiarity with a job that may determine your future!

The SEO manager is the prince on the white horse of the search results page; Someone who takes your site to the top of Google with his skills; It means the first page of search results and perhaps the first headlines!

Of course, if we want to be more precise, this work is done by the SEO team, and the SEO manager is the one who is responsible for leading this team. As it is actually the plane that takes you to the skies; the pilot has a very important role in guiding it moving it in the right direction and bringing it to its destination.

In the huge world of digital marketing, someone who leans on the chair of “SEO management” has such a role. He leads the SEO team (from SEO specialists to site designers, editors, etc.), gives them strategy, monitors their work progress, and coordinates them with each other. Of course, his job is not only to set strategy and lead the team; But many times he also rolls up his sleeves and takes on tasks in the field of SEO sites. (What are the duties of an SEO manager? We will explain these duties one by one with examples and in simple language in the next title.)

SEO is a multi-faceted field and the job of SEO management includes various tasks and responsibilities. As the old saying goes, in this job you will have one head and a thousand sodas. From finding the smartest keywords to planning the content of the site and optimizing the website technically.

Of course, don’t get it wrong! It does not mean that this job will be complicated and troublesome; Rather, it is a job full of variety and new daily challenges that many people enjoy and are attracted by its variety.


A day in the life of an SEO manager: daily tasks in this job!

Before you step into the world of SEO managers, let’s be a guest in this world for a day and see what awaits you. If you are interested in this job by reading the duties, stay with us in the following article to read how to step into this job.

Now let’s imagine that it’s one morning, you, who are now the SEO manager in this story, wake up, drink your delicious coffee and enter the office. Let’s see what a working day would look like for you in this role:

Market Analysis: An Adventurous Exploration!

It is clear that you, as the SEO manager who is responsible for formulating the strategy for the site, do not base your strategy on anything. Rather, by analyzing the following, you will obtain information that will help you formulate a calculated strategy:

A) Competitor analysis

One of the things you should check in the market analysis is the competitors and their ranking. At this stage, you need to understand who your competitors are and how they rank in search engines.

For example, let’s say your team is handling the SEO of an online clothing store. In this case, at this stage, you are researching the market to see which competitors in the online clothing market are ranking higher in the search engine and what keywords they are using to rank higher. This information will help you improve your SEO strategy and identify the market.

b) Analysis of target customers

Then you go to the analysis of your target customers. You should check what group of people are looking for the products and services you offer; What are their needs and what kind of keywords they use most when they are looking for the product they want.

c) Analysis of traffic and user behavior

You analyze the behavior of users and the traffic of your website and check which pages users enter and exit from; What content is more attractive to your users; How can you make a better user experience for them and make the necessary changes and improvements.

For example, you may find after this analysis that your homepage traffic is high; But as soon as users enter the home page, they leave the site and leave. As a result, you will notice that a job is lagging.

After checking, you will find that to solve this problem, it is better to make the home page content and design more attractive. An interesting and concrete example of a practical, practical and fruitful analysis!

d) Analysis of your site’s ranking

Finally, as an SEO manager, you should not neglect the analysis of your website’s ranking in search engines. Check how your website ranks for relevant keywords and how you can rank higher. SEO testing and analysis tools are tool for SEO managers to continuously review the site.

For example, simple tools like “Search Gool Console” will help you to understand which pages of your site have the most traffic and which keywords are most effective for you.

Formulation of strategy: Draw the road map!



What is your main responsibility as an SEO manager? It is to set up creative and powerful strategies to achieve your marketing goals according to the analysis you have done; And then implement those strategies with the help of the team.

Let’s give a practical example and clarify the story for you:

Imagine that an SEO team manager called “SEO Man” is looking for a way to improve the ranking of his website. By carefully analyzing the market, he realizes that one of his strong competitors has the best ranking in the keywords he wants. But instead of giving up and giving up, SEO Man decides to act strategically.

Using strategic thinking, he decides to focus on other keywords that competitors pay less attention to instead of competing directly with them. This strategy allows my SEO to beat its competition in a certain area and gain a higher ranking in search engines.

This was just a simple example of strategy formulation; As an SEO manager, you must choose smart strategies according to the conditions to get the best results.

Keyword Research: Target Your Targets!

When you log into your admin office, one of your tasks is to find keywords. You should carefully study the relevant market and industry and find the keywords that people are searching for. Then you hand those words over to the content manager to target in the content they write for the site.

SEO Team Lead: Keep the group on track

What is the role of the SEO manager? The task of managers is management. (Hopefully, you won’t say you’re blind!) As an SEO manager, you have a team of SEO professionals working under your direction and overseeing their work.

If your company does not have a content production manager, you may be responsible for supervising the team of content writers; If technical changes are required for the site, there may be several programmers in this team.

