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Introduce And Download Computer Screen Video Recording Software

You may be an educator, gamer, or video content producer and need to film a computer screen. There is a lot of software for filming computer screens, which are mentioned below.

 Computer screen video

  • The video from the computer screen or the desktop by software, my computer image is displayed on the monitor, computer and microphone and record sounds.

Computer screen capture guide

There are two ways to record video from a computer screen :

  1. Use the features that exist in the computer and laptop to record video from the screen.
  2. Use software’s peripherals designed for video recording of computer screens and laptops.

Capture computer screen using the default program in Windows

  • It is very easy to record videos from PC and laptop screens using the default Windows software.
  • To capture video from a computer screen,  press the Win + G button, and recording from your computer screen and laptop will start by default.

Video recording of a computer screen using software peripherals

  1. OBS Studio computer screen video recording software
  2. Bandicam computer screen video recording software 
  3. Application filmed from a computer screenZD Soft Screen Recorder
  4. Apowersoft computer screen video recording software
  5. Xsplit Broadcaster PC screen-recording software

1. OBS Studio computer screen video recording software 

  • Computer screen recording software OBS Studio is one of the most complete computer screen and laptop video recording software, suitable for gamers, teachers, etc.
  • Using OBS Studio PC screen recording software, you can record videos from your computer and laptop screen with different qualities, you can also use OBS studio software to share your screen online on various networks such as cameras and tweaks, and Stream easily.
  • The size of OBS Studio PC screen recording software is very small and has a simple user interface.

2. Bandicam computer screen video recording software 

  •  Bandicam PC screen recording software is one of the software that was developed during its updates and is now one of the most complete video screen recording software for PC and laptops.
  • Using  Bandicam PC screen video, you can select a part of the software environment that uses DirectX / OpenGL technology and save the desired output in one of the formats AVI, MPEG, Xvid in the computer memory.

Features of Bandicam PC screen recording software:

  • Ability to save and screenshots of computer and laptop screens in JPEG, PNG, BMP format 
  • Save video and photos from PC and laptop screens with minimal quality loss.
  • Ability to record video with a size of 1600 * 2560
  • Ability to record video with the highest quality and lowest volume

3. ZD Soft Screen Recorder software

  • Another practical and complete software for capturing video from PC and laptop screens is ZD Soft Screen Recorder software, which can be used as a quality assistant for instructors and video content producers.
  • Using screen capture software from a computer screen ZD Soft Screen Recorder can talk while recording a video screen and your picture using the webcam recording.

Features of ZD Soft Screen Recorder software

  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Simultaneous compression during filming
  • Take photos while filming
  • ‌ Video recording of the game environment and display FPS on the screen

4. Apowersoft computer screen recording software

  • The first time you use Apowersoft Powersoft computer screen capture software, it will ask you to download the software implementation application, then the control bar of this software will be displayed for you, which you can use in all software and go ahead. Is.
  • Another feature of Apowersoft computer screen capture software is to determine the resolution of the video, which according to your needs and the social network in which you are going to upload the video, you can set the resolution before recording the video, and no need to edit the video after shooting the video.
  • Apowersoft PC screen recording software is browser-based. If you are a gamer and you want to record video from your game environment, this software is not suitable for you and we suggest you use other software.

5. Xsplit Broadcaster PC screen video  recording software

  • Xsplit Broadcaster PC screen recording software was released in two versions, Broadcaster and Gamecaster, the first version is for general applications such as online conferencing, video training, etc., but the second version is designed for gamers and is very suitable for filming the game environment. Is.
  • We recommend that you use the premium version of the  Xsplit Broadcaster PC’s video recording software, and if you are unable to purchase the premium version, use the cracked version, as 60 watermarks will be added to the video when shooting, which for many is the case. It is unpleasant.