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Complete text writing tutorial in Photoshop (and editing options)

Typing tools

They are tools that you will use when you want to add a section to Photoshop documents. There are four different types of expression that can be used both horizontally and vertically. 

Note that when you create a section in Photoshop, a new layer is added to the layers.


Create the original type

1. From the Tool Palette, select the Horizontal Type Tool key.

2. Click and drag Character Palette to create a text form. Release the mouse when you reach the desired size.

3- Use Tool optiont Palette or character palette for the desired font and size.

4. Type your text.

5. Select the More Tool to disable typing and move the text box to the desired location.

Edit type

1. Select the desired layer from the Layers box.

2. From the Tool Palette, select the Type Tool key.

3- Click on the text and highlight it.

4. To edit text, type or use the Tool option Palette.

Edit type frame

1. From the Layer Palette, select the layer you want to edit.

2. From the Tool Palette, select the Type Tool key.

3- Click on the text to activate the typing form.

4. Move the cursor over a corner of the form to create a two-way arrow and click and drag the form to the desired size.

Types of typing tools

1- Horizontal typing tool 

2- Vertical typing tool 

3- Masked horizontal typing tool 

4- Masked vertical typing tool 

Tool Options Palette


Typing tool options

The typing toolbox appears wherever the typing tool is. This is where you can change the font, size and color of the text. But be aware that there are other options in the paragraph box.

Character palette

Paragraph box and character

To open the paragraph and character box in Windows, go to the menu and select the character and paragraph.

Paragraph Palette

Character Palette

When editing text in Photoshop, you can also go to the character box. One of the features of the character box is that it provides you with more programs such as synchronizing, following and guiding.


Paragraph Palette

Paragraph box is very useful and useful if you are working on a paragraph or long text.

Warp Text option from MenuWarp Text Dialog Box

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