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Is The Social Network Instagram Threads (Threads) The Killer Of Twitter?

Is The Social Network Instagram Threads (Threads) The Killer Of Twitter?

A Few Hours Ago, The Meta Company Released The Social Network Instagram Trades As A Competitor And Maybe A Replacement For Twitter. But Will Threads Be Able To Overtake Twitter?

The social network Instagram Threads (Threads) started working to replace Twitter and attract users to this social network. Threads are the same as Twitter, with a few more small features than the Bluebird, although it seems it still has a long way to reach a stable state regarding software and functionality. But the main question is, can Threads overtake Twitter and gain all its accumulated credit over the years?

In the following, we tried to answer this question by examining some aspects, staying with Gadget News.

What is the social network Instagram Trades?

In short, Threads is a fairly imperfect copy of Twitter and Blue Sky; It has some Twitter features and some it doesn’t. But thanks to its integration with Instagram, it allows members to seamlessly activate their Threads account, transfer their Instagram credentials to Threads, and start posting something exactly like a tweet with a limit of 500. make a character. Of course, features such as stories and creating user forums are among the advantages of Trades over Twitter. Still, there is no significant advantage over Twitter or Blue Sky in Trades.


10 million users in just 7 hours

As we said, the Trades social network was released a few hours ago; Just after 7 hours, about 10 million users joined Trades, making a lot of noise. Some media even mentioned this event as a serious threat to Twitter and the start of an alarm for this social network.

But does attracting this number of users in a short period mean the success of Trades and the end of Twitter?

Not at all!

Cage fighting, Zuckerberg’s propaganda kicks off for Threads.

We need to go back a bit to understand that attracting 10 million users for Threads in a short time is not strange. Meta has been considering introducing a competitor to Twitter for a long time. Still, the Bluebird was so firmly established among users that it might be better to say that Meta never dared to introduce Trades. But with the arrival of Elon Musk, everything changed. The changes and limitations of Elon Musk on Twitter raised the voice of all users of this social network and now was the best opportunity for Zuckerberg to introduce his replacement.

But Zuckerberg’s release of Twitter’s rival required a tussle with Elon Musk to prepare everything for the Threads unveiling. After exchanging short messages between Musk and Zuckerberg, the subject finally called for a fight in the cage and caused quite a stir, A war that never happened but set the stage for the publication of Threads as Zuckerberg’s final blow to Musk.

On the other hand, we should not forget that according to the latest statistics, Instagram now has 2.35 billion active users in the world, and now that Threads is fully integrated with Instagram, it was by no means out of the question that many people would want to try Threads for once.

Can Threads Replace Twitter?

Is Zuckerberg more famous than Elon Musk?

We mentioned above that by buying Twitter, Elon Musk made changes in this social network that made everyone’s voices heard. Although some of Elon Musk’s changes have upset the bluebird users, can Zuckerberg eliminate it by releasing a Twitter competitor? Is Zuckerberg more popular than Musk?

In response, we must say no!

Since the establishment of Facebook as Zuckerberg’s launch pad, one of the biggest criticisms has been the software problems and weaknesses that this social network has had. An issue that has been strongly felt even after the launch of WhatsApp and Instagram, and users have always complained about the shortcomings and delays of these platforms.

An obvious example is the many advantages of Telegram compared to WhatsApp, which has always been the focus of users, and it can be safely said that WhatsApp has never reached the feet of Telegram with all its fuss.

There are also problems with Instagram, which no longer has an account limit, and without a doubt, the fact that Instagram is unrivaled or perhaps the first has made users inevitably use it. This topic showed itself well with the introduction of Tik Tok and this social network quickly became a fierce competitor for Instagram.

Privacy has always been a big problem for Mark Zuckerberg and his platforms. From time to time, there are big controversies about violating users’ privacy on meta platforms, making users distrustful of Zuckerberg’s tools.

It is well known that the meta group and the head of it, Mark Zuckerberg, have not created a good memory of their platforms in the minds of users that they can take the users of that social network by introducing a competitor for a powerful platform like Twitter. Attract.

Is there a place for parallel platforms in today’s world?

But aside from the issues raised above, let’s look at this issue from another perspective. Is there a place for parallel platforms in today’s world?

In response, we must say yes, but what if!

In short, if a parallel platform (copy) has much more features than the competing platform, has solid support and credibility, and also the competing platform has many problems, users may favor it.

But there are also many examples that even with most of the above conditions, they still could not replace their powerful competitor; Telegram is an obvious example of this example; despite the many problems of WhatsApp and its many advantages, it is still far away from The number of active users lags behind WhatsApp.

On the other hand, Twitter is by no means a defective platform, and even with the changes and problems that Elon Musk created for it, it still has 450 million active users and does its job well. It seems unlikely that Trades’ social network, as a competitor and alternative to Twitter, has a chance to attract Twitter users.

What motivates Twitter users to migrate to Threads?

But the most important factor in the success or failure of Tedros is the migration of Twitter users to its alternative, Me, ta. However, we must first consider the reason for migrating from Twitter to Tedros.

The social network Twitter has now become a medium in which a large part of the goal of active users is to have a forum for commenting. For example, Twitter is the only media where even politicians and famous people from the government publish official statements, make official comments, and change the political equations of the world from this platform; To the extent that now Twitter plays a decisive role in presidential elections or similar cases in many countries of the world.

Twitter has given its users much media power, gained over time and through continuous activity for most of these users. It seems unlikely that anyone will start again from scratch to earn this credit on a platform. start up

That being said, even if Twitter has many weaknesses, there is still very little chance for Threads to attract or force the migration of active Twitter users with millions of followers and lots of credibility.

Instagram is the only chance to trade.

But perhaps the biggest chance of the social network of Trades is Instagram. A popular social network that, despite many problems, still has about 2.5 billion users worldwide, and if Twitter has enough appeal for these users, it can become a fierce competitor for Twitter.

However, we should not forget that the use of Twitter and Instagram are fundamentally different. For this reason, the gender of these two social networks will be completely different, and it is unclear whether Twitter is attractive to Instagram users.

Of course, it is possible that Zuckerberg’s main goal in creating Trades is to create a much more informal space than Twitter for ordinary users to publish Instagram-like content with a Twitter theme in Trades!


According to the things mentioned in this article, we must conclude that the social network Trades does not have much chance to replace Twitter; In the best case, maybe it will attract the opinion of Instagram users, in which case the content of Trades will be very different from Twitter. In the worst case, it may fail and never be liked by users.

In any case, time will tell, and it is better to give this new social network some time to see the result.