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The Best Apps For Increasing Productivity, Focus And Personal Management In 2021

The best apps for increasing productivity, focus and personal management in 2021

With these tools you can do more Increasing Productivity during and after the corona epidemic

Increasing Productivity, We are getting used to our modern, comfortable and fully connected remote workplaces in the new age.

Smartphones and tablets are our main tools in this period of the Covid-19 pandemic. It does not matter what we do; Whether editing documents, taking notes, blogging, telecommuting and video conferencing, recording video and audio, tracking projects or anything else, we are dealing with mobile apps.

During these months, many users were looking for apps to increase their focus and productivity and manage their personal affairs better and smarter. Everyone likes to do more in less time and focus entirely on their projects and work.

Here are the best plans to increase productivity in 2021:


If you are looking for a great app to organize your work at work; You should check out the Evernote app. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac and provides everything including taking notes, to-do list and checklist in one app. When taking notes, you can add photos, audio, web snippets, and more.

Another feature of this application is uploading typed documents in Evernote by scanning them with the device camera. It has a very powerful search tool so you can quickly find any specific note or list. Ability to set reminders and alerts to make sure you get some things done on time.

Since the Evernote tool is a cloud-based platform; All new notes and playlists can be synced across all devices.

Google productivity apps

Google has a wide range of simple and useful productivity applications that do not cost anything and can be easily paired with other Google tools.

These tools include Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Drive. Not only can you access these tools through a web browser on laptops or desktops; Their application is also available for Android and iOS platforms.

Thanks to Google Cloud Services, you can save all documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and other files and folders to the Google Cloud and then access them on any other device.


Each person has several scheduled projects at the same time; A project management application such as Trello is needed for excellent workload management. You can add all your projects and tasks to Terlo as cards and then manage or check them out.

As you make different cards for your small and big tasks; You can add checklists, tags, schedules, and more to your productivity.

If you are working on a project with colleagues and other people; You can share your tasks with others in Terlo, and by turning on notifications, you can find out if a job is finished or a new job is assigned to you.

This app supports offline connection and when you are traveling and do not have access to the Internet; You can delete, add or update your cards and then sync them on the first connection. The Trello app is available on the web and versions of the app have been released for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.


How many passwords do you have these days? You certainly can not count them exactly and you do not remember some of them at all. Password management has become a big hassle in recent years, and manually and manually managing them is very time consuming. With the 1Password app, you can create strong and secure passwords for all your online accounts and easily access them in one place.

You can also store sensitive information and passwords of bank cards, addresses, notes, passports and other important things in 1Password and when they should be entered in websites and applications; You no longer need to retype them.

If you have an iPhone with Face ID capability; You can log in to this software by face recognition. Otherwise, you only need to remember one password. You can use the web version or Android and iOS software to access 1Password.

Otter AI

Otter makes meeting notes easier. All you have to do; Pressing the key is to record sessions to transcribe them for you. When your business meeting is over; You will have the full text of the characters available.

The Otter app uses artificial intelligence technology to help you use punctuation, pronunciations, paragraphs, and speech. If something went wrong; You can easily edit and modify the text. You can also convert text to other file formats such as PDF, TXT, SRT and MP3.

Another feature of this software is the simple sharing of the text of conversations with others. You can search the texts or listen to the sessions again. You can add photos to the copies, and of course only 600 minutes of sessions per month are implemented for free.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Probably many readers are familiar with this software. The best program for reading and annotating PDF files that is integrated with many platforms and software and you can use it in emails or in web browsers.

You can add your own notes to PDF documents or highlight part of the text and put it in another document.

If a PDF form has been sent to you; You can fill and sign it with a touch or light pen and send it back. The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms, and with a free Adobe Document Cloud account you can save your documents to Dropbox.


When you want to focus on an important project; The worst thing is to receive a lot of emails and notifications from various programs, including social networks. The Freedom app lets you temporarily block apps and websites from receiving any notifications, and keep your work focused.

To use this program, it is enough to turn on this program at the beginning of starting or going to a business meeting, and the programs that should be blocked; Select. Specify the end time of the session for Freedom to access all notifications again.

If you have to go to a meeting at a certain time every day or you like to do things with a lot of focus; You can schedule Freedom for all days of the week. You can also have a list of predefined blocked apps and websites and use them at different times. This app is available for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.