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Introducing the best program for making professional clips on Android, iPhone and computer

Introducing the best program for making professional clips on Android, iPhone and computer

Most likely, it has happened to you that you want to make a clip using your recorded images or videos and you don’t know where to start; Because you may not know the best professional clip maker program. Of course, the adjective “best” has a different meaning for everyone, beginner users consider a simple user interface the best, and for professionals, performance and complete tools are the most important priority. Of course, don’t worry because we will check the best clip maker at every level according to your needs.

Before introducing the best professional clip maker, it is good to mention a few points. It doesn’t matter whether you want to download an educational video these days or you are looking for an entertaining video for other platforms, in any case, there are many sources available from YouTube to Pinterest, and you can download the video you want from these sources. And after editing, create and use a professional clip.

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All these platforms have their own settings and rules. Most of us are familiar with the methods of downloading from YouTube, but it is possible, for example; We are not familiar with a platform like Pinterest, even though it is an excellent source for downloading photos and videos. In a separate article, 19 Kala discussed how to download videos from Pinterest and pointed out related points; So if you like to visit this platform and use its videos to make clips, this article can help you.

Now the question arises that why should we use programs called clip making software? In response, it should be said; You can make professional clips yourself with a phone and even display them on these platforms and don’t worry about copyright. There is no need to obsess about having the best phone, and we assure you that no matter what price you pay for the phone, provided it is a smartphone, in the end, with a useful professional clip making program, you can make the best clips like a professional editor. make the

The best professional clip maker program

In fact, making and watching educational videos has become one of the educational methods these days. Even many jobs have been created that allow you to earn money by making educational videos for certain organizations, so it is very important that you can find the software for creating clips with beautiful effects, because creating content and sharing it in the form of video In Instagram and YouTube, it is another work that many users have done, of course, a professionally edited video. For this reason, we decided to introduce you to a list of the best professional clip makers and by reviewing them, we will make a convenient choice for you when making clips and editing videos. Also, for editing videos for social media such as Instagram, YouTube, etc., if If you need an editor, we have introduced the best professional video editing program for Android and iOS in a separate article.

To create clips and videos, there are many programs, each of which has a unique feature, but apart from the tools of each editor, the most important issue is the quality of the final output, which has a significant impact on user satisfaction. In this area, many software companies have begun to create programs for various platforms such as Windows, Android and iOS, and in the continuation of the professional clip maker article, we will introduce and review the best program for making professional clips.

Introducing the professional clip maker program for Android

These days, Android users are much more than before and since the price of Xiaomi phones is very affordable as an Android device, it has caused the number of Android phone users to increase day by day and many of them are no longer interested in working with computers. They prefer to edit their clips with their personal phones. For this purpose, we will introduce some of them as the best program for making clips with photos and videos for Android.

Adobe Premier is a professional program for making clips

You are probably familiar with the famous company “Adobe” and have worked with specialized programs of this company such as “Photoshop”. This company, which has extremely powerful programs for photo editing, is very popular among users. One of the strongest and best clip making programs for Android is “Premier”, which provides you with almost the most complete tools possible for editing, and with its mobile software, you can easily make professional videos, and for example, you can use a Samsung phone that has a strange price. And don’t be weird, do great things to make an attractive clip. Of course, it goes without saying that the computer version of this program is extremely professional and, of course, complex, and is perhaps one of the top 5 video creation and editing programs for the computer, but considering that the target audience of this article is mostly beginners, we decided to use simpler alternative programs as We want to introduce a professional clip making program and for this reason we did not mention it in this article.


Important features:

Adjusting the light and brightness of the video
Various effects and filters
The possibility of making videos manually and automatically
Schedule setting
Ability to delete parts you don’t like
The ability to add audio and music to the video
Ability to adjust video speed
Clip storage with maximum quality
The possibility of sharing files on social networks
Fairly complete tools
Being free (most features)

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The best professional VideoShow clip maker

If you are a blogger and interested in creating and editing Blog Video, VideoShow is one of your best choices. This program is one of the most complete and best programs for making Android clips, which is completely free and you can use your creativity in it. Also, its simple user interface makes working with it enjoyable.

Important features:

Having a variety of effects
Ability to add music and sound to video
Professional and fairly complete tools for editing
Ability to set background, frames and filters
Fast and easy sharing on social networks

VivaVideo app

In the continuation of the tutorial on how to make a professional clip with a phone, one of the popular Android applications that you have definitely heard of and has many fans is “VivaVideo”. This program, which was initially made with the purpose of making short videos, after its great success and being updated, was also prepared for making long and specialized videos. The simple and powerful user interface, along with various filters and effects, has made more than 200 million users to download and use it, and consider this software the best professional clip making program for Android.

Important features:

Various filters and effects
Simple user interface
Ability to schedule professional videos
Ability to add text to images and have different fonts
Adjust video speed
Ability to play reverse clip
The ability to add sound and music to the clip
Create a preview and view it before construction
The possibility of multiple filming
Selfie camera and 9 special default lenses
The ability to use animated images and gifs


Google Photos

All other users, especially Android users, are familiar with the popular and user-friendly program “Google Photos”. This clip making program, which is usually installed by default on most Android phones, besides being a good gallery, also has the ability to make clips automatically. Using artificial intelligence, Google Photos recognizes photos related to a specific occasion and turns them into clips. Of course, you can also do some things like changing the theme with it.

Important features:

Equipped with artificial intelligence
Making clips automatically
High speed

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