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Learn how to convert PDF text files to Word and vice versa

Today, all computer users are familiar with PDF and Word files and are two very popular text formats in the computer world. 

These two text formats are different from each other, you can use any of them according to your needs.

For example, PDF files are available on all systems in the same way, but on the other hand, it is not possible to easily edit Word files.
As a result, since each of these two text formats has its own characteristics, you must convert them to each other to take advantage of each.
In general, there are various ways to convert text files to each other, but you should know that the best and highest quality way is to use special software.
 In this article, we intend to review and teach the best ways to convert text files Let’s talk about each other.


How to Convert PDF to Word and Word to PDF

. Convert PDF files to Word:

The first method is to use special programs and as mentioned before, this method will give us the best and highest quality output. One of these widely used and high quality software is called UniPDF.
 UniPDF software is a free program that allows you to convert your PDF files to Word documents with high speed and accuracy.
With the help of this software, you can convert PDF files to RTF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, HTML or even plain text formats. This software can be installed and run on all operating systems.
The second method is to use online sites to convert files. Most online sites will also provide you with fast and accurate conversion of PDF files. However, not all of them support Persian language.
For example, ConvertFiles site isan easy and very convenient way to convert files, but note that this site does not support Persian language.
In contrast, there is the ConvertOnlineFree site, which not only maintains the quality of the file after conversion, but also supports the Persian language. Note, however, that all of these sites have size limits for their downloaded files.


ConvertFiles : Limits the file size to 250 MB. Offers high quality conversion with OCR support.
ConvertOnlineFree : Limits the file size to 30 MB. Is a good option but lacks OCR support.

The third method is to use the Office program itself. Newer versions of Office can convert PDF files to Word. In the Word program, select the File option from the menu at the top of the page.

Convert PDF file to Word and vice versa

 Now in the opened page from the left, select the Open option and then select the PDF file you want. You will see that Word will do the conversion and then your file will be available for editing and you can save it as a text file.

Convert PDF file to Word and vice versa

Convert Word files to PDF:

Converting Word text formats to PDF is very easy and you can do it easily through Word program. So when saving a text file, when you want to select the name and path to save in the Save as type field, you must select the PDF option. Your file will be saved in PDF format easily.

Convert PDF file to Word and vice versa

2 . But another way to do this in Word is to use the Export option. First select the File menu and then select the Export option from the left. Now click on Create PDF / XPS on the right side of the page.

Convert PDF file to Word and vice versa

In the opened page, after specifying the file name and storage location,
click on the Publish option to save the file in PDF format.

Convert PDF file to Word and vice versa