Off-page SEO: Maneuver beyond the boundaries of your site!

If you want your site to rise faster on the Google results page, as an SEO manager, you should also include off-page SEO in your SEO strategy. “Off-Page SEO” means going beyond your own website and entering the territory of other sites to improve your ranking and use their credit to improve your site.

For example, the most popular off-page SEO strategy is to “get backlinks” from other sites, which will increase the credibility of your site. As a good SEO manager, you should spend time and set up a great strategy for link building and getting backlinks on related sites.

An important point about the duties of SEO managers:

We hope that you have received a complete and comprehensive answer to the question “What is the duty of the SEO manager”; Of course, let’s also say that naturally, you will not deal with all these tasks every day. You can spread these tasks on different days or even depending on the situation, you may want to leave some of them (such as handling internal SEO, external SEO, and technical SEO) to your team members. But it is clear that you should also closely monitor their work.



How to become an SEO manager? Roadmap to becoming an SEO Manager

Well, you definitely cannot become an SEO manager overnight or expect them to entrust us with the management of optimizing a site with a general understanding of SEO. But you can become an SEO manager by spending a little time and going through a few steps. Here we explain the steps to get this job.

Step 1: Take an accredited course.

Well, it is clear that becoming an expert in anything starts with training. You should see complete and specialized training from someone who is an expert in this work. A course that will fully teach you all the duties that we mentioned as an SEO manager.

Definitely, the training course will bring you to a good level, but you should look for a course that…

  • Teach you SEO in an experiential and practical way
  • Be far from the weaving theory
  • Prepare you to enter the job market

Step 2: Get some experience

Naturally, no one can go from zero to a hundred overnight and become an SEO manager without any experience. After you have participated in the modern SEO course, we suggest you visit a site and practice what you have learned on it. Or you can first be hired as an intern or a basic SEO in a company to gain some experience and get a handle on the work.
Step 3: Get started as an SEO manager!

After you’ve gained some experience and feel you’re ready to become a manager and lead an SEO team, here goes! As we said, we are also with you from the beginning to the end, and at this stage we offer you in the position of SEO management in the job search platform.


10 mandatory skills for SEO managers!

We live in a world where skill comes first. The difference between an SEO who earns 7-8 million a month and an SEO who earns 50 million a month is in these skills.

Strategic thinking: the art of getting from threats to opportunities!

SEO managers must be able to think strategically and purposefully and consider the smartest strategies to achieve business goals based on the circumstances. In the title “What are the duties of an SEO manager”, we gave an interesting example of how to formulate a strategy, which may be useful to go back and read once more.

Project management: the key to organization and coordination

If you are in this role, you will have to plan and monitor several projects at the same time. This requires strong project management skills and the use of appropriate project management software to ensure that everything is organized and delivered on schedule.

Analytical thinking: the key to making the best decisions in a complex world

To become a good SEO manager, you need to learn to look at things in detail and be analytical. If you have been with us until this point, you must have realized how much SEO management of a business requires market analysis, work progress analysis, site performance analysis, etc.

Communication skills: a bridge to communication

SEO managers are in constant communication with their team members as well as employers and clients. You have to deal with dozens of people daily, guide them, listen to their conversations and… so try to improve your communication skills; including the skill of starting communication and conversation, listening skill, power of speech, and…

Conversion rate optimization: the skill of increasing sales

What is one of the most important skills of an SEO manager? An SEO marketing manager must know how to optimize web pages to increase conversion rates; That is, how to convert your web visitors into customers. Let’s take a simple example of increasing the conversion rate of visitors to customers:

You might include a shopping guide on your website that provides advice on purchasing the right exercise equipment for each individual, effective exercises, and performance improvement strategies. By seeing this guide, your customers will see you as a reliable source and the probability of their purchase will increase.

Another example: maybe you want to increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers, by offering stimulating strategies such as discounts or bonuses for purchases above a certain amount.

Obviously, these are just two simple (but practical) examples; But the ability to find creative ways to increase conversion rates is an important and fascinating skill to develop.

Internal SEO: the skill of developing sites!

As an SEO manager, you need to know how to optimize various on-page elements of web pages to help improve your site’s SEO. From optimizing photos to content, tags, titles and…

Technical SEO: knowing the taste of Google!

SEO managers should know what technical factors Google considers for ranking and configure the site based on those factors. From the site loading speed to the health of the links and…

Getting to know copywriting: a magnet to attract the audience

In general, copywriting is the skill of writing attractive, original and unique content for a website or website products and services. As an SEO manager, you don’t need to write the content yourself. (You leave this work to the content team.) But you must have a hand in writing content yourself and be aware of its principles so that you can supervise the creation of high-quality content for the site.