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keyword research tools for beginners

Introducing keyword research tools for beginners

Keyword research tools for beginners are divided into free and paid categories. SEO professionals should find keywords that match the main keyword and provide it to the author. Keyword research is difficult for ordinary people. Hence, training should be done to use the keyword research tool.

Every specialist should master several programs. As a rule, it is not possible for people to master all the tools. Choose a few keyword research tools according to your work and profession. Stay with us in the rest of the article to learn about the “keyword research tool for beginners.”

What does keyword research mean?

The author needs main and secondary (related) keywords to order content production and prepare textual content. Relevant keywords are obtained during the keyword research process. Keyword research is the process of extracting popular keywords typed by the target audience.

The main source of the keyword research process is search engines. How do keyword research tools work? Keyword research tools are unlimited! How to use each keyword research program is different.

Using the principles and rules of SEO, the author uses keywords in the text. Hence, the level of textual content of the website is improved, and, in the same way, the ranking of the website is also increased. The keyword research process is completed by analyzing, comparing, and prioritizing keywords—a keyword research tool for beginners with audience research.

How do I find popular keywords?

  1. Using Google suggestions
  2. Checking related Google searches
  3. Using keyword research tools
  4. Using analyzers and statisticians
  5. Checking the report (effect) of advertisements
  6. Examining question-and-answer websites
  7. Reviewing Wikipedia
  8. Monitoring competitors’ websites

What is the best free tool for keyword research?


One of several keyword research tools for beginners is the free WordStream tool. This program can integrate with various PPC channels, including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Bing. WordStream is one of the PPC click advertising tools.

Hence, small and medium business owners can use PPC click ads. Business owners can use this program to find hundreds of keywords relevant to their website content and ads.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool for keyword research in the digital marketing space. With this tool, you can use Google search engines to measure the popularity of the main keywords in specific time periods. The main use of Google Trends is to optimize the website and find keywords (related) popular among users.

Google Trends is free, and users can use it to check the statistics of their geographical area within a certain period of time. By using this program, the ranking of the website is improved.

Keyword planner

The keyword research tool for beginners should be a complete and powerful program whose main source is Google. The use of Keyword Planner is to create related keywords, measure the importance of each keyword, use keywords, and calculate the amount of traffic for each keyword. Hence, Keyword Planner uses Google data. Keyword Planner is able to get useful information when advertising on Google. In this way, the SEO of the website is improved.

One of the keyword research tools for beginners is All features and functions of this tool are free. Users can find and select long-tail keywords using this program. The source of the provided keyword list is Google. This tool should be used to create content so that the needs of the audience can be identified and resolved. Hence, increase your website traffic.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a completely free tool that is extremely efficient in the field of content creation. Using this program, users can find questions, topics, topics and any search results that are related to your keywords. Hence, the author answers relevant questions in his textual content to attract users. This program is capable of increasing website traffic.


The free tool for keyword research is unlimited! One of the free SEO tools is Keyworddit, whose source is Reddit keywords. Reddit is a large social network that is considered the most important source of daily news in the world. Every day, millions of people visit Reddit and talk about different topics. Reddit is great for English topics and is not suitable for Persian keywords.

Keyword Surfer

Six free keyword research tools have been introduced to you. The seventh keyword research tool for beginners is Keyword Surfer.

This program examines the keywords and analyzes the pages that are displayed in the search results. Zero to hundred use of this program is free, and users can get good information from it. The use of this program is to estimate search results, suggest suitable keywords, and check domain traffic and the popularity of suggested keywords.


Soovle app resource is not limited. It is one of several keyword research tools for beginners that uses Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and Amazon searches to find relevant keywords. All keywords are provided to the user separately in CSV format. The features and capabilities of this program are free.

Tips on choosing the right keywords

  1. Selecting the keyword from the audience’s point of view: Audience analysis complements the keyword research process.
  2. Preparation of a list of related keywords: The output of the keyword research tool for beginners is a list of keywords related to the main keyword.
  3. Long tail keywords: Long tail keywords should be used in choosing the right keywords.
  4. Using the Google Adwords tool: Adwords is a great tool for advertising at the Google level.
  5. Take statistics using Google Trends: with this tool, you can understand which keywords are searched the most.
  6. Website SEO for internal pages: Internal pages are the best choice for keyword optimization.
  7. Examining the competitors’ websites: By observing the performance of their websites, it is possible to provide a basis for improvement.
  8. Getting help from experts: Only experts and skilled people can use the most useful keyword research tools.
  9. Identifying your goals: Business owners have goals that they must specify from the production of textual content.
  10. Updating keywords: Every textual content must be updated.

Last word

In this article, several keyword research tools were introduced for beginners. Ded9 Group takes the first word in the field of content creation and keyword research. If you’re looking to learn more, watch the tutorial videos. In addition, you can read the contents of the Ded9 website. Improve your scientific level and knowledge with us.