Plesk and C Panel Comparison

control panel is a common term that you must have heard many times when buying hosting services.

Hosting control panel is software for managing the capabilities of hosts, web hosting companies provide them.

Plesk and C panel are among the most popular control panels in the world, which we will compare them in the following

these control panels provide accessibility and management of all hosting facilities in a secure environment.

these features include the ability to send files, manage emails, design and modify web pages, manage domains, manage redirects.

open source and commercial control panels are two types of hosting control panel.

To use open source control panels, there are control panels that are provided to web service hosts free of charge by software companies.

Commercial control panels also mean control panels whose companies sell licenses or permissions to access the facilities of these control panels on a monthly or annual due to the use of services of thus type of control panel.

they cost , which include issues such as differences in features, backup operating systems, license or crack. security, version used.

Depending on the host server operating system, hosting control panel are two types, linux and windows.

The hosting company have to pay attention in choosing the control panel of its hosting management, in addition to examining issues such as security, speed, stability,constant updates.

Plesk and C Panel Comparison

C panel introduction

C panel is one best, most complete and most stable control panels in the web hosting industry.

it was established in 1997 with excellent support and additional features.

C panel which is using linux operating system, is the most well-known tool for managing linux servers and hosts worldwide.

Most common popularity of this American control panel is easy to use.

In fact users can use it easily and without particular knowledge. and it is also equipped with powerful tool for transferring sites from other types of control panels.

simple and practical interface of c panel provides all services in a single place and ability to manage for its users.

its simple graphical dashboard is also the most common reason of its popularity.

many hosting companies are using c panel for customers and website directorship.

plesk introduction

plesk is a website hosting management control panel which is designed for hosting services providers based on linux and windows.

The same name of plesk created this software in 2001. SWsoft bought it after years.

Finally, parallels purchased it from SWsoft and in 2015 it became an independent collection.

you can do all all web hosting website and daily marketing by this control panel.

plesk allows server administrators to control new website, email accounts and DNS record through a graphical interface.

It allows you to control thousands of virtual hosts on a single machine.

you can also use this control panel for shared hosts, virtual server and dedicated server.

C panel features

C panel provides its features to its users, we mention them in the following:

  • Add various domain into host
  • Set website emails
  • Simple installation of content management system(for example; wordpress)
  • Backing up the website
  • Easy uploading the files to the server
  • Check bandwidth used
  • Apply various security settings
  • Install peripherals on the server
  • Install new database
  • data management
  • complete website management
  • Navigate files and folders using File Manager
  • Create an Email account and manage it
  • Backing up data in a complete and segmented way

Plesk features

  • It uploads and manages files
  • Creates users account for FTP
  • Creates and manages email accounts
  • Adds domains and subdomains
  • Creates and manages databases like MySQL & PostgreSQL
  • Back up websites files and restore them if needed
  • Log related files are visible
  • The first control panel to support GIT on both linux and windows operating systems
  • DNSSEC support to secure the website
  • Nginx support
  • Kernel care & CloudLinux support

The main difference between Plesk and C panel

In general C panel loads faster than Plesk because C panel is a control panel which focuses on  performance optimization .

By focusing on reducing amount of memory required, C panel developers were able to reduce page load times and speed up the program.

C panel is faster for creating account and other management server tasks, but Plesk is also fast and you do not feel much difference.

On the other hand, it is not possible to remove C panel and it needs to reprocess the server and reinstall the operating system.

Plesk also does not support multi -server clustering, and users need a plugin called Plesk Automation Services .

Which interface is better? Plesk or C panel

Among Plesk and C panel control panels for website hosting, plesk is more prominent as having a simple graphical user interface (GUI) and is easier to use and has grouped features.

CLI ( command line interface ) is available for both control panels, if users prefers it to the general, in this comparison Plesk wins.


When comparing the performance of c panel and plesk, it should be noted that a control panel is required to provide four services well:DNS, E-mail, Website and Database.

Hosting a website is so much more complicated than it sounds in real world, because in addition to these 4 main tasks, hosting must be able to filter spams, SSL management, Back up reseller management, files management, log traffic analyses and so on.

However, in this comparison, there is not a huge difference between the two control panels, and the difference is in the set of additional features they offer.

C panel provides access through the API; in fact, it makes it possible to extend the core capabilities of C panel by building plugins.

Some of these features are fantastic features that, while increasing the number of programs and tools, also improve security, such as the CSF firewall. Plesk, in turn, has many different and useful plugins.

Features and Tools

Both Plesk and C panel provide same primary features for server and users account management. Both can be used to configure DNS settings, manage email account,run FTP and manage databases. Although it is possible to add additional applications to c panel, plesk supports more useful applications and extensions.

For example; Plesk supports Docker on linux, with a list of 200,000 image docker that can be launched through plesk. it is also compatible with GIT via the gitman format. Of course, there are solutions to get docker and GIT with C panel, but they are much more complex than plesk.

plesk and C panel are both equipped with basic tools for managing the server and user account.


One of the factors affecting the credibility of the service is the accounts security.

the account access mechanism in both plesk and c panel is well separated; therefore, it is not possible for one user to log in to another user account.

Both control panels also suggest that users install add-ones such as firewalls, file upload scanners, anti-spam filters, and multi-step authentication to increase account security.

For this reason, in terms of service security, both control panels are almost equal; However, the plesk team responds more quickly to vulnerabilities and spends more times fixing security issues than the C panel team.

Both plesk and C control panels have a strong focus on security. Although the security settings of the two are different, they both use several security tools.

C panel security tools include: automatic installation of SSL certificates, password-protected directories, and non-acceptance of IP addresses.

Plesk security features include: fail2ban attacks and intrusions, automatic installation of SSL certificates, protected directories, anti-spam for incoming and outgoing mail, and active directory integrity.


One of the main differences between Plesk and C panel is that plesk is available in windows and linux server distributions, but C panel can only be run on the linux.

Linux distributions that support C panel include centOS, Cloudlinux, and RedHat.

Plesk, on the other hand , is available on 14 linux distributions such as cnetOS, Ubuntu and …. as well as windows server which hosting control panel users choose depends on their operating system on the server.

Operating system support

Because of the strong integration between Plesk and windows it is compatible with windows and offers full integration with Microsoft SQL server. C panel, on the other hand, is only compatible with Linux, CentOS and RedHat operating systems.

Mobile application

As the number of webmasters increases, most of them tend to use mobile phones to carry out their daily activities, so providing a panel that can be easily managed using a smartphone is a priority and very important.

In this regard plesk is provided with software that is fully supported by the manufacturer. Therefore, any new feature that is added to plesk is also available on its software.

Although there are various programs on the market that make this possible for C panel these software are not designed by C panel team.

Multi-system management

One of the challenges for users with multiple services is to be able to control multiple servers with the same level of configuration.

C panel provides a feature called server clustering that allows the server administrator to update all servers using a single command.

Plesk also offers a feature called multi server that allows you to manage multiple server in one panel.


Both plesk and c panel are available on both cloud and dedicated servers. the cost of control panels varies from host to host.

Which one we should choose?

The decision between plesk and c panel can be based on what operating system you use as a user?

But most likely the choice between plesk and    c panel depends more on which one is easier for you to use.

Because to use a interface on a daily basis, you need to choose a control panel that will make you job easier. Plesk or c panel are available on both dedicated and cloud servers.

Although both have valuable features; overall, plesk with more than 100 extensions, easier access and a better graphical interface, seems to be the winner.

Each of these control panels has advantages and disadvantages therefore the best choice should be based on characteristics that depend more on your environment and your customers.

In choosing the control panel, it is necessary to consider  that operating system, server configuration, security requirements.

Operating system compatibility, license fee, technical support, ease of use and interface, add-ons and plug-ins and … are all features of control panels.

If the script you are looking at works under php, you can use the C panel control panel and if the script worked with asp you can use plesk.






















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