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Introducing Asp.Net, Its Advantages And Disadvantages is one of the platforms made by Microsoft. is for creating web pages and related technologies. In fact, it can be said that this platform is an integral part of Microsoft.NET.

That is why it has become a valuable tool for programmers and developers.

This platform allows this group of people to create rich and dynamic websites and applications using compiled languages ​​such as VB and C #. In the following, we will acquaint you more fully with the advantages and disadvantages of So follow us to the end of the article.

Introduction to

As mentioned, is a platform for tasks such as web development. Also, this platform is a kind of programming model that shares various capabilities. For example, it provides a comprehensive software infrastructure with the various services needed to build powerful web applications that can be used on both PCs and mobile phones. runs at the top of the HTTP protocol. It also uses HTTP commands and policies to communicate with the server. In fact, it uses these commands to set up communication as well as cooperation.

Special category for is part of the Microsoft .Net platform. The programs you see in ASP.NET are actually compiled code that has different purposes for writing them. Extending usable components and objects in the .NET framework are examples of these goals.

Also, the code in can take full advantage of all the hierarchies that exist within the .NET framework and platform. Code for can also be for using the following languages:

  • C #
  • Visual Basic.Net
  • JScript
  • J # is used for a variety of reasons. These include the production of interactive web applications as well as applications based on Internet data. Also, to be able to create HTML pages, the code needs to be configured and manipulated.

Frame components in

Common Type System

Common Type System is used when we want to establish language communication during execution. In fact, this part of the framework should follow the instructions for using and managing the language.

Metadata and Assemblies

Metadata is actually binary information that describes programs. It is also a portable executable file (PE) in memory. Assembly is also a logical unit consisting of an assembly manifest, IL code, and a set of resources such as image files.

Windows Forms

Windows Forms contains a graphical representation of each window displayed in the application.


ASP.NET is the web development model, and AJAX is the ASP.NET extension for developing and implementing AJAX capabilities. ASP.NET AJAX contains component components that allow the developer to update the data on the website without reloading the entire page.


This technology is used to work with data and databases. This technology also has the ability to provide access to data sources such as SQL Server, OLE DB, XML, etc. ADO.NET allows you to connect to data sources to retrieve, manipulate, and update data.

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

This technology plays a very helpful and effective role in building workflow-based applications in Windows. This includes activities, workflow time, design, and engine-related rules.

Windows Presentation Foundation

This provides a wall between the user interface and the business logic. The technology also helps develop stunning visual relationships using documents, media, 2D and 3D graphics, animations, and more.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

This technology is used to build and run connected systems.

Windows CardSpace

This technology has the ability to provide the necessary security to access resources and share personal information on the Internet.


The last component of the framework that we can explore is LINQ. This technology can bring data query capabilities to Net languages. Transfer using a syntax that is similar to the traditional SQL query language.

Benefits of has been able to offer many advantages and disadvantages, each of which has been able to attract the attention of many developers. That’s why we want to tell you some of the benefits so that you can become more proficient and familiar with

1- Following the MVC architecture

ASP.NET follows the MVC architecture, which allows the program to enter, process and output separately. This three-tier architecture, known as Model-View-Controller, has interconnected components and can manage specific aspects of software development.

2- Reduces coding time.

This technology and platform,, helps a lot in reducing coding time. You will find this advantage, even more, when you are developing big plans that can be for the growth of your business and jobs. There are many different ways to review code, so you have no chance of writing bad code. Code review also helps you improve code quality.

3- It consists of some features outside the box.

ASP.NET has been able to offer advanced performance and scalability. It also improves performance and performs several degrees higher with features such as timely integration, early connectivity, native optimization, and storage services. The code used in this section is not interpreted like traditional ASP pages.

4- World-class toolbox

This framework comes with an incredibly rich toolkit through the integrated Visual Studio development environment. This toolbox acts as a very important building block for the framework and helps the developer to create applications very quickly. The toolbox is very famous for its various features. These features include options such as the following:

  • Drag-and-Drop server controls WYSIWYG editing
  • Automatic deployment

5- It offers a lot of strength and flexibility.

The framework language is based on common language runtime. So all web developers can take advantage of the flexibility and power of the entire operating system. It is also an independent language platform. So you can choose the language you want for your application or even split your application into several different languages.

6- Simplicity

At any special task can be done easily. From the simplest tasks to the most complex ones, some instructions can be easily done. The common language runtime has the ability to simplify the development process. This is done using various services, one of which is the automatic counting reference. This framework also allows you to create multiple user interfaces. These relationships can do many things. One of the most important of these activities is to separate the application logic and the provided code from each other.

7- Ability to adjust and develop

The fully factored structure of this framework,, is a great help to developers. For example, developers can easily extend or replace the ASP.NET runtime subset with the help of their custom components. It has become even easier to implement.

8- High security in

Security is a good feature on the platform. You can extend the security of your programs through Windows authentication and configuration features. In this way, you can put aside all your worries and do your work with peace of mind.

9- Management capability

The excellent management feature of helps through its text-based hierarchical configuration system. And because these configurations are in plain text, you can use local management tools to apply new settings. This is much easier without the need to restart the server or run them separately or replace the running code.

The excellent management feature that this platform brings with it is a text-based configuration system. Also, since these configurations are embedded in the system in the form of very simple text, you can use the local management tools to make the new settings you want, and take more advantage of this.

It is also important to note that you will not need to restart the server or implement the code separately to do this. This will make it easier to manage and do many other things. There is also no need to replace the code to apply the new settings.

10- Benefiting from continuous supervision

Continuous monitoring is an incredible feature of ASP.NET. That way, you do not have to worry about the status of your programs, existing components, and pages. This platform monitors any illegal events and if something happens (for example, a memory leap from infinite loops), it starts working again immediately after destroying the activities.

11- Cross-platform exit

The language framework allows easy switching, configuration, and deployment between software platforms.

Now that you are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the pros and cons article, it is best to familiarize yourself with some of its pros and cons. In the following, we will fully acquaint you with the disadvantages of So follow us to the end of the article.

Disadvantages of ASP.NET

Before you start working with, you need to make sure you understand enough about its drawbacks. This will allow you to achieve better results and follow a growing path.

1- Security in

You may be surprised to find this option. Because security was one of the top features we introduced to you in the benefits of the platform. But naming it for weakness is not too much; Rather, the sole purpose was to provide more solutions to program care.

2- Costly

The second disadvantage we can say about is that it is not expensive and economical, which is very important for many people. When you compare with open source options and offers, you can easily see the higher costs.

Because you need to pay different fees to use some features and have access. For example, on the platform, you have to pay for SQL Server permissions, Visual Studio permissions, Windows server permissions, and so on.

This will allow providers and hosts to receive additional services for a fee. In addition to all this, maintaining has its own costs and is somewhat expensive.

As a result, you may have to use much more web server resources than other languages. PHP is one of the best and most ideal languages ​​for this and has been able to have its own users and customers. Of course, it should be noted that using PHP will require more web server resources.

3- Insufficient documentation

The documentation on is not as large as you would like it to be. This is why you may encounter various problems while doing certain tasks. One of the activities that are severely lacking in these documents is building MVC programs.

4- The net score is not good enough.

Many users claim that the ASP.NET core is still very raw. While others claim the opposite. In the following, we will fully explore the advantages of the ASP.NET core.

Now, what could be the reason for the raw claim? Users say that Data Access may not meet 100% of expectations. That’s why you need to be careful enough when preparing your plan. This is because there is a possibility that certain codes will not work and your project will fail or you will not be able to achieve the desired result that you had in mind.

5- Make changes in the program

Another drawback that we will examine in this article is making changes to the program. For example, some of the changes that are made may not work in the next version of your program. This means that the current version of your program will be useful and you can not benefit from the new version. So you need to prepare yourself for help from GitHub.

6- Transferring the program from one server to another is expensive

The configuration settings you may need in the ASP web application are very vague. They are also in the IIS Metabase. You will need special tools to access Metabase. One of these tools is Internet Service Manager. The reason is that this program is a dedicated template on the server device.

It is very difficult to do things like change settings. Because the support for this section is very limit and because of this you may face various problems.

7- Do not install on older versions of Windows

Another drawback that you can see on this platform,, is that it is not usually on older versions of Windows. In this case, you may have to install it manually and follow the user instructions.