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Introducing the Top 11 Graphic Design and Photo Editing Software in the World

In the continuation of our attractive series of practical tutorials, we will introduce you to the top 11 software in the field of graphic design and photo editing. You can use these applications or software to design catalogs, logos, business cards, brochures, posters and more. 

1. Photoshop General Edition Graphic Design

Graphic Design, Photoshop is the most advanced photo editor in the world – as far as “Hoover” or “Google” is concerned. You might think that Adobe is the unconditional hero of the photo editor, but it depends on what you use. There are a wide range of acceptable alternatives in Photoshop, some costly and some free (go to page 2 for free programs), but this is a list of the best photo editors in addition to the all-in-one Photoshop software program.


2- Adobe Lightroom CC

• Platform: Windows / Mac

• $ 9.99 / ۹ 9.98 (per month)

Adobe Lightroom lets you keep all your photos in one place, and organize, edit and share. Many designers prefer to use Lightroom because they can manage complex image problems. Photoshop is not designed to create everyday tasks and raw files. With Lightroom, you can save images to your PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device, and even transfer photos automatically from your phone to Lightroom. So when you make an edit and do something you love in one place, it automatically updates anywhere else and takes care of itself by syncing,

3- Affinity PhotoSJd2D57kJJawRaFkHzLAjE-650-80

Affinity has quickly replaced Photoshop.

• Platform: Mac, Windows, Apple

$ 49.99 / ۴ 48.99

We can never hide our interest in Affinity Photo, especially since it is available for Windows and iPad PCs as well as MacOS, and that it is a free alternative to Photoshop that everyone can enjoy. The latest version has amazing features, including full HDR integration support, 360-degree photo editing, macro recording and batch processing, as well as a mapping workspace that enables you to convert any image – whether it’s a standard JPG Or an HDR photo – turned into a dramatic scene, there are details you never realized.

4- Popular Corel draw software

An image of the CorelDRAW environment

• Platform: PC

$ 79.99 / ۶ 69.99

CorelDRAW, commonly used for design and less for image editing, supports both vector and pixel modes. It is a fully professional graphic design software. You can use this software to design vectors or do pagination in a completely professional way. Multidimensional design and routing tools This software is very efficient for design. The photo editing capabilities of this software and its website design tools are unique in their kind. With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and its unique features for editing images and working with fonts, professional graphic design tools and site design, you can increase your creativity in design.


5- Photoshop CC



• Platform: Windows / Mac

• From $ 19.99 / ۱۹ 19.97 (per month)

Photoshop CC is brilliant and has many features that can be summed up in this small space – but you can learn more in Photoshop CC 2017 review and explore its capabilities in more of our Photoshop tutorials. There is no doubt that Photoshop is an incredibly impressive software and photo editor; But the cost is monthly.

6- Acorn


Acorn contains non-destructive filters

• Platform: Mac

• $ 29.99 / ۲ 28.99

Image editing software Acorn software was released in 2007 and has edited entertainment and art with a super affordable budget compared to other photo editing software. Features include layer style, non-destructive filters, curves and surfaces, blending modes, and more. Acorn 6 has non-destructive filters that include a great interface for filtering chains to create unique effects. You can even save and change your filters after closing and restoring your Acorn image.

7- Photoshop Elements36152e5bc91dbabcca3458974937f811-650-80

There is something between Photoshop and Touch. Elements is a powerful standalone application

• Platform: Linux / Windows / Mac

$ 79.99 / ۸ 86.56

This is a basic alternative to Photoshop CC, which is reflected in its fast-paced, but I don’t think that means less power than the hood. Also, unlike Photoshop CC, Elements does not require a subscription. Now in the 2018 version, with better corporate tools, smart editing tools such as the ability to open your eyes, an option to print photos, and features to share images through social media are easier.  Read the Photoshop Elements review

8- DxO OpticsPro


There are limits, but overall what it does is great

• Platform: Windows / Mac

$ 109 / پ 99 for essential version

$ 167/۱ 159 for the elite version

Optics Pro 11 does nothing but reduce what it does. The results are impressive, but it is a specialized and sometimes complex tool to use. This is probably the best raw converter of all, but it’s just about everything. The DxO Optics Pro automatically compensates for the amount of differential, color distortion, softness and edge softness commonly found in all digital camera lenses. This program is a raw converter, and DxO has applied this process as scientifically precisely as its lens modification. You can browse the images on your computer, folder by folder, then select an image and convert / modify from the default settings or a range of presets. The results are excellent. However, it can never be your only image editing tool.

9-  Camera +


Apple users and then reached the iPhone.

• Platform: iOS

$ 2.99 / ۲ 2.99 for iPhone

• $ 4.99 / £ 4.99 for iPad

The Camera + app that comes with the iPhone by default is not brilliant: Yes, you can use it to take quality photos, but it doesn’t give you a very creative editing result. This is where camera + excels. It has two parts: a camera and a photo editor, and it is safe to say that it is a very advanced camera with a wide range of advanced features. Camera + doesn’t just limit you to editing new photos – you can import your existing photos into Lightbox so you can breathe new life into them.

۱۰- Pixelmator


Mac workflow with Pixelmator tool is very fast.

• Platform: Mac

• $ 29.99 / ۲ 28.99

Pixelmator uses Mac OS X image files to create fast and powerful photo editing tools that allow the software to integrate seamlessly with iPhoto, Aperture, and iCloud. There are also domestic export tools for Facebook and Flickr. Color correction tools such as Hue / Saturation, Shadows / Highlights and Contrast are all available, and Pixelmator supports filters and comes with a set of 150 filters to open with. You can also open and save images in many popular formats, including PSD, TIFF, PDF and PNG. Layers are saved when saving or opening Photoshop documents, allowing you to effectively integrate with photos of your colleagues who use Adobe software.

11-  Handy PhotoHVhE6bMH25y3qNNyKFNxjE-650-80

Handy Photo is all about the tool interface and photo editor.

• Platform: iOS / Android

۲ 2.99 / ٫ 2.99 for iOS

$ 2.85 / ۲ 2.89 for Android

The key to selling a Handy Photo Editor is its user interface, which uses the corners of the page to serve to rotate menu options. This feature is designed to keep the center area of ​​the screen lit, allowing you to use dragging to move your effects up or down.


This app is a powerful photo editor. The UI is not fun for everyone, but it is an amazing price to pay off. The ‘Move Me’ tool enables you to move and move objects, resize or slide them.