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Microsoft Build 2023 Event; From Copilot And Artificial Intelligence To The New Bluetooth In Windows 11

In This Article, We Will Introduce The Most Important Events And Technologies Presented At The Microsoft Build 2023 Event, Which Is Currently Underway.

Microsoft’s Build Developer event started yesterday and is mostly about integrating the latest artificial intelligence technologies with the company’s tools.
This exhibition, held in virtual and face-to-face formats, focuses explicitly on artificial intelligence, Bing Chat, new tools for Windows developers, GitHub, and the Windows terminal.

During this event, Microsoft unveiled its many developments in cloud services, such as integrating artificial intelligence with Azure and a new analytics system called “Fabric.”

In the following, we will review the essential tools of this company that were introduced during the Microsoft Build 2023 event.

Build 2023 event

Important unveilings of the Microsoft Build 2023 event 

Artificial intelligence plugins

During the Build 2023 event, Microsoft said it uses the same plugin standard as its OpenAI partners. This allows developers to create plugins that integrate with Dynamics, Bing Chat, ChatGPT, and Microsoft 365 Copilot services.

Microsoft’s head of communications, Frank Shaw, told the press. The tech giant also announced the addition of new plugins to support Bing Chat. As part of the Microsoft 365 Copilot project, more than 50 plugins will be announced at the build event, including Thomas, Adobe, Atlassian, Reuters, and Mural. Announced plugins include Kayak, Instacart, Klarna, Zillow, and Redfin.

Copilot is coming to the Edge browser in Windows 11

Microsoft Build 2023

Microsoft also plans to add some Copilot features currently in preview to Microsoft 365 to the Edge browser. This service now responds to Microsoft 365 application requests such as Excel, Outlook, Teams, Word, and PowerPoint. By integrating Copilot and Edge, users can use artificial intelligence to interact with their web browsers.

Windows 11 will also use Bing Chat along with native and third-party plugins. Windows Copilot lets people change settings, open apps, or take other actions using artificial intelligence while integrating with Bing Chat to answer questions over the web.

Media source – Microsoft’s important unveiling at the Build 2023 event

During the Google I/O event, the company introduced features through which AI-generated images and videos can be secretly tagged and identified. At the Build 2023 conference, Microsoft unveiled the “Media Provenance” capabilities that follow the same rule and will be added to the Bing Image Creator and Microsoft Designer services.

Microsoft’s technology will use cryptographic techniques to mark and generate a specific signature for AI-generated content with metadata about its origin. The company also added that the token will comply with standards set by the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), of which Microsoft is a co-founder. The company also stated that the technology would start working with support for native images and video formats.

The Microsoft Store is getting an AI hub.

Microsoft Build 2023

Microsoft Store will also be integrated with artificial intelligence. The app will soon have a dedicated section for AI-based apps and experiences. Developers can also submit their AI-focused apps for the show.

In addition, integrating artificial intelligence with the Microsoft Store will enable the monitoring and scanning of comments in this store. Developers can also populate their listings with AI-generated keyword suggestions to improve search engine optimization.

Dev Home 

In addition to its AI tools, Microsoft integrated Windows as a developer tool with a new feature called “Dev Home.” Available in preview, the feature allows users to set up a learning machine, connect to GitHub, and generate dashboards and other extension apps. Using GitHub widgets to track CPU and GPU performance is also possible.

In addition, Microsoft will add WinGet configuration to the Windows Package Manager to protect the installation process and reduce the installation time from days to hours. The WinGet configuration file ensures you get the software packages’ correct version.


Also, a new storage volume called Dev Drive has been defined, which, according to Microsoft, is designed based on Resilient File System (ReFS) and offers a 30% improvement in build time. Microsoft described the feature as saying that the new performance mode increases protection for developers’ workloads and provides a solution that balances security and performance.

But along with the above feature, developer tools will also receive artificial intelligence technology. For example, Windows Terminal supports GitHub Copilot X and will be able to use the experimental chat experience to use the language inline as well as in chat to learn more about errors, receive essential tricks, and perform actions throughout the terminal. Microsoft also announced plans to add a GitHub Copilot-style AI to other developer tools such as WinDBG.

Windows 11 support for Bluetooth Low Energy 

During the Build 2023 event, Microsoft announced adding Bluetooth Low Energy LE to Windows 11. This feature allows users to connect to devices with minimal battery consumption wirelessly. The company has worked with Samsung and Intel to launch the feature.

Launched last year by the Bluetooth Task Force, Bluetooth LE uses the LC3 audio codec, which supports multi-streaming or the ability to simultaneously transmit audio to multiple devices. This feature also significantly improves hearing aid use, allowing for much less energy throughout the day.

Other technologies introduced at the Microsoft Build 2023 event

Windows 11

The widgets panel in Windows 11 is also getting a minor upgrade. Accordingly, the default view will have a larger layout with a dedicated place for pinned apps and personalized feeds that Windows creates.

The other minor updates are new privacy settings for the user’s presence tracking feature. The screen will automatically lock when you walk away from the device and unlock the device again when you approach. With this feature, you can check which apps can access presence tracking sensor information and enable or disable certain features.

Microsoft also announced adding raw format support by default to Windows 11. Finally, a new VPN icon will also be defined, appearing on the taskbar after connecting to this network. This feature allows you to find out about the VPN connection easily